Hello, this is my first fan fiction and I've had this idea in my head for a while now so I decided to sit down and write it!

Before you read the story you should know that English is not my native language, and if there's many mistakes in form of spelling or grammar I really appreciate help

So the story is All Human and it's a RosexDimitri story, and that is not going to change. The characters might not be exactly as they are in the books, that is because this is my story and my interpretation. Every translation comes from Google Translate and will be at the end of the story.

The story is named after OneRepublic's song and so will all the chapters be.

Well, without further delay, I present to you Mercy.

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Chapter 1: Come Home

"Rose, sevgilim. Are you ready to go?" I heard my father call from downstairs.

"Just a minute, baba" I called back as I zipped my last bag. I didn't even bother to take one last look around the room, I really didn't care if I forgot anything I was so excited. I was finally going to see mom.

I lived in Montana with my mom and dad, well until six months ago. My mom worked for some big law firm and got a promotion, great right? No, not when it inquires you to move to Russia for three years it's not that great. Since I was just finishing my senior year in high school we decided after many heated arguments and a family meeting (yes, we actually had one of those) that my dad and I would stay until I graduated then we would go to mom in Russia and live with her for a year and a half, then we would return and I was supposed to start college.

My dad brought me out of my thoughts when I came down the stairs with my gigantic suitcases in tow "Are you excited kiz?" he asked with his signature grin.

"You bet your sweet ass I am" I shot back with my own grin that mirrored my dad's.

"Watch your language young lady" dad said in a voice that was supposed to sound like mom, let me just say that he failed. Big.

"Lets just get going" I laughed.

"I am so sorry Sir. There has been a problem with our databases the whole morning and we are on the problem right now" the woman behind the computer at the airport explained fast. Her nametag read 'Stacey'. When the words left her mouth I instantly thought "I'm not going to see mom. I'm not going to see mom." Over and over again, I looked up at dad with tears in my eyes and whispered "Dad"; he looked just as devastated as I felt. He turned to Stacey "are you saying that the plane isn't functional? Or is there some problem with getting the tickets?"

"Oh Sir, the plane is fully functional, the problem is the tickets" she said nervously.

"It seems that you and your daughter has been placed on different sides of the plane, not next to each other as I assume you booked." She then continued.

"That's it?" I asked her, stunned. "I'm eighteen, I don't need my daddy to hold my hand during a stupid flight. Hand me the stupid tickets so we can board the plane Stacey" I finished with irritation seeping through my voice, dad put a reassuring hand on my shoulder but I could tell that he wanted to smack the girl. She made seating arrangement sound like a catastrophe. She looked at me shocked but just nodded her head as she handed me the tickets. I snatched them from her hand, turned around and left without a word as dad hurried after me.

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Translations: Baba – Dad (Turkish)
Sevgilim – Darling (Turkish)