I had been walking around town alone again. Because in reality, no one had ever wanted to be around me. I had been the crazy kid, that no one liked but everyone liked to make fun of. I was that one kid who wouldn't stop talking when people wanted me to shut up, and couldn't find the words to say when I should be speaking. I had a family, but they never paid attention to me. My mom had died when I was little, my dad was never around, and my sister hated me. But it was then that I got the idea.

Wouldn't life be better if they were gone?

Soon enough he was gone. Then she was gone. Then I decided it would be best if they ALL were gone. So I tried my best to make sure they were all gone. I would get bored doing it the same way, but sooner or later I got to the point where almost everyone who met me was soon gone. They would beg for mercy, but they were never deserving of it. They all deserved to be gone. If they were gone I would be happy. No one could make fun of me. No one could call me names or taunt me. I wish they would all be gone.

But then I met her, and I didn't want her gone. She made me think about weather or not it was a good thing for everyone to be gone. She reminded me of a not-gone-worthy version of my sister. But she shouldn't be gone. Ever. I wanted her to stay, but I only remembered how to make people be gone. I though maybe if she was gone, she couldn't go away on her own. It would immortalize the moment. So she would never be gone.

I tried to put that plan into action, but she went away on her own free will. I couldn't make her gone; only she could. She was strong in that way, and she would never be gone because of me.

But I guess gone wasn't the answer for everyone. But enough of the horrid humans deserve to be gone that it doesn't matter. They all should be gone except for her, she deserved to stay, to stay with me.