Chapter 11

A short time later...

John and Abe have arrived in San Francisco and are on their way to Marlena's townhouse. The men Abe hired to help find Marlena are laying low until they are given further instruction. John or Abe don't want to jump the gun when finding Marlena. They want to make sure they cover all their bases before searching.

As they are on the way to Marlena's townhouse, John looks out the window of the car. He can't believe how big San Francisco is, definitely a far cry from the average sized town of Salem. You could get lost here by just walking down the street, he's glad he chose to live in Salem.

Before long he and Abe arrive at Marlena's as Abe pulls into the driveway and turns off the ignition.

"Well, it looks like we made it buddy. Are you ready to go in and look around?' Abe asks.

John looks over at his friend.

"As ready as I'll ever be Abe, let's go."

He and Abe get out of the car and walk up to the house. Fortunately for them, the door is unlocked as they open the door and enter the house.

The house is bathed in darkness, so they start turning on some lights so they can see what they are doing. Once they can finally see, they begin searching the house for clues. Almost immediately John picks up the smell of Marlena's perfume. He closes his eyes and breathes in deep as his memory flashes back to the past and the times he shared with Marlena. He can't stop the pounding of his heart as he opens his eyes and places his hand on his chest to slow down his heartbeat. Just thinking about Marlena gets his heart to beating. He loves that woman so much and when he finds her, he will show her just how much.

John is brought back to reality when he hears Abe in the other room talking on his cell phone. John joins him to find out who he is talking to.


Ruby brought in some movies for Marlena to watch as well as some popcorn and diet soda. She is sitting on the bed watching a movie and eating popcorn. Ruby promises to bring Belle in after her snack. Marlena really needs her daughter with her right now. It helps her miss John a little less and eases her loneliness and boredom.

Watching the movie helps keep Marlena's mind off of John and worrying if he's going to ever going to find her. If she doesn't watch the movie or keep her mind on something, she will literally lose her mind. Stefano doesn't understand what happens to people when they are held captive and locked away. He doesn't know what goes on in their minds. He doesn't realize that it's not only physically damaging but also psychologically damaging to hold someone against their will. They need fresh air, sunshine, exercise, intellectual stimulation as well as social interaction. Marlena, as a psychiatrist knows all of this but Stefano is an incredibly stubborn, determined and ruthless man, and won't stop until he gets what he wants.

Marlena is so engrossed in the movie that she doesn't hear Ruby bring Belle in at first until she hears her daughter.

"Mommy!" Belle cries as she jumps up onto the bed to join her mother.

Marlena sees her daughter and smiles as she grabs her and takes her in her arms.

"Oh Belle, Belle my sweet girl. I have missed you."

Belle wraps her arms around her mother's neck and buries her face in her chest.

Marlena holds Belle and comforts her as she rubs her back. She inhales her daughters scent and just enjoys the sensation of feeling her daughter in her arms.

Ruby watches them for a few moments with a smile on her face.

She can tell how much Dr. Evans loves her little girl. Ruby had a daughter who died in a car accident when she was a teenager. After she lost her daughter, her life was never the same. That's when Mr. DiMera found her and hired her to work for him. Once she came to work for him, she has never looked back. Having Dr. Evans and her daughter here, reminds Ruby of her and her daughter many years ago. It brings back fond memories, memories which she had hoped to bury forever. Thinking about her daughter is just too painful, but sometimes she can't help but remember.

Hearing Dr. Evans laugh at her young daughter's chatter brings Ruby back to reality. She looks at them before speaking.

"Dr. Evans, is there anything I can get you before I leave?"

Marlena stops what she is doing and looks up at Ruby.

"No Ruby, we are just fine. Thank you."

Ruby nods.

"Very well then, I will be back in a couple of hours to put Belle to bed."

Marlena nods as she averts her attention back on her daughter.

Ruby watches them wistfully before leaving as she shuts the door and locks it behind her.

What Marlena doesn't know is that her time as Stefano's prisoner will be short lived. Ruby has a plan to get Marlena and her daughter away from Stefano.

What are Ruby's plans for Marlena and Belle? Stay tuned!

To be continued...