A/N: So, I'm basically going to be writing my take on like three episodes to lead up to the events of Rocky's troubleness. I hope you enjoy because this is my first Shake It Up story.

The idea came to me when watching: Model It Up. Season One, Episode Eighteen. I don't really watch Shake It Up anymore so I've missed a lot, but I'm starting to get into it now after that episode. Again, enjoy and please leave a review!

Summary: She doesn't know exactly when it started. When she start counting everything that enters her mouth. When she needed comfort from her imaginary friend that's making her keep so much secrets. When she desired to be so perfect.

Chapter One:

Start It Up

The studio was as great as the two young girls thought it would be, if not better. It's their dream to star on their favorite TV show. Dance on the stage that lights up, feeling like a star. They knew not to blow their chance, they needed this. Soon they would be on the screen, and more popular than ever. The dancers were everywhere, doing things that looked great.

CeCe and Rocky looked around in awe, imaging how its going to feel to be dancing here. Cocky, yes. But they deserve to be. They could dance, yes. They've been practicing forever. They were pretty, beautiful actually. CeCe with her smooth orange/brown hair, suitable for her sense it's natural. Her small pink lips compliments her face. Brown eyes widen at the sight of everything.

Rocky, being the more tomboy-ish from her best friend CeCe, is total opposite. Her hair is brown and naturally curled all over. Her eyes are brown as while, but seems more intense. Her lips are departed as she as well, is in awe.

They wanted this, they could get it. It's not far away. They are one step closer and they can feel it.

"Wow," that seemed to be the only thing CeCe could say at the moment.

"Big kids, big kids. I told you there was going to be big kids!" Rocky exclaims silently to Cece.

"Look! There's the guy who host Shake It Up, Chicago, Gary Wild!" CeCe exclaims this time. "He looks a lot taller on TV."

"It's time for you to dance with your own moves, and the spotlight shining you're every flaw." Gary Wild says to the dancers that made it to the next level.

The spotlight will be shining on everyone's flaw, every girl's flaw, every boy's. Everyone of Rocky's flaw. She takes mental deep breaths even though mouth breathing is easier, and its not something she has to think about doing. The spotlight is still scary, though. She wants to go home, but CeCe pushes her onto the stage anyway.

For a moment she is.. Just there. Then everyone starts clapping and she realizes how stupidly shy she's being. The dance moves come naturally and everyone is enjoying it. She finishes with her stance and gets the word that she's in.

Rocky and CeCe give a brief before CeCe walks nonchalantly on the stage, and the spotlight is on. CeCe starts almost immediately and Rocky is jealous for some reason. She wishes she was as confident as CeCe was. She wish she was as pretty too. But she'll never say that, not when anyone is around at least.

CeCe and Rocky take the train back home after there auditions. The only topic they gush about is what their first day of work will be like. CeCe misses the fact Rocky keeps rubbing her sore muscles. They wouldn't have hurt so much if she just had went on to bed last night. If she didn't spend a extra three hours of her night practicing the dance moves. They had to be perfect.

Nothing more, nothing less.