They call me Rima Mashiro. "They", as in the people who know me as the 17 year old blonde, copper-eyed dwarf and NOT the screaming legion of orgasmic fans who wants to see the 20 year old, 5'6 diva. Is Asia blind now? Too much Pokemon got you all blind?

My term as Utau started like this:

It was a Sunday, probably the most misinterpreted Sunday of my life. I woke up planning to have a great time, and slept wondering what I did to deserve such a cruddy day. I don't know whether it was chance or karma, but some spirit forced on a hundred pounds of weight on my shoulders, a thousand flutters to the heart, and 4-inch heels out of my closet for the first time in its existence.

I tripped a lot after Sunday's experience, but not because of the heels.

Waking up that morning was like the feeling of being afraid of death, but you couldn't be anymore tickled to prance around a cemetery at midnight. I was doing something that day that people like me will never get caught doing. I was happy, but afraid to the bone. So, anticipation drove me to disguise. A very unrecognizable, unRima-ish disguise. Oh my, the grossness I felt in my veins.

You can tell you're dressed strangely when you're sitting in a bus of the cosplay and funky-hair-color capitol of the world and people are laughing at you.

"Hey, Sailor Loon, the bus for Unicorn Arts left an hour ago." The man who said that to me had his moustache half colored blonde and half colored pink and a Kirby tattoo where Harry Potter's scar would've been.

It didn't matter to me. People were only going to find me peculiar for the bus ride. Oh, the fangirl in everyone drives them to surprising levels of toleration. And I'm Rima, the girl famous in school for her Death Glare.

Besides, no one knew who this strange citizen I was is, so the Rima Mashiro everyone knows is still in her right mind. Disguise= success.

It was only a few more minutes until the bus stops at the record store. Then, the only thing in the way of me jamming out is the trip home.

Oh, special-deluxe-dual-disc F.A.M.E album, you will be mine.

Few minutes—over.

I bolted out of the bus door faster than Saaya from Vietnam to a McDonald's (I swear, she's one HappyMeal away from exploding).

"How shameless!"

"What a rude citizen!"

"What a no good hobble-blasted bubble brain!"

The insults were nothing compared to my desire of the album. It was limited edition, only selling during the weekend, and the store was going on lunch break in 30 minutes, but we all know the manager has fanatic daughters and will give albums for them and their friends. All the remaining albums would be gone. This was my only chance to get the coveted album and I was only a few steps away from the entrance of the record store. Peering in, it was pretty noticeable only perhaps only about 10 people were in the store, scanning through various records as I was checking if there were any available F.A.M.E albums for sale. My glance stopped at the Hoshina section right the album that was soon to be mine.

Mr. Pink and Yellow Moustache.

Although he attracted quite an amount of attention from customers with his brightly colored facial hair which reminded me of Trix Yogurt, he was not what made me look at the Hoshina section. The brown hat she was wearing; it was the one Amu got us for Christmas last year. It was the Hoshina herself, alive in the flesh. It can't be. Please, not today, not right now.

I'm not much of a Hoshina fan. I didn't hate her either. When we used to see each other casually in the early days of her career, I never cared much for her presence. Today was different; we could not be seen in the same place right now. What happened to her no-disguise policy? What is she doing that could possible call for a disguise when she is so against them? Perhaps, I thought, she is secretly checking up on her album sales to see if she is still on top.

"Oh my stuff, it's Utau Hoshina, gorgeous international pop sensation!" the man with the Kirby tattoo cooed. "Like, oh my flop I just love you."

She didn't do a very good job at it.

Then she ran. One comment made all the difference in someone's risk of dying in an album store. I ran outside of the store, and hid behind a beer sign for safety. This is exactly what I was afraid of.

"UTAUUUUU~!121!0HDJ132p9!" an army of horny fans chanted simultaneously.

I don't know where the escape exit was in the album store, but I'm going to have to ask Utau sometime. She somehow sped past me out of the store, a few feet from the beer sign—barefoot now, matching my height in 4-inch-heels. I had the same sensation I would have looking in a mirror. Our pig tails, match. Our large sunglasses-match. Our hats-match. Our skin tone, trench coats, dresses, earrings, makeup, legwarmers, scarves, and Vocaloid stickers—match, match, match, triple match, match, and yet another surprising match.

She spotted me behind the beer sign and came towards me. Panic flooded me as she swiftly approached me behind the sign. Whether she wanted to hide with me or something else, I do not know.

"I'll owe you," she said. She quickly pushed me out of my hiding spot. I am exposed, misunderstood, and helpless. Utau was the one hiding behind the perimeter of alcohol advertising now, and I'm about to get mobbed by crazy fans. And worse of all—

I'll never get my F.A.M.E album.

"You shameless pop star," I spat at the blonde sitting next to me. "Shameless, shameless, shameless. You're lucky you have a brother who's willing to have gotten in that crowd in nothing but boxers screaming that he has 17 unknown STDs or else I would've been dead by now and you would've been a murderer."

Sitting sullenly in the center of Utau's living room, I looked to the city lights for ease then looked away in disappointment. My mind was desperately trying to register today's coincidence and what the singer had just asked me to do. Somehow it all seemed unreal like a strange dream, but it made sense as if I was flying on a Pegasus… Flying is normal, in a plane, yes. I was mistaken for Japan's songbird today, causing me to become nearly as fragile as a bubble, and Utau wants me to do it again.

"Lookie here, Kukai and I were supposed to rendezvous in that music store when that awkward man with multicolored facial hair noticed me…" she sighed. "Kukai called me after that. He's going to film a movie in China and asked me to be with him until the shooting is over."

"Why on earth would anyone rendezvous in a music store in the first place? And why is it so necessary that you stay in Japan?" I questioned. I couldn't believe I'm even conversing with this girl. Plus, since when was Kukai an actor? What's his role anyway, a soccer player?

"He's going to be the stunt double for the lead actor, who's playing a soccer player~" I wished my mind reading powers worked earlier today. That would've been really useful. "If people know I'm dating Kukai, he'll never be able to go to the park and kick around or freely shoot hoops. He'll be harassed by either my fans or the paparazzi. Anyway, I'm too busy here in Japan to go. I'm Japan's Songbird. I can't just leave."

She applied medicine on my cuts and bruises as she continued to speak. "I know it's a lot to ask for because of school and such, but in pigtails, heels, and makeup you look so much like me. I know I'm taking advantage of you like this, but isn't there something you'd like in return?" After bandaging all my cuts, she said almost too knowingly, "I have a feeling you're a F.A.M.E fan."

She saw right through me. I tried to be calm. This was an attempt to get me to agree to the situation. I will not be manipulated. "So?"

"Did you know that we were IT-Tunes label mates?"

"So?" I scoffed at her. "You think that just because you can get me the album I wanted, I would just give up hours of sleep, my privacy, weeks of my education, and leave my dear innocent mother at home worrying? You're wrong. As I said before, you are shameless to ask such a thing. It's incredible I'm even replying to someone like you. Go pay Amu to dye her hair blonde."

"This apartment complex is IT-Tunes owned," she stated. Then in a voice barely above a whisper, she said, "F.A.M.E lives next door."

Surprisingly, I wasn't tempted. I've met two of the members before. I was only interested in the lead dancer of the group, and he's never home. There's no purpose of staying around here unless I get to meet him.

But it wouldn't feel right if I just cruely denied the offer to help out…

Kukai and Utau only get to meet each other every so often. They've been in love with each other for years. Pictures of the couple lined up against the wall above her award cabinet. The cabinet was four shelves high, and was full. The fact that she put the pictures above her cabinet must symbolize how she sees it. She treasures the moments between Kukai and her higher than her awards. If her career continues to blossom anymore than it already has, and then she'll probably never see his face again, I thought. I'm the only one that can help her. Now that I'm involved, I feel somewhat of a responsibility to help the two continue their love.

Utau doesn't seem to have dark circles under her eyes, so she must have the proper sleeping hours. I can use a disguise if I want privacy. I could probably have one of Utau's assistants get homework for me. My mother is a Hoshina fan; she'd be anything but upset.

Utau is going to be very happy.

"I want 5% of your earnings."

"I'll give you 10%, a tutor, and I'll get you the special album."

We negotiated the plans that'll be taking place during her leave. She told me to wear scarves, that way people will think that she is sick which will cover the change of voice. There will be two television appearances, a few autograph signing sessions (which I must practice for later), and an upcoming movie premiere. She will try her best to delay performance dates by a month. Someone was already sent to notify my mother and fetch my personal belongings.

Nothing could go wrong, right?


It would've been nice if Utau had warned me about her fake boyfriend.

A heads up about her stupid choreographer would've been nice, too.

The words he said on the first day are still stuck in my head. "I know who you are."


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