Nagi sat nervously, his hands fidgeting with the wallet in his hand. The atmosphere around us was somewhat tense and rather cumbersome. The purple haired boy smiled sheepishly and said, "You look good."

"I'd say the same to you," I said, "but then I'd be lying."

"Hm, sure you aren't lying? The blushing kind of gave you away there." The boy continues to be as perceptive as a CIA investigator. It has been three years; three cruel years since he left Japan with his mother. What had happened? When did he come back to Japan? And out of all the places to be, why was he in IT-Tunes' apartment building?

Nagihiko Fujisaki had been in Japan, working for IT-Tunes, back in face-to-face association with Tadase and Kairi (who we've kept in touch with), and no one had informed me?

In spite of all the questions regarding his presence, he really did look good—no, he looked great. Puberty had done wonders for him. One glance at his toned body had proven that he was no longer a traditional Japanese dancer and was probably exercising the manly way with weights and sorts. The only similarity between the boy I had once verbally assaulted and the man sitting in front of me was the long purple hair, and that wasn't even half as long as it used to be. Fujisaki had grown from an average built girly-boy to a finely chiseled beast.

"You must be confused", he started, "but I've got some questions about your situation, too."

"You should know I don't answer well if I'm sitting in an ice cream shop with nothing to eat." He stood up and walked towards the ice cream clerk. As he walked away, I called "Can I have-,"

"A parfait?" he smirked. "I'm ordering a big one, so we're going to have to share."

"Just ask for a small one."

"I don't think I will."

I pouted, "Why not?"

"So we can share," his smirk grew bigger, looking as if it was just going to exit the perimeter of his face, "just like before."

The parfait arrived soon after the blinding moment of his considerably cocky smirking. If what Nagi had wanted was for memories to be brought up between us for means of reconciliation, it is working. He even ordered the parfait the way I preferred; with oats and nuts in between a layer of ice cream and a layer of yogurt.

But thinking about now-toned Nagi eating ice cream was making me feel a little guilty. I was nearly approaching the border of feeling immoral. A dancer's body should not be violated by eating ice cream, I mentally scolded myself. I ate the whole layer of ice cream before he could even touch it.

"Looks like you really want finish your dessert and get away from me, right?"

"Yes," I lied for the second time, "because I can't stand your occupancy." I wanted to say that second part, but that would make me a triple liar. His existence was not unbearable. It was slightly unnerving, but absolutely not unbearable.

My opinion of him began to change from just looking at him. Puberty may have worked a miracle on him, but it became a ruin for me. My hormones were stretching as furiously as they could, trying to elongate across the table and shroud Nagi with their intangible hands. Meanwhile, my brain kept a constant tab on the past. It would do nothing but remind me of the trouble Nagi had caused me years ago. My feelings of want and resistance were neutralized, almost like the wand power of Harry and Voldemort. I was physically attracted to the fellow in front of me, but I emotionally resented him.

If this went on, I seriously doubt I could handle a day as Utau, let alone two months.

I stared at the shrinking parfait to empty my thoughts. When it was finally gone and my hormones settled own, his voice riled them all up again. "Like I said earlier, you must be very confused. Go ahead and ask questions now."

The first one came out without any hesitation. "How did you know it was me?"

"Oh, you know the dance studio door, right?" Yes, indeed I am acquainted with it. "The glass is tinted."

Mental face palm.

"When did you come back to Japan?"

"I came back a month after I left." He must've known I was going to ask why. He said, "Classified information."

Making our way back home, we walked along an uphill sidewalk, not speaking to each other, not even looking at each other. It's hard to ignore him, but it's also hard to talk to someone who's probably going to answer "Classified information" to every question I ask. Forget about talking being difficult. It was more… awkward. I decided to convert my attention elsewhere. The weather deserved my attention more than Nagihiko.

Hello, sunshine! Yes, you. You're so cute, yes you are. So bright, hm?

I think I might've mistaken Nagi's smile for the sunlight.

Finally, the floor level began to straighten out, giving much relief to my tired legs. We went from looking up ahead at the beautiful sky to confronting about a hundred concert flyers taped on every building, tree, bench, and dog and sight. On them was a tan looking girl wearing sunglasses and a blue dress. A vein in my forehead began to pulse. I could even hear the wind scream, "Desperation!"

"Are you a ChiBree fan?" Nagi turned and asked me.

I scoffed. "She's a total Koko wannabe. See those glasses?" Nagi nodded, suddenly seeming more interested in the conversation. "Only Koko can pull off hiding his face."

"You like Koko?"

His question was an easy no-brainer. "I'd marry him."

And much to my disdain, the cursed smirk is revived.


"I'm too bored."

"Go knit a book or something."

The two F.A.M.E members inhabited their living room, being involved in nothing above an average day. One was cloaked on the couch, wishing intensely for something to do. The other was on his laptop, reading posts about the group and other fellow celebrities. He smiled and an amused, yet envious look flickered in his emerald eyes. He told Tadase, "Apart from some Tadagay Homori comments I found, I guess Japan is convinced Utau is dating that actor guy, huh?"

"It's not like she loves him." Tadase reassured Kairi, a tad bit peeved by the first comment. "Utau only loves Kukai."

Kairi sighed. "How come the prez didn't set us up with anyone?"

"He lets us date secretly, you know. He probably figured we'd be fine without his help."

"Fine?" Kairi exhaled bitterly. "You're having face time with the ceiling, I'm reading about other people's love lives, and Koko—," He stopped. What was Koko doing anyway? He always went out to tutor his label mates, but as far as Kairi was concerned, there were no lessons scheduled today. "Did Koko hear from the prez about Rima being Utau?"

"How could he have? We were just informed ten minutes ago, after he left." Tadase went on with a smug look on his face. "I think Koko went to see a girl. I'm still not completely over Amu. What excuse do you have to be alone?"

"I-I can get a girl," Kairi adjusted his glasses, hoping the action would cover up the doubt in his own voice. "There just aren't any girls out there who deserve me is all."

Tadase relaxed himself a bit, a light bulb shining over his blonde hair. The boy was bored no longer. "If you can get a girl and kiss her within five dates, you can have my room until the end of next year."

Kairi shot his head up away from the laptop screen. Tadase was offering his room with a balcony and glass ceiling? This might just be the first boredom bet of Tadase's that he would accept. He could not stand rooming next door with Koko anymore. Plus, one can read much better under the moonlight's beam. Before he would accept, he said, "What if I lose?"

"Then you deal with the pain of feeling lonely and unappealing."

He mentally examined the bet in his mind. It seemed to play out smoothly; what girl wouldn't want to kiss him? He was a celebrity now. Any one of his fan girls would do. Maybe later he could check his fan club for the most attractive girl and invite her out. The more he thought about it, the closer to having Tadase's room became. Five dates? Unnecessary. He'll grab the kiss by the first date.

"It's a deal."


"Sweetie, momma's going to cook veggies tonight and I expect you to finish them, okay?"

"Aw, but Yaya doesn't like veggies! Yaya wants candy!"

The girl strode through the supermarket isle besides her mother, pushing the empty shopping cart. Yaya Yuiki bit her lip nervously and kept her hands in her pockets, clutching tightly to the fabric in order to resist all the sweets down the isle. She'd promised her mother she would be more cautious about sweets, but it was so hard to counteract. Every box of sweets was wrapped so nicely and had such tempting colors… She closed her eyes, hoping it would help in resisting her craving, and kept a tight hand on the shopping cart for guidance.

Mrs. Yuiki watched her daughter with sympathy. She quickly reviewed what the doctor had said, trying to find a loophole to his antagonizing request. Of course it was great to see her daughter putting so much effort into something, but she hated to see her daughter in so much pain being away from the candy she loves every so dearly.

Doctors are wrong sometimes, she thought. She grabbed one box of candy with three young men on it to surprise her suffering daughter.

"Mama Yuki is the best~"

"What, mama?"

"Nothing, my daughter~"

When Yaya came home about an hour later, she turned on her laptop, looking for the newest posts about her favorite celebrities. She was disappointed with the lack of news, besides that one article about Utau and some Tadagay comments. She's seen so many of them; she became immune to all the people picking on her friend.

She scrolled down the page a few more times and smacked herself. A F.A.M.E interview was on television at 5:30 in the morning and no one woke Yaya up to watch it? Without even thinking, her fingers raced across the keyboard searching for this morning's interview.

"EEK~" she squealed when she found it and when Kairi had a close up. She didn't care much for Koko's shirtless bit, although she did wonder how his face actually looked like.

"Ah, and before we leave, we'd like to remind you that the MyCandy sweepstakes end in a week. So, buy as many boxes as you can and maybe you'll get to meet us!"

Now Yaya felt poopish.

She was just at the market. How could she have forgotten about the sweepstakes? She let her head hit the desk. Of course, she'd get to see them any time she wants, but she cannot allow some crazy fangirl to spend two whole weeks in the F.A.M.E dorm. That would be preposterous. What if something builds up between Kairi and a fan girl? Yaya would not accept it. She had to get some jui—no, water—to calm down.

Her younger brother, Tsubasa, was already in the kitchen, indulging himself in some candy. "Yaya, it seems as though you're searching for sweet delicacies to consume, I dare suppose? Well, I'm going to remind you, as I feel I should, that you aren't to be munching on nectarous snacks. I've prepared you a sandwich; no peanut butter, no jelly. Instead, I have placed a slice of turkey meat and lettuce. I also poured you a glass of water, with a slight amount of lemon droplets to remove the toxins inhabiting your insides."

"Thanks, Baba," she said. One thing Yaya loved about her brother was that he spoke intellectually, like Kairi. In fact, it seemed to her like her brother spoke in a more intellectual sense than Kairi. As she leaned down to embrace the youngest Yuiki, she couldn't help but notice the box he was holding. "Is that MyCandy?"

"No, it's my candy." There was no use trying to explain things to him. It would only tire her out and make her crave more candy. She saw the three F.A.M.E members on the box; she was absolutely positive it was MyCandy. Even less positive, she hoped her imagination wasn't playing with her, she could've sworn she saw some sort of glistening text in there.

"Baba, please give Yaya the box."

"Sis, you can't eat sugar, okay? I don't want you to die."

"I don't want me to die either," she said, "but I want to go play with Kairi and Tadase and Koko so please give sis the box!"

"Seeing that you spoke that sentence entirely in the first person point of view, I am going to give you the empty box."

And he did.

And she read it.

And she said, "Oh Yaya's god, Yaya is going to die."

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