Henry POV

"Do you want to go back to the palace?" Charles Brandon my most trusted and best friend asked me.

I had decided today to go out hunting with him and some other nobles hoping to clear my mind.

I sighed "We may as well. The Egyptian princess Arsinoë is coming today and we must make sure everything is well prepared." I said surprised he forgot.

Everyone has been so excited about her wondering what kind of person she was. She is supposedly a happy and cheerful person. And right now we need that at court more than ever.

"Oh yes! I forgot she was coming today I wonder…." I tuned out the chatter and we continued to ride to the palace.

Once we got there a boy came to take the horses back to the stables while I went up to my chambers. I wiped the sweat of my body and put on some fresh clothes.

I just put on my other boot before one of my advisors ran to me saying she was here.

I came to thrown hall of the palace and sat next to Anne in the chair at the table.

The doors opened and I saw an angel walk through.

"My lords may I present Princess Arsinoë of Egypt." An announcer said before moving back to bow.

Her skin was a beautiful tan color, her eyes were a glorious hazel, and her hair was in dozens of little braids to her middle back. There were emeralds and diamonds braided into her hair as well.

As she walked forward everyone bowed to her. I also noticed Anne was now sitting beside me and looking coolly at arsinoë.

She smiled and nodded to them all as she walked towards Anne and me.

She gave a small bow and said in a voice that sounded like velvet "Hello your majesties."

We both stood and Anne gave a small curtsy while I bowed deeply from the waist.

"Welcome to court princess, were so happy to have you and wish to make this vacation as enjoyable as possible! Therefore if you need anything please don't hesitate to ask anyone." I said with a grin as everyone clapped at my speech.

Arsinoë gave a small giggle "I thank your majesties very much for the warm welcoming. I am so excited to be here! I think I will have a marvelous time!" Everyone smiled and clap at what she said.

Music started up and people began to dance, sing and talk.

"Why were you looking at her like that?" Anne asked from her chair beside me.

"What do you mean?" I asked bored. Her jealousy was starting to get annoying more and more it seemed.

"You were staring at her deeply and it was like you froze." She said looking accusingly at me.

I scoffed and went to go chat with some of the lords.

Then I spotted arsinoë. She looked very bored and a bit out of place. I went over to her.

"Princess, may I be so fortunate to have this dance?" I asked.

Arsinoë POV

As other people talked and danced I quickly became bored of it all.

I was about to excuse myself from the whole party when I heard the king say "Princess, may I be so fortunate to have this dance?"

"Of course Your Highness," I nodded as elegantly as my tutor taught me and he offered me his arm which I place my hand lightly on.

We went to the center of the room. As we walked I took time to take a good look at him. His hair was a very dark brown or black I can't really tell. His eyes are a dark black color.

We stopped in the center and the couples got into place. He signaled to the musicians and the music started.

We twirled and I felt everyone's eyes on us as he brought me so close I could smell his sent.

As we continued to dance with me he said "You look very pretty in that dress princess. I'm sure it looks better off of you. Your husband is a lucky man." He said with a wink.

I turned my head embarrassed "I'm not married your majesty."

"Would you like to join me in the garden tomorrow morning, then we shall break our fast in my chamber?" he asked me as glided to the outside of the circle and another couple took our place in the middle.

"I would love to your majesty! Thank you." My lips turned into a smile. He grinned at me and nodded.

The dance then ended as I curtsied to him, He bowed then went to chat with a lord or something. I got myself a goblet of red wine and out of the corner of I saw the queen glaring at me for some reason. Was she jealous?

I stood deep in thought while sipping the wine. If I could be queen all of Europe would be at my feet. Not only that but I would be able to help Mary. I heard a lot about Mary's mother and Anne Boleyn. Poor child she shouldn't be kept from her mother like this. Anne Boleyn truly is a witch if she cannot love Mary as if she were her own. I will become queen and get that dreadful bitch out of the way.