I'm going to clarify a few things so this can go smoothly.

JJ is 32, there is no Will/Henry, and her sister committed suicide when JJ was 7.

That's pretty much it, so enjoy.

I do not in anyway own Criminal Minds.

He had waited 25 years for this. 25 years.

Every minute of everyday all he could dream about was her. And what he would do when he found her.

He waited here in this cell, in this prison, serving his time. Being a good prisoner. As if that existed. A good prisoner spends most of the time imagining what he will be doing when he's out. Cause that's what he did.

And now the time is up. The slowly ticking clock has ran its course. He will be free tomorrow. And tomorrow he will start his hunt. His hunt for the beautiful blonde that got away.

In one week, it will be the 25 anniversary of my sisters death. Her suicide.

I have lived 25 years without her. Still I can remember everything as if it was yesterday.

Laying in bed I remember that day. I was 7, the age when chasing butterflies and getting my nice clothes dirty was common. I just walked home from school, chasing a beautiful monarch butterfly to the front porch. Walking in the house I was meet with silence. Even at 7 I knew there was something wrong in that silence. Walking up the stairs and into my sisters room, was a sight that will haunt me forever. Hanging from the ceiling was my beautiful sister, with a noose around her neck. For me, 7 stopped being the age of chasing butterflies and dirty clothes. It became the age of a silent house, whispered arguments, and my mom sobbing.

Hitting the alarm for the second time, I rolled over and started my day.

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