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Erik loved Charles, they were best friends. In fact that was one of the main reasons that humans were not at his feet. When Erik utilized his powers for protection of his squad, Charles was the one who convinced him that subtlety was the best option as far as his mutancy.

"They'll never understand, Erik. At least, not any time relatively soon. That will take work." charles had said many times. The few exposed mutants had faced terrible fates: disappearances, exile, beatings, even public executions. Charles was right, he had too much to live for. Magda was pregnant.

Those two, were unfortunately what brought them here today. Charles in a ball on the floor, after Erik confronted them about the affair.

"I trust you've learned I'm not to be trifled with, Charles. Now for you, my dearest. Every-"

From his place sprawled on the floor, a knife in his back, literally, Charles saw wanda come inside from playing with the boys, and decided to do something he'd not done in very long time. " Erik, you are going to leave this place. As long as you have violent intentions toward Magda, do not come back to Bayville. You don't want your children to be without a father, nor do you want little Wanda or Pietro to see you like this. Walk away."

Although it sounded like many of the things he had been told by Xavier in the war, this was different. He still wanted his revenge but only a single tear of frustration could fall as he casually but decidedly walked out the door, and got in their car to drive away for more than a decade...

The divorce had been swift, Gabrielle took his David to Scotland to help at Moira's research facility on Muir Island. Charles was saddened but relieved. As much a "family" man as he was, he felt he had picked the wrong woman to start one with, and thus Magda and he were married, and they raised the twins as their own. In ten years, Magda had passed, and although he would love to have spent more time grieving their mothers death triggered both Wanda and Pietro's mutant powers, and that's when Professor Charles Xavier learned that maybe his calling was not for a giant lecture hall, but more individualized for adolescents. Another year and Sean and Moira call, and their young Theresa has developed powers not dissimilar from Seans but for fear Sean never learned true control of his own, and that's when Xavier's Home for gifted youngsters began: three teachers, albeit Moira split her time between the research facility and Westchester county, three students, with an eye for expansion. Xavier's dream began that day. Peaceful coexistence between humans and mutants.

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