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Bobby Drake stepped off the plane with his parents and out of the terminal to baggage claim to find a man in his thirties, red scraggly with a sign that said "bobbby Drake for the home for gifted youngsters.

Sean Cassidy introduced himself. "I'm Sean Cassidy, co-founder of the institute, I trust young Bobby's here aren't the only bags? You'll be wanting to see the institute?"

After a quick glance between them, Bill Drake looked back and forth between his son, Cassidy, and his wife several times before speaking up, "As Much as we'd love too, Mr. Cassidy, it's just that from the photos from the emails, and our several talks with you and Dr. Xavier, Maddy and I feel like we know the place already. And we really do have to be getting back, Tax season and all."

Being Irish, Sean wasn't completely sure of himself when he asked with some curiosity and a slight bit of disgust "Isn't tax season in April?" But Bill and Madeline Drake were already hurrriedly walking back to the terminal.

At this Bobby looked heartbroken and unsurprised, and followed Mr. Cassidy silently until reaching a large blue humvee. "Whoa Mr. Cassidy is that your ride?"

"It's Sean, I'm not really a teacher, more of a parental figure, for residential life, me and me wife, Moira. And the Hummer is actually property of the institute. Me Wife's got a Sedan, and me a green Jaguar with a yellow racing stripe."

"You've Got a Jag? That's awesome!" Bobby enthused as Sean helped him load his bags into the trunk.

After a few minutes on the road, as it was about an hour up I95, Bobby finally spoke, seemingly about the incedent with his parents at the airport. "They're afraid of me. My powers. Ever since i accidentally froze the cat, they've niether one looked at me the same. It's not like I've had a ton of really bad stuff happen ya know?"

"That's part of what the professor wants to change. He's as much about educating the masses about mutants as helping young'uns like you to control your powers. Even though my daughter and I have identical powers, I wasn't able to explain to her how to control them, but the professor's really good with that kind of stuff, he'll teach you too."

For the hour or so they chatted sporadically, about their powers, and soccer, and to Bobby's surprise, FPS games, like Halo 3, and COD 2. Sean mainly comlained about how the tactics were rife with inaccuracy.

As they arrived at the mansion, Bobby was dumbfounded by the enormity of the property that had been described to him and his parents over the phone as a home looked to him like a large luxorious hotel. As he admired the place through the window as they pulled in he saw for a split second what looked like a teenager with white hair but as soon as he was there, he was gone.

In his place was a pair of red laser beams, or as far as Bobby could tell that's what they were. There was an attractive brunette laughing at the scene, as the silver haired boy continued to pop up in several places in the yard. the boy the lasers came from seemed to come from his eyes, became increasingly frustrated at which point the brunette seemed to throw something on the ground, something pink. Soon after, the silver haired boy seemed to trip in roughly the ames place, much to her delight, and his dismay, and the red lasers seemed to finally peg him on the ass during his fall.

As Sean parked and Bobby and he grabbed his luggage, Sean Called out "Warren! get down here and pull your weight! Show Bobby here to his room!"

Bobby looked up to where Sean was yelling, and blinked. He couldn't be seeing what he thought he was. It was impossible. It was an Angel. As he landed, Bobby was so sure, he was very tempted to ask, so being who he was, he asked "A-are you an angel?"

"A- are you an idiot? Freshman." was his response. Since being here, Warren Worthington had a huge chip on his shoulder. His parents brought him here when they heard that renowned genetecist Moira Cassidy-MacTaggart was here now, instead of her Muir Island. They demanded a cure, after his wings had grown back twice. He loved his wings and flying he told his parents, but they couldn't be a parent to a mutant. It was preferable, at least in his fathers eyes to tell everyone he was a runaway, and a terrible kid. So when Charles and Moira refused to "cure" Warren, as if they could, His father left him here, telling him that if he came back to Providence, that he would likely be shot, or else locked away. So he was cut off, and contributing to the household was not agreeing with him anymore than being abandoned by his father.

When they reached his room, Warren said "This is your room. Put your bags by the bed and follow me. The Prof wants to meet us in the dining room, he wants to introduce everyone to you."

"How do you know?"


As they walked back, Bobby noticed in the living room something he hadn't yet. A redheaded girel and a boy playing chess. The intersting part though was not only how fast they were playing but the fact that the girl was not touching her pieces, and against all rules of anatomy for someone his size, the boy had his feet and knees sticking out to the side, and his feet propped in the seat of the chair.

"You guys coming?" Warren asked them.

The redhead answered with a smirk "Just one second, Warren, I've almost got Hank in... Checkmate!"

"You know I let you win, right, Jeanie?" said the monkey-boy.

"I know, Hank, and I appreciate it" as they got up to follow Warren as well. She glanced at the Freshman and asked, "So what's your trick?"

"I freeze stuff." said Bobby as they entered the dining room and saw at the head of the table a man in a wheel chair, and behind him on either side was Sean and what he could ony assume was Moira MacTaggart.

"Welcome Bobby. I'm Professor Charles Xavier, welcome to my home. I trust your parents told you about our current way of doing things for the most part?"

"Yeah. you don't have enough teachers to qualify this as an actual school so we will be attending Bayville Academy, where you teach ethics, and Ms. MacTaggart teaches life sciences."

"Precisely. Let Me intorduce you to your classmates, housemates, and fellow gifted young people."

As he pointed to the brunette girl and silver haired boy he said "These are my children, Wanda Xavier, and Pietro Lensherr. They are juniors this year. Wanda can temporarily cause a person or area higher probability of negative outcome, or bad luck. She likes to call it 'Hexing'. The larger the hex, the more catastrophic the results are likely to be, which is why she only uses them in very small portions. Pietro has a speed no man or woman on record can match. In fact for a few miles, he is twice as fast as Sean's Jaguar."

Nodding towards monkey-boy, (Hank was it?) Charles said "This is Hank McCoy. Although he is your age, this will be his first and last year here, due to his advanced intellect, he has skipped three years, and is a senior this year, but that is not his genetic gift. Hank has superhuman reflexes, agility, and mild superhuman strength."

At the boy in the red glasses who was shooting at Pietro earlier, "This is Scott. He has the ability to shoot concussive blasts from his eyes. Due to his limited control and destructive nature of his ability it is important that you never take his glasses, made of ruby quartz, the only thing keeping his blasts from being contiuous."

"You already know Warren, and his ability needs little explanation, so the Redheaded young woman next to him is Jean Grey. She has telekenesis, the ability to move objects with her mind. She's reached the level where she can lift certain larger things as this table fairly well, and we're working on applying her telekenesis on her own body, resultingh in flight."

"Lastly, this is Theresa, or Terry, as she prefers to be called." As this was the first time Bobby looked at her, he was blown away. In his mind, this strawberry blond, frecklefaced girl was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen. He was so distracted he barely heard the Professor say somehting about her sonic screams. he didn't think about much else but her for the rest of the night.

When Charles awoke the next morning, a saturday, feeling very good about this years progress. with a few minor exceptions, all his students were happy healthy, with positive attitudes, and the eight of them was double the last years 4. As he wheeled his way towards the kitchen for his morning coffee, he ran into a panicked, out of breath Moira.

"Charles, it's Erik." She wheeled him into the study, and there, on the local news was a man in a red bodysuit, purple cape, in the background a gate torn to shreds and a rain of bullets stopped in midair."

The saturday midmorning anchor was panicked, as any anchor would be, saying "The man, calling himself Magneto, is demanding the voluntary disarmament of the base, lest he blows it up himself with his mutant powers."

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