As the day wore on, and each of the students got up, the tension in the mansion rose. These were kids alright, but they were all too aware of what a bad turnout to this standoff could mean not only for their country, but much more for the mutant race.

No one had left the presence of a telivision for very long all day, and no one was happy. Finally, Moira gave Sean an almost imperceptible nod and he stood up with a purpose "Okay kids, I've got something to tell you. About the time the live cameras went down on the newscast, the professor went there to try and talk some sense into this Magneto character, and-

Wanda was up and practically screaming in less than a second. "What? Dad went there? Why didn't you stop him? Or go with him? We have to help!"

"Whoa! Wait a second Wanda! Couple things wrong with that scenario. Firstly, if your father decides to do something, he's going to do it, no stopping him in any peaceable kinda way. Second, he wouldn't let me, said it was to dangerous. Now, of course, I'm gonna have to go get him. Wish me luck."

Scott and Pietro jumped up about the same time to say "I'm Coming with you!"

"Now boys, you know I can't let you do that. You're children, and in my care. It's obviously far too dangerous. A scream or two, and I'll be done, with Charles in tow."

"That's not fair! this isn't just my dad, Sean, it's much too important to just leave for someone else! How will Dad's dream survive an attack like this? How long do you think it will be before the government decides to hunt us all down, and have an old fashioned witch burning?"

At this point, every one was in a dead silence over Wanda's words. Like it or not they rang true to every ear in the room. After about five minutes with every eye in the room on Sean, he finally gave in. "Okay, here's the deal. As you know i used to be in special ops. I have a few lighter wait suits that protect from fairly heavy fire. Anyone who can fit into one can come if we can find a way."

As they all made their way to the Cassidy's suite, Sean saw the lividity in Moira's eyes although she knew this was the right thing, it was also incredibly dangerous, and her daughter better not go.

After a hurried fifteen minutes, those that could fit in the light armored suits were Pietro, Scott, and Hank."Okay, we have our team. The four of us will be the ones to go."

Hank was the one to speak up. "One problem, Sir. how are we going to get into a military base with no I.D., and no powers like the professors?"

"I'll fly you, Hank, and Sean can get Scott. I don't think a checkpoint will have any effect on Pietro. Is that okay, Sean?"

"I don't see why not, Warren. Thank you. As for the rest of you to avoid detection, you'll be wearing these knit masks, as hot as they are, to protect your identitys, just like myself. We'll also need to come up with code names for each of you. No taking chances on the military hearing our names." Or Erik hearing Pietro's, he thought to himself.

"I'm Quicksilver!" Pietro said, due to his hair, and his speed.

"I'll be Concussion!" Scott.

"For Irony's sake, i think I'll choose the Beast!"

"And my old code name from my special ops days was Banshee."

Now that we're here, men, all joking needs to be put aside as do emotions. This is a deadly serious operation. Warren, you go home, once we rescue Charles, we'll be able to use his powers to get out of here. Now, boys, it's time for magneto to taste some X-men.

A/N: before i get any flames or lose readers due to Scott's codename, it's important to note that in this universe, the students as any type of compative force hasn't been in the cards until today. That being said, Cyclops does nnot have the visor that makes his eye beams visually into a single beam which is the reason he's named Cyclops, once he gets his combat visor, I'll have him renamed. As always, Please RnR. The battle with Mags is coming! but that's not the end of this story, quite a few more storylines outlined and vague plans for after that so please keep reading, I've got some very interesting character turns on the way! Happy independence day to my American readers!