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What up, peoples. I'm here, creating a story out of boredom. So, I hope you enjoy!

Sam's POV:

Ugh, why did Carly have to leave me here? You may be confused, so I'll tell you what happened.

Carly, Spencer, and Fredweird had gone to the movies while I was taking a nap, and they decided that they didn't want to wake me. So, I'm stuck here, doing nothing in the iCarly studio. An-

My thoughts were interrupted by a crash downstairs, and footsteps coming upstairs. I grabbed a bat near the door, and crept behind a curtain.

"Stewart, I don't get why we have to do this again," someone complained, and they sounded oddly familiar…

"Because, Oliver, they stole our cat, it's what we have to do." someone explained.

I gasped. Stewart and Ollie were back, and they were heading to the studio. This can't be happening. I mean, we threatened that we would shave the cat if they ever came near here again!

"Is anyone here?" what sounded like Stewart said, "We're not here to hurt you…" They heard me breathing heavily, I knew it. I took my chance to run. Run wherever. I didn't care, as long as I was away from here, away from them. But, I couldn't run. I would be heard - again. So, I gripped my bat, and peered around the corner.

Stewart and Ollie were trashing the place again, and they had their back to me. I swung the baseball bat, and it hit one of them in the head.

"Ah, Samantha Puckett, I thought you would be in jail already," Stewart turned on his heel, and picked me up by the waist.

"Let me GO!" I screamed, and tried to wiggle out of his grasp: Nope, he had a tight grip.

"Ollie, get up, I have a better punishment then trashing this place again." he laughed evilly, and I saw out of the corner of my eye, that Ollie was getting up.

"What happened?" he rubbed his head. I smirked. Idiots. "What do you think you're smirking at?" he snapped. My eyes narrowed; he was definatly not going to get away with this. Carly, Freddie and Spencer will be home soon - I hope.

I felt something hit me on the head, and I passed out.

Freddie's POV

"That was such a funny movie!" Carly giggled, wiping her eyes with her sleeve. We had gone to see The Movie, and it was a comedy. To me, I really didn't like it. I mean, look at the title! Besides, not many people went anyway.

"Yeah, it was," Spencer laughed, "I wish Sam could have seen it,"

I shook my head, and rolled my eyes, as Carly unlocked the door.

"Sam, we're home! I hope you didn't eat the whole studio!" she joked, "Sam? Are you still asleep?" she bounced upstairs, and I followed.

"Sam are you-" I started to say, but was cut off by Carly's screaming, "SHE'S GONE!"

I looked around - Carly was right, Sam was gone.

"Sam," I walked around, "This isn't funny, you can come out no-" I saw a note stuck to the car.

"What's that?" Carly asked, snatching it out of my hand.

"Dear iCarly,

We have taken your Samantha, and placed her where you couldn't even find her if you tried.

We hope you have a wonderful life."

"I-It's Nevel! I know it is!" Carly yelled, only to cause Spencer to come bounding up the steps.

"What happened!" he yelled, holding a toy hammer.

"He took Sam!" Carly ran over to him, "Who?" Spencer asked, a look of utter confusion on his face.

"Nevel! He took Sam!"

I looked at the note again; it didn't look like Nevel's handwriting… So it had to be someone else… but, who?