Not the Last Airbender Anymore: Caught

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"So, this is the circus? Aang asked. "It's not really what I expected."

They were outside the large white tents, and they could faintly hear music coming from inside. There were people milling around, but not nearly as many as they would have expected. Aang and Henry started following the small crowd to the entrance.

"Wait," Jasper said. "We aren't going in the front door."

"Yeah," Katara agreed. "It would be better if we sneak in back."

"Why?" Aang asked.

"You'll see."

They reached the tent flap and went in. A low growl came from the other side of the tent. It was unmistakably Appa, but it did sound a little off…

"Appa!" Aang said in a whisper.

"He's acting weird." Katara pointed out.

They had reached the cage and all Appa had done was roll onto his back. His eyes were wide, and he didn't really seem to see them. Aside from that he looked perfectly healthy.

"Oh… great." Katara said. "They gave him a drug didn't they?"

"Hmm…Maybe it was that cactus juice stuff I drank a few days ago." Sokka said.

"Either way," Aang said. "It's not going to be easy to get him out of here when he's acting like this…"

"Maybe we should see if we can buy him back." Maggie suggested. "If we talk to the employee someone might be able to tell us what they gave him."

"Yeah, but what we have probably won't be enough." Sokka said. "Maybe there's something else we could try.

Appa Looked up to see Aang and Katara coming towards him. He growled happily, but why were they walking upside down? He rolled over onto his back so he could see better. He wondered if they were going to get him out.

"HEY, YOU!" A voice yelled. "STEP AWAY FROM THE BEAST!"

"Umm, Hi."

"You're all under arrest for breaking and entering and attempted theft!"

"WHAT?!" Aang shouted. He continued a little quieter this time. "I don't know how you got him, but Appa was stolen from me! We were just trying to get him back."

"By sneaking backstage to steal him?" the guard scoffed. "A likely story. I heard you talking earlier."

"Okay," Aang said. "We admit that this wasn't the best idea. If we leave the circus and promise that you'll never see us here again will you let us go?"

"Sure. I'd be happy to let you go to the local prison."

Sokka had to resist the urge to smack himself in the face.

"Let me handle this." he said.

Aang sighed and he didn't look happy about it, but he stepped back.

"Don't try anything." the guard warned. "There are other guards outside just waiting for you to run."

"What if we left right now, and paid for seats?" Sokka asked. "We'll even stay after the show and help clean up afterwords."

The guard looked at the kids standing in front of him. They were an unusual group and he didn't trust them. The girls looked a little grossed out at the boy's proposal.

"Hmm. I still don't like this. I'll have to talk to the ringmaster to see what he wants to do with you. The show hasn't started yet. There is a chance that he'll agree to your terms though. I'll leave you here. But remember that there are guards outside."

The guard went into the main tent to find the ringmaster. Aang looked like he was about ready to explode. The rest of the group didn't look too convinced about Sokka's plan either.

"Sokka, what were you thinking?" he hissed.

"It's better than being arrested. Besides, this should be a good way to learn more about this circus."

"True," Katara admitted. "But that's if the ringmaster agrees to not having us arrested." Toph won't even know what happened to us.

Meanwhile, Toph was board. Jet wouldn't talk to her and all she could really do was sit there and play with some rocks she had picked up on their travels.

"I hope they get back soon," she thought.

I know it's been way too long since I've updated, but I kind of wrote myself into a corner with these last few chapters. Thanks for sticking with me!