Not exactly my first story, but the first I've been comfortable to post. Enjoy :)

"Going so soon, Christopher Robin?" Christopher turned behind him to see Pooh following him on the path out of the hundred-acre-wood.

"I'm afraid I must, Pooh. School starts soon." The boy was no longer as little as he used to be. Now sixteen and in secondary school, the young boy- Englishmen as his friends in the wood now called him, saying he was indeed more now of a man then a boy-continued to keep his friends in the wood a secret from all, including his parents who thought he had outgrown playing with the 'stuffed' animals.

"How much longer until you are done with this," Pooh scratched his head, "School?"

"Just another year, but then I wish to go to a university."

"A una-what?" Christopher laughed.

"Silly old bear, I'll explain when I come back. Stay out of trouble!" He called as he left, hoping to catch the rail. He grabbed his backpack, which he had put at the end of the path, and ran to the station.

Short I know, but it's made to be a prologue. Anyway, things are going to get a little interesting for Christopher in the next couple of chapters. He meets a girl. Nuff said.

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