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Summary: After an asthma attack, Thirteen is driven home by Cuddy and House. But on the way, a tragic car accident leaves the three in deep waters, literally.

Parings: Cuddy/House: Huddy (Not very stressed)

Characters: Thirteen, House, Cuddy

Rating: M (just to be safe)

Warnings: Strong Violence, (very) mild sexual reference, mild language


Eyes. All she saw was eyes, illuminating the dark room. They were like orbs taunting her. They were all staring through her. The room started to gain color. Slowly the eyes were matched with faces.


To whom did the faces belong? She tried to focus her vision on one. Eyes squinting, she gazed upon grey-black hair and scruff, saddened lake blue eyes, and quivering mouth. The face so familiar, known to her for many years, but the name corresponding with the face was lost.

She looked around at the other faces, knowing them, recalling all the times she had seem them. But too, she was not able to place the names. All their mouths were shut and silent and their eyes full of sorrow. She also noticed how puffy their eyes were, like they had been crying. Now she tried to realize where she was reclining.

The brunette tried to raise a hand to the faces, but it was in vain. Worried, she tried to adjust her head to look past the faces, again unable to move. Numb everything.

She looked up, trying to see past the eyes, faces, and mouths. Her heart jumped. The ceiling was all to familiar. She had seen it many times when her father had brought her here to pray for her mother. But she knew better even in her youth, nothing could save her. She no longer believed in a "greater good" or a "greater being" for if one was to exist, they wouldn't have let her mother die. They would of saved her, not if for her daughter, then for her father that was nothing but lost without her. After her death, he was never the same, always cruel and bitter, but that never lasted long, he took care of himself six months after her demise.

They both left her, alone, scared and stupid with no parents. Her brother, her guardian, last person alive in her life, was all but nonexistent. He was oblivious to her. Nights he would leave to go get high, drunk, and please himself with a desperate girl. Sometimes he would never show up in the mornings, which she found better. He was violent.

She remembers one night, he was around 25 and she was 15, wasted and intoxicated, he came home, early, too early. She was on the couch reading, she loved to read, it took her mind off of other things. He stormed in with a girl, a prostitute she supposed. She looked up from her book, staring into her brothers eyes, and mistakenly said something, something he didn't like. He tore down the hard metal cross from above the door and slammed it into the young girls face. Blood gushed from the right side of her face she tried to stop the dizziness she was feeling. She collapsed in the middle of the room, blood staining the pages of her favorite book at the time.

She woke up in the ER. All the doctors and nurses asked her how she felt after her fall. Fall. Her brother had told them she fell. Lies. She was done, done with her brother. Done with family. Later she ran away and started her new life, did well in school, when to med school, and had the sad mistake to work for House.

HOUSE! That's it, she remembers his name. She now remembers the situation she's in, eyes, scruff, church ceiling.

But what was she doing in a church? And why was she laying down, raised from the floor, and unable to move. She moved her eyes, trying to see her surroundings better. She saw padding on both sides of her and a rim of wood. She looked down and was greeted to her lower half of her body enclosed in a wood case.

No, No, she couldn't be. How?

She now searched the air for the eyes. Matching them with their names, House, Cameron, Chase, Foreman, Taub, Cuddy, Wilson, Kutner… Kutner?

But he was…no is dead.

No. She tried to scream. No noise came out. She needed to get someone's, anyone's attention. They can't be doing this to her, she still had time! She had more years, she knew it. They could even come up with a cure, she could be saved, no she would be, she convinced herself.

The faces now were leaving as someone put the lid on the coffin.

"No, this can't be! There's some mistake!" she screamed in her head.

I'm not Dead!

I became harder to breath and she felt her lungs close up.

She heard voices, familiar voices.

"House stop being so stuck up, you're going to come whether it kills you!"

"Cuddy, you're not my boss, oh…never mind,"

"House! Knock it off, you…" She stops and stays silent, as if to hear something.

"What? Have you been outsmarted by me, the noble and divine Gregory…" His voice now stopped and listened to the gasping. He traced the noise back to the chair in the corner, where Thirteen was sleeping. It had been a long shift and he had sent the rest of his team home, but made her stay behind. He needed her to finish up the file, she must have fallen asleep while she was finishing, and Cuddy's arguing made him lose focus on her.

House raced over to her sleeping form, Cuddy on his heels. She was gasping for air.

"House!" Cuddy yells and she tries to shake Thirteen into consciousness.

"Um, she has asthma, she must be having an attack." House whined and backed up and leaned on the side of his desk. "Why does she get all the attention?"

"House! Go get her an inhaler!"

"Well, I think I'll pass." House groans as he slips into his desk chair and opens his desk.

"House, this is not the time to play games!" Cuddy shouts as she starts to turn to go and find an inhaler herself.

"Calm down, you get to worked up." House says as he rolls his eyes and tosses Cuddy an inhaler he retrieved from his desk.

Cuddy catches it and uses it on Thirteen whose eyes now are wide open.

Quick breaths enter the girls mouth as she tries to control her breathing. In a few moments her flow of air is back to normal. She stares up, looking at her is Cuddy.

"Thirteen are you alright?" Cuddy asks with concern.

"Um, yeah. I think so. I never have attacks, it's been awhile." Thirteen admits as she rests her head on her hand and tries to regain her composure.

Thirteen starts to stand up, but the all to familiar vertigo strikes her as the blood rushes from her head. She wobbles slightly and Cuddy grabs her arm to steady her.

"Alright, that's it, you're not driving home like this. Not in this state." Cuddy says, sounding like the mother she never really had.

"No, really. I'm fine. I just got up too fast." Thirteen groans and rubs her forehead. She really didn't want Cuddy, wait, and House driving her home, Cuddy car was in the shop. House ever so reluctantly had offered to be her chafer, knowing that would probably lead to Cuddy pants.

"Ugh, Mom! Do we have to?" House now spoke up from his desk and started to spin his cane. "It will cut into my "me" time."

"Not the time, House." Cuddy now moves in front of him. She grabs him by the shirt and makes him stand. "Get your stuff." Cuddy states to both House and Thirteen. Apparently she was now House's mom, too.

Thirteen moved first, knowing she wasn't going to win the car battle.

In the locker room, she looked in the mirror. Her hair was acceptable, so was her makeup. No touch-up needed. She paused over her cheek, glaring at her scar from that horrible day. It was faded so no one ever noticed, but she knew it was there. She knew the pain and memories that accompanied it. She knew the lies, she knew how screwed up her life was. But, she was never would let anyone know of her life. No matter how much House pried, she would never break. She would stay strong. She gather up her jacket and her purse and headed back to his office. She paused outside his door. She heard Cuddy and House talking.

"House, why did you have an inhaler ready? You don't have asthma, nor does anyone else on the team. Do you actually have a heart? You actually made sure if Thirteen ever had an attack you would be ready. You do actually care!" Cuddy ranted, almost yelling the last part. "All those nights of telling me how stupid she was, making fun of her sexuality, making fun of her Huntington's, you actually care!"

House looked at Cuddy in defeat and muttered, "Yeah, you caught me I actually do care if one of my ducklings die, I was distraught when Kutner died. And I really didn't like him, well I didn't like him as much as I like Thirteen. She's young and beautiful, but is cursed with a death way before her time to go. It pains me to watch her self destruct, with the drinking and one-nighters. I make fun of her, hoping that will make her stop being so reckless, And well, because she's like a…"

That was enough for Thirteen. She entered the door before House could finish his sentence. She was sort of glad.

"… daughter to me." House completed his sentence, not knowing Thirteen listened to the rest of it. House thought Thirteen would be confused and couldn't take the words in for anything. Cuddy, on the other hand, felt worry wash away, for she felt Thirteen would come in the way between House and her.

"Well, time to go!" House sang as he grabbed his cane and made a beeline for the door. Cuddy and Thirteen followed.

The parking garage was empty on this level. All except for House's lone car. Thirteen was squeezed into the back seat, with her knees almost touching her flat stomach. Cuddy then pulled the seat forward so Thirteen would have some leg room. Thirteen thought she should sit up front since she was taller than Cuddy. She soon dropped the petty thought as House started the car and pulled away.

The streets were relatively empty, a few cars here and there. Inside the car was silent. Thirteen thought that was amazing, House not having anything to say. She silently laughed to herself. Thirteen finally spoke up.

"So, you need directions to my house?"

"Nope. I've got your addressed memorized, just in case you accidentally over dosed or got killed by one of your lovers." House mocked sarcastically.

"Thanks. It warms my heart someone actually will know were to find me when I die." Thirteen said slightly grateful that he did know her address, in case something did happen.

A small thump was heard as House drove onto the bridge which signaled the end of the new pavement. Cuddy was about to speak up when two bright headlights started to shine through the right side of the car. There was a truck. A big truck, going too fast. It was heading straight for House's car. House tried to step on the gas to move out of way of the speeding truck, but to no avail. The impact sent House's car though the old barrier that were suppose to keep cars from falling off the bridge. The car hit the water with a loud splash and began to sink.

House frantically tried to push open the door. The water started to leak into the car, making the occupants completely soaked. House looked over at Cuddy, She was unconscious with a large gash on her forehead that was oozing blood. House tried to shake Cuddy awake but she didn't wake up. House now remembered he had another passenger, Thirteen. He looked back and gasped at what he saw. The right side of her head was covered in blood. Her nose and mouth leaked the crimson liquid. Her right arm was crushed by the now bent door of the car.

A moan escaped Thirteen's mouth and her eyes opened slightly. "House…plrese…get…Cuggy…out. " Thirteen croaked with her mouth full of blood.

"Thirteen, not the time to be a martyr," House solemnly said, his voice lacking his usual cocky finesse.

"House…" She spits the red liquid out of her mouth and continues. "My arm's stuck, alright. Just get Cuddy out and then you can come back and save me." She cracks a half smile. She is hopeful that House believes her, since she really doesn't think she can be saved; the car is sinking way to fast and the water is already up to her waist.

House, unsure of himself, grabs his cane and breaks the window open. More water rushes in. House pushes an unconscious Cuddy out the window. He glances back at Thirteen.

"I'll be right back!" He says.

"I'll be fine, House." She groans and winces as she tries to remove her arm from the deformed door.

House follows Cuddy out the window. He grabs onto her tries to swim and carry Cuddy at the same time. The water runs into his mouth and makes him choke.

He somehow manages to drag Cuddy to shore. He lays her on the ground and checks for a pulse. She is okay. She's breathing. Her head is bleeding but it will be okay. She's alive. A warm sense of relief floods over House. His love is alive. Then he hears a sickening gush of water as his car sinks into the river. The relief vanishes and is turned into a gut retching fear.

Thirteen is inside.

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