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Water was closing her in. She felt so cold, not surprising as in accordance to the month. She tried to wriggle free of her captor, the door.

"That stupid driver!" she thought as she tried again to remove her arm. The water was now up to her neck and rising fast. "Where is House? What's taking him so long?" she basically shouted aloud.

She stopped tugging her arm for a moment to gather herself. Her head hurt, so did her nose, but she couldn't feel her arm, for that she was thankful. She kept struggling, hoping she could remove herself.

Her heart dropped as she heard a deafening thud, the car had reached the bottom of the river. She took one last breath before the remaining air was washed out of the car. Completely submerged, she looked around. The dirty water was tinted red.

"One…two…three…four…" She counted as she held her breath and started her wrist watch to keep time of her underwater endeavor. She wondered how long she could keep this up, holding her breath. She started to panic. Kicking her legs, she tried to free herself from the car. She was going to drown, her dream, rather nightmare, was going to come true. She slowly started to realize herself becoming heavy and stopped panicking. She now needed to keep calm, save her breath. Remembering when she was young, her dad had taught her to hold her breath for almost a minute. Now she could hold it longer she felt, from all those stupid things she did at college parties and still did sometimes. Her dad also had a trick to hold your breath longer.

"What was the trick?" she tried to remember when it struck her, "Singing a song in your head!"

"Alright." she told herself. "What's a good song?" The brunette thought over "Octopus's Garden" but that would be too ironic. She thought back to when she first started to like that band, "That's it!" The first song she had heard from the legendary band; she had actually heard it one day, the day, the day her mother died. She was walking along the street alone, heading to her mother's hospital. She felt remorse for not saying good-bye that morning to her mother, but she was yelling, like she always did, and her arms were flailing. She turned the corner and was faced with a man, short and friendly in appearance. In his hand he held a Martin D-28 acoustic guitar. He started to play as he saw the young girl.

"Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away, now it looks as though they're here to stay, ah, I believe in yesterday." She walked closer to the singing man. "Suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be," The lovely sound filled the girls head as she started to walk to the beat of the music. "There's a shadow hanging over me,"

She dropped a few quarters into his empty guitar case. But before she left, she asked him who the artist was. He didn't respond, he seemed lost in the music. Not wanting to draw attention to herself, she walked toward the hospital. But in her mind she kept replaying the lyrics in her head, making sure she would remember them, forever.

Remembering her current situation, she looked down at her watch, 2:06. She tried to think of the song again, "Oh, yesterday came suddenly." It was now getting harder to breathe, her lungs felt like they were on fire. She was starting to give up hope. Suddenly, she saw a man swimming in her direction.

"It was House! He had come!" She screamed in her head.

He was heading toward her face. What was he doing? He pressed his lips against hers. "What?" she almost gagged, then she understood. He blew the oxygen out of his mouth into hers. Thirteen's lungs filled with air, relief washed over her. But then he vanished.

Thirteen started to panic again; this time she accidentally released the new air in her mouth that House had given her. "Shit!" She yelled. Her stupidity is going to cost her, her life.

House reappeared, this time he didn't swim to her face but rather to her arm. "Selfish bastard!" she thought, "Keeping all the air for himself." He started to pull at her arm. It wouldn't budge. Harder, harder he pulled. She could tell he was scared, more then herself.

She was seeing a different side of House, like finding a ice cream cone in the deepest recess of Hell. "Okay, well he wasn't that bad," she contemplated. She was swallowing so much water; it was burning her throat. She began to feel heavy and at peace.

She knew the feeling all to well, that one faithful Summer of camp. Recalling it she never wanted to go, but her father said it would take her mind off of her mother. Long story short, kayaking wasn't really her thing. One ugly CPR councilor later, she vowed to never go kayaking, or going to Summer camp as a matter of fact, again. Her eye lids became so heavy. She tried, fought to keep them open. Everything was in slow motion. She saw two more bodies join House in the attempt to get her arm loose.

She recognized one of them as Cuddy. The other she hoped it wasn't him. Him. The man that broke her heart, fired her, and almost killed her, had come back to finish the deed. "Was that Foreman in the truck?" she recalled it Foreman had a truck, "His brother did, maybe. Maybe he borrowed it from somebody." she really didn't care and chastised herself for thinking of that before she seized to exist. "If I ever get out of this, I'm going to kill Forman."

She looked back on her life. "Any regrets?…many!" she almost chuckled at the last part. She couldn't care anymore, her life was over. She managed to flash a grin. Huntington's wasn't going to take her. "Score one for the boys back home," she had to laugh at that thought. More water filled her lungs; her vision blurred. She vaguely felt a small pull at her shoulder. The three doctors had managed to set her free.

Foreman and House grabbed her by the waist and started to raise her to the surface. But it was too late. She had cheated death too many times. Now it was his turn to taunt her, setting her free of her metal prison, but then to take her hope away by letting her drown. Blackness consumed her seconds before she reached the oxygen rich surface.

House felt the girl at his shoulder go limp. He looked down and saw a skeleton of his former employee. She was pale and damp. Her hair was plastered to her forehead. Crimson liquid flowed freely from her temple and nose.

He reached the shore, faster than he had with Cuddy. He genially placed her on the rocky ground. She was so light, almost weightless. Foreman had helped him carry her, but House didn't notice. He backed up and stared. Cuddy glanced at him and knew exactly what he had meant by this action. House wasn't going to try to save her, he was too scared if he failed. Cuddy stepped into action.

Cuddy ripped her now blood stained button down shirt open. She was wearing a dark colored bra. Cuddy questioned herself if she should remove it, but she decided against it. Thirteen's exposed rib cage showed deep bruises, probably a few broken ribs. She felt the presence of another above her. She never looked to see who it was. She began CPR.

"One, two, three, four, five…" Cuddy counted rapidly as she pressed down on Thirteen's chest. "…Twenty-nine, Thirty," Cuddy completed and tilted Thirteen's head back.

She lifted her chin and held Thirteen's nose closed. She felt that she shifted the bones in her broken nose. She lowered herself onto Thirteen's mouth and blew twice into it. She received no response.

"Come on Remy!" Cuddy screamed as she repeated to push her chest.

"I'm not going to lose you!" Cuddy was now hysterical. She continued to try to save her.

House watched Cuddy. He couldn't take it any longer. He stormed away, limping into the riverside woods. He looked down at his hands and saw the blood, her blood, covering his palms. House slowly backed into a nearby tree and slid down so his knees where pressed up against his chest. He rested his head on his knees as a tear slid down his cheek. Slowly, he closed his eyes and heard the blaring sirens in the distance.

"Why she had to go I don't know, she wouldn't say. I said, something wrong, now I long for yesterday."

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+Nerdy Beatle stuff used in story: The Martin D-28 is one of the guitars Paul used throughout his recording days with the band, he still uses it today! Also 2:06 is the length of the song "Yesterday"