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In a hospital room where Allen is about to be born


"Congratulations it's a boy."

"Oh, thank god, let me see my baby."

"Um…I can't do that ma'am."

"And why not? I should be aloud to see my own baby."

"Because a Noah shouldn't be in the care of a sub-human." turns into an Akuma

"What's going on?"

"I'm going to kill you and take the child to the Millennium Earl."


At the ark

"Good job Akuma for bringing this child to me, now leave." *heart*

"Yes, sir." leaves


"There, there little one. You're home with your family now. Now, what should your name be? … I know, how about Neah. It's only natural to name you after the previous 14th." *heart*



"There, there little one it's ok." *heart*

"Who is this adorable baby?"

"He is the 14th Noah." *heart*

"What, why is he here? Shouldn't we destroy him so that he won't betray us again?"

"No Road, where just going to raise him so that he won't think of trying to kill us ever again." *heart*

"Good idea, but shouldn't we also be finding the heart? Just in case."

"in do time Road, but it's very important to gain the 14th's trust as soon as possible." *heart*

3 years later

"Now Neah, I will teach you about the birth of Akuma." *heart*

"Ok Millenny."

"Now, for this lesson we will be going outside the ark and meet an unknowing sub-human." *heart*

"Really, I finally get to go outside?"

"Yes little one. Now, since you've never been outside before you have to stay close by ok." *heart*

"Yes Millenny."

In a graveyard were a young woman is mourning over a grave stone

"Now you just stay here in front of this tree and don't leave this spot under any circumstances." *heart*

"Ok, Millenny."

"Now this young woman will be referred to as A-chan (Reference to D'gray Man Reversed), and the person we'll bring back will be called B-kun. To make an Akuma, we must gain A-chan's trust. Then, we will get A-chan to scream B-kun's name. This will transfer B-kun's soul in an Akuma skeleton. Lastly, we order B-kun to kill A-chan and ware her skin as his own." *heart*

"Now I will show you how it's done." *heart* goes to A-chan.

Back to the arc

Neah is currently throwing up after seeing the insides of A-chan. (poor kid)

"I'm sorry Neah, I thought you could take seeing that." *heart* (what an irresponsible parent)

"Neah, it's ok the Earl won't take you with him to make akuma again anytime soon." Road is currently rubbing Neah's back.

"Thanks Road"

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