By: Farmer Kyle

Summary - Synergy by definition is the interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects. Not exactly something Ranma's been able to keep up among his fiancees, rivals and family. Read on as Ranma discovers just what happens when you add new powers with a capital P to the already chaotic synergy that is Nerima.

Chapter 2: My Life Is A Whirlwind

Two children, a boy and girl, were playing on a sand dune, the girl trying to catch the boy. The girl was a few inches shorter than the boy, and wore a slightly baggy, white shirt and baggy, cream shorts that could be mistaken for a skirt. She also wore brown boots that came up to just below her knees and matching armlets. The girl was lightly tanned and had green eyes. Her blonde hair was in a bowl cut that covered her ears save for two bangs that framed her face. She laughed as she tried to catch the boy.

The boy she chased was also lightly tanned, but not quite as much as the girl. He wore a white, average martial arts gi with a black, cloth belt and has black hair with a low pony-tail. With blue eyes filled with childish delight, he ran from his friend and laughed with her as they played.

"Haha, you can't catch me!" cried the boy.

"Oh yes I can!" was the girl's spirited reply.

And just as she says that the boy loses his footing in the sand and trips. "Whoa!" the boy yells before getting a face full of sand.

"Dog pile!" the girl cries before leaping on to the boy. Of course, her momentum caused them both to roll down the side of the dune they were on as they wrestled, getting both covered in sand. When they reach the bottom both children are facing the other, the boy under the girl, looking at the other's face before bursting out with new laughter.

The girl rolls off the boy, their laughter starting to quiet. They look up at the sky, a slow moving cloud giving them shade as the boy and girl calm down, a silence growing between them.

"You're leaving." It was the girl who broke it, the statement carrying her sadness of that fact.

"Yeah." The boy was equally disappointed. "Pop said that we can't stay here any more."

"But why? Why do have to go?" the blonde questioned, eyes glistening.

"This whole trip is so I can be the best martial artist ever. Pop says that we gotta keep movin' around and learn from all over. I wannna stay, but I can't. Family honor depends on it, least that's what Pop says." was all the boy said.

They laid there for a while longer before the girl suddenly stood up, the boy sitting up as well. "Well, we just have to do something that will make sure we find each other again." The girl declared, confident that they could do it.

The boy shook the sand out of his hair before asking the obvious question. "How are we gonna do that?"

The girl shook herself of sand, then said to her friend with a smile "A promise."

Doubtful, the boy asked "How's a promise gonna help?"

"Easy." she said before holding her hand out to the boy "It's a magic promise."

He took her hand and pulled himself up. After shaking the rest of the sand off himself, the boy asked yet another question "How's it magic?"

"Well, I heard about it a while back at a big party for my aunt. She and a friend of hers, a guy, were celebrating something. There was a big cake and they were getting presents, my aunt was even wearing her special dress! When I asked my uncle what they were celebrating, I was told that it was about my aunt and that guy 'getting together'. I still didn't understand and asked what that meant, Uncle said that they were making they're relationship official and that they were each other's special friend." the girl explained.

"Sooo?" the boy was still confused.

"Sooo, they each made a promise to each other that they would be together forever and that they wouldn't be friends with anyone else! They promised on the Great Spirits!" the girl exclaimed with excitement and reverence.

"But I like having friends!" the boy complained, not quite liking the idea of having only one friend.

"Me too, so we'll change the promise a bit so that we can have as many friends as we want!" the girl agreed, as she had lots of friends back in the village. "But we'll still be special friends."

"Okay! But what if we find other friends that we want to be special friends too?" asked the boy.

"Well," the girl started, unsure, "I guess we could if we both agreed."

"So, Ranma Saotome, do you take me as your special friend?" the girl said as a slow and gentle wind blew where they were standing. "That we'll always be friends, forever? That even if we part, we'll find each other again?" she continued, the smell of wildflowers joining the wind as it surrounded the two children, almost hugging them. "And that even though we'll make more friends, they won't be special friends unless we both agree?" In the distance a soft rumble of what may have been thunder sounded, almost resembling laughter, as the wind blew faster and the smell of flowers grew stronger.

"I promise!" the boy, Ranma, said confidently, smiling. "Do ya promise the same thing, S-" the wind gave a strong burst that caused the air to whistle, covering the name of the girl.

"I do." was the blonde girl's reply, also giving her own gentle smile. "Together Forever."

Ranma nodded his head, "Together Forever."

A/N: Sorry guys, this isn't a full chapter. Things have gotten hectic for me and now it's all blown up in my face. My only reliable means for updating is on the fritz, so any updates from here will be sporadic at best.