A/n: Hello hello! I'm back with a new multi-chapter fic. Not exactly an AU but more of a little twist in the actual story. I don't know if i portrayed the prologue right or not, but I hope you all understand somewhat of what had went on. This is about three y ears from the present time that will be written in the next chapter. Enjoy reading :D

Warning: This story is somewhat angsty and rollercoastary (If there may have such word) thus this story is under suspense and drama

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A life together he had promised

Where he would protect her and love her for the rest of her life.

They would have a nice happy family unlike her wasted childhood.

All of which were lies.

And promises are meant to be broken.

All those past happy memories went out the window along with the phone just before his voice said one last time.

"I'm glad you made this decision, the hospitals will accept your mother now."

She didn't have much of a choice, it was either she gave up on him or her poor sickly mother won't be allowed into any hospital.

Ayuzawa Misaki, a girl who excelled both physically and academically. The breadwinner of her family of three including herself. Was saved by a man by the name of Usui takumi–Before he threw her aside like a rag doll. He had helped her when she couldn't control the boy in school, protected her, Loved her. She was weak, helpless, girly, a coward and all the other negative things in the world ever since her father left. Was. She was like that until he left her and tore her life apart.

She was all that. But not anymore.

"Never again"

The once weak willed girl vowed after her savior, her idol, her lover, betrayed her.

In the end her mother died in the hospital and her sister went missing.

The pain and grief was too much for her and one day, she drowned herself in alcohol and drove...

…and drove…

…away from the bustle of the city...

… and into the mountains…

… then came a sharp turn...

She was unable to turn in time, and then she just went tumbling down the mountain. Not a sound escaped her lips as the impact came almost instantly.

She died.

Or so they all thought.

To be continued…

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