I do not own Twilight... That is Stephanie Meyer's job...

As I was running down the street with the mob following my every turn, I couldn't stop thinking about what I was meant to do next. I turned down alleys, ran out into busy streets filled with cars. I almost got hit one or two times but the adrenaline was pumping through me like no tomorrow. Once I reached the Zoom Lock Inc. building, I turned on my heels and faced the crowd of blood thirsty civilians.

'That's a wrap!' yelled Edward from the director's chair. 'That was fantastic Isabella, you really harnessed the idea I wanted in that scene. Well done'

That was as much praise as I needed. Edward Cullen was a prestigious director – the best of the best. His movies were always suspense filled and got the best reviews possible, and I was chosen by him to play lead.

I must admit, when he called out my name I felt very smug inside. Being chosen by THE Edward Cullen was a massive step up in the acting career. Even just 2 weeks into the shoot, I was already being approached by Edward's rival directors.

'We will give you better pay' I remember one of them saying to me, but I declined, partly because their movie was predicted to be extremely horrible, but also because I'm starting to appreciate Edward, and not just as a fine director. Sure he isn't there on sunny days, but that's just his style.

Once I was in my dressing room, I heard a soft rapping at the door.

'Who is it?' I asked, quite loudly, towards the door.

'It's the lighting guy, you know, Jacob Black?' replied the voice, quite tentatively. He had a nice voice, so I decided to let him in.


'Hey. So what has brought you here?' I was curious as to why he was in my dressing room, but why shouldn't I?

'I just wanted to know if ... the lighting was too bright today, Isabella.'

'Please, call me Bella, and it was great. I wasn't blinded this time.' I chuckled to myself remembering when he put the lighting up to high and I couldn't see 10 meters in front of me.

'Yeah, sorry about that...' he turned for the door as he sighed and said 'cya 'round... Bella'

'Bye Jacob' when he closed the door, I heard him mumble something... but I couldn't quite make it out.

When I made it home, Alice jumped all over me like an exited puppy seeing his master.

'Alice, get off me!' I said with a tone of humour in my voice.

'And why should I do that? You are my best friend after all! So how was the shoot?'

'It was absolutely great Alice! I was chased by a mob, and Edward said my acting was fantastic!'

As I plunged deeper into what happened today, how many shots we had to take of the same scene until we got it right, I decided to exclude the episode with Jacob from the conversation. Alice was exited to hear the gossip all the same, no wonder she's my best friend.

I made spaghetti bolognaise for dinner, and called Charlie and my mother. They were both so pleased to hear my voice. I whispered 'I love you' to both of them and set up the stairs to go to sleep.