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Cuddy was a liar. As House left her office, a certain smirk on his face, she caught herself stealing a glance at a certain part of his anatomy. It's not like she consciously made the decision to find herself some eye candy. Her eyes just made their way down without any bit of her consent.

She didn't like House in that way.

She couldn't like House in that way.

Besides, she had met this other guy a few weeks ago, Logan Burkes. And he was giving her all she could ever ask for. Yes, he was a donor, which meant that she really shouldn't be getting involved with him because of the liability with the hospital. But then again, he didn't seem to be the type of guy that would withdraw with donation if things ever went south with them. The fact that he was really good looking also helped.

And she hadn't told anybody about her boyfriend yet either, except Wilson, but he didn't really count. Right, Wilson. She had let a few words slip right when she was getting involved with Logan, and Wilson, learning a few tips from House, had pressed her for more information.

And now House knew too. She had wanted to keep Logan a secret. ... Lisa... House would be all over it, making fun of her at every turn. But earlier, his words might have given off a sense of disregard and playfulness, but his eyes said something more... Lisa?... They told the truth even when House was trying his best to hide it.

The thing was, Cuddy couldn't put her tongue on what House was feeling behind that barrier he had built up for himself. Cuddy continued to think about House, but couldn't place it. No... she couldn't continue to think just about him. He wasn't hers to think about. It'd be better just to forget about him. But... still...

"Lisa Cuddy!" A loud voice interrupted Cuddy's thinking. She hadn't heard it before, being lost in her own thoughts. Standing before her, with flowers in his hands, Lilies, was the man himself, the one that was hers to think about.

He was tall, though not as tall Hous, maybe about 6' or 6' 1" and absolutely gorgeous, the picture-perfect, generic, good-looking man with a strong chin, prominent cheekbones, and well-set, dark brown eyes.

"Oh, Hi Logan. I was just doing some paperwork. I must have gotten really wrapped up in it, seeing how its budget season at this time of the year. Lots to do." Said Cuddy, hoping that he wouldn't catch her lie. She didn't look up at Logan again, but straightened some of the things on her desk, putting away a few files that were laid out her desk.

"Yeah, you seemed a little out of it. Long day? Sorry if I was a little loud. You didn't seem to hear me." Explained Logan. He didn't really believe that Cuddy was just 'doing some paperwork.' He had been standing there trying to get her attention for a good minute and in the entire time, her pen hadn't moved a single time. Still, he didn't want to make a big deal about it.

Cuddy, still cleaning her desk, suddenly thought of something. "Logan, what will others think when they just saw you walk into my office. I thought we agreed to keep things between us a secret for right now. We don't need any rumors spreading around the hospital."

"Lisa, don't worry. I've got it all under control. I just told your assistant that I needed to go over a few," he paused, "donation details to go over." Cuddy looked up at Logan now, seeing a half-smirk on his face. It was funny, that upturn of the lips kind of reminded her of..."

The door of Cuddy's office swung open at that second. House walked into the office, sizing up Logan. Logan did the same to House, noticing that he was a little bit shorter, but also younger. When his eyes settled on House's cane, the diagnostician looked away, turning to Cuddy.

"Turns out that there really was something going on in my patient's frontal lobe. There was a tumor. That's what we saw initially and what caused the initial partial complex seizures. The joint swelling and ataxia were actually symptoms that came up after she fell into the pool. And here I was thinking that they were actually symptoms related to the seizures!" House was excited, given the recent turn of events regarding his patient. Well, maybe he was a little bit too excited. Obnoxiously excited. But that could be explained by the fact that there was an obnoxiously good-looking man in his boss's office who was looking at his boss. House didn't really like that. He wanted as little attention on Cuddy right now.

So, he brought all the attention to himself.

"House, cut to the chase. I was in the middle of something when you just barged in." Cuddy didn't sound the least bit amused. She was just as good at House at building walls with no way of getting over them.

"Buzzkill. Patient had a bleed in her brain that was caused by the tumor. The tumor caused the seizures. The aggravated bleed caused her other symptoms, which now includes right-side paralysis. Happy now?" House was annoyed at Cuddy's urge to get rid of him. Usually, she would say she wanted House to leave her alone, but he always knew she didn't actually mean it. Now, he wasn't completely sure, especially with this pretty-boy standing in her office.

"So, she goes into surgery to remove the tumor and fix the bleed?"

"Yep. The surgeon just needs your signoff before he cuts into her head. You know. That silly thing? Paperwork? Personally, I don't know what the big deal about it is," House replied, rolling his eyes in the process.

Cuddy couldn't resist the game. "Oh, I don't know. Maybe so that we don't get suedfor malpractice when some doctors decided they want to cut into a patient's head for funzies."

"Those morons!" House put an aghast expression on his face, playing up as much as possible.

"Yeah... Those morons," Cuddy looked away from House, crossing her arms in the process. When she looked over to her right, she saw that Logan had inched closed to her. She caught a glance at House, who was trying very hard to avoid eye contact. He, very obviously by the menacing look on his face, did not like the man that we standing next to her. "House, which doctor do you want performing the surgery?"

"Henderson." House turned to leave. As he was opened the door, just about to step through, he had another question to ask, "Logan?"

"Yes?" he replied, not sure what to make of House. His voice quivered slightly as he talked.

"You better be careful." House didn't wait to hear a reply. Instead, he walked right out of the office and into the clinic. He really, really did not like the man that he had left in Cuddy's office.

A clinic nurse, probably the one that had picked the short straw, called him over. Begrudgingly, House changed courses and made his way over to the large desk in the middle of the room.

"I don't have time for this," House told the nurse, a short one with mousy brown hair. She looked very nervous as he talked to her. House liked that. "You know, patient going into surgery?" Even if he hadn't had a patient at that time, he probably wouldn't have worked in the clinic.

"Well," she hesitated. "Dr. House. When you do... have a chance, we're really full in the clinic this morning. We could... really use you... help?" That last part was said as a question because during the entire time the nurse was speaking, Nurse Juny, according to her nametag, House's expression changed from annoyed to bored to disgusted.

"Right." House rejoined. "All those rotten crotches and stuffy noses can't wait, can they? Who knows? There might be an epidemic running through the hospital!" House raised his voice in his last sentence, making sure everyone in the clinic could hear him loud and clear.

"Dr. House! We don't say those sort of things out loud in a hospital!"

House didn't really hear the nurse. To his satisfaction, multiple people upped and left the hospital after his outburst. House prepared himself to make a sneering comment, putting a look on his face that was a mix of smugness and sincerity. "See? I helped. Got to go."

House turned away from the desk, heading towards the elevator. The clinic actually was kind of full, with all the seats being taken and multiple people standing in the hallways. House lifted his cane to press the button to go up, but just after he did so, a young-looking man tried to push around him in the rather crowded room. Coming from House's left side, the man couldn't have seen House's cane.

The force from the man sent House off-balance. Not having his cane firmly on the ground to catch himself, House tried to use his feet to regain composure. However, his right thigh couldn't take the pressure and buckled underneath him, sending House sprawling into the elevator door, pain radiating in his leg.

The entire ordeal caught the eyes of many patrons around the hospital, but the man who had pushed House down was nowhere to be seen. Everyone else in the room seemed too wary to approach House. Even the nurses, who were watching from the desk, didn't get up to help House, thinking he would bite their heads off if they even tried.

The elevator dinged and the doors slid open, causing House to fall backward and into it.


House heard the urgent voice of none other than one of his fellows. Of course it had to be Cameron, the all-caring one. With her call, the hospital started to move again, freed from its previously stagnant form, though a few people, mostly waiting clinic patients, continued to stare.

Cameron leaned down to help House, though warily, knowing very well that the worries of everyone else in the room, who had not helped House, were not unwarranted.

"I got it!" House exclaimed, pushing her hands away. Carefully, he set his cane vertically and attempted to force himself off of the ground. He was about halfway there when his right leg buckled again underneath, not happy about its earlier ordeal, sending House backwards onto his back.

"Really," Cameron was trying to get House to see some reason and let her help him. "Just let me give you a hand." She extended both arms out to grasp onto House's left.

Reluctantly, he took it, using the extra leverage to make it all the way up and onto both feet. The elevator doors were trying to close around them, but not completing their journey when the sensor detected the two doctors in the way.

House stepped into the elevator as Cameron stepped out.

"I was called down to help out in the office, House, seeing as we know what's wrong with our patient. Cuddy did give you approval for the surgery, right?" House nodded. "Just page me if anything new comes up."

House watched her leave as the elevator doors closed. He appreciated the fact that Cameron hadn't made a big deal of him falling over.

House opened his cell phone, dialed it. Once Chase answered, he told him that the surgery was approved and that Henderson would be performing it.

"Sure thing, House," said the Aussie before hanging up the phone.

House was exiting the elevator when the conversation ended. He was on the fourth floor. As House came to the hallway that diverged left and right, he decided to take a left, making his way to Wilson's office.

House didn't knock when he finally got to the door that read: DR. JAMES WILSON with letting underneath it: HEAD OF ONCOLOGY. He opened the door. Wilson was with a patient, an elderly man, who was a hand on his head and one on his heart. House could only guess what kind of news had just been given to him.

"Oh, you're with a patient!" Most people would have apologized and left the room at that. But House wasn't most people. Instead, he limped over to the couch and plopped down onto it, showing all indication that he would wait until Wilson was finished.

Or not.

"That Logan guy is a complete asshole, Wilson."

"House. I'm with a patient." House was completely ignoring the disgusted front that Wilson was putting up right now. He could tell that Wilson, underneath it all, was at least somewhat interested.

"I know. That Logan guy is a really a complete asshole, Wilson."

"Can this wait, House?" Okay, maybe that disgusted front wasn't really just a front.

The patient piped up. "Uh, Dr Wilson? Maybe I should just go. Is there really anything else that you need to tell me?"

"Well, Mr. Frederick, just some dates for chemo and such. I uh-"

House got up off the couch, making his may toward the patient. His movements caused Wilson to stop mid-sentence. "You're going to be dead with in the year." House was looking up and down the patient through the entire conversation time and had come to his conclusion during that time.



The two of them exclaimed over each other, one looking abhorred and the other extremely worried.

"Your colon cancer has metastasized to your heart. Talk to this guy" House indicated Wilson, "about it."

"But, how could you know?" A deathly paleness had spread over the patients face.

"I know. Believe me." House looked away. Being the jerk he was, he never liked telling people that they were dying. He only ever did so to get his job done or avoid patients from making stupid decisions that would cost them their lives.

"I'll be making another appointment for tomorrow, Dr. Wilson. That will be alright, right?" The man was wary, as if expecting another death sentence at any moment.

"Yeah, sure. Talk to my secretary. I'll see you tomorrow." Wilson's hand was on his forehead, as if trying to get rid a headache, which he mostly likely did have now, thanks to House.

"See you." With that, the patient left, leaving House and Wilson alone in the office. Wilson started filling out some paperwork while House fiddled with some cushions on the couch. Both were waiting for the other one to talk first.

Fortunately for Wilson, House was much more impatient.

"That Logan guy is a complete asshole."

Wilson exploded, "Why did you have to go and do that, House?" House was taken aback by Wilson's harsh tone.

"What are you talking about?" House, of course, already knew what Wilson was referring to, but still was trying to avert blame from himself.

"That patient!" Wilson was being ruthless in his escapades, obviously frustrated. "It's bad enough that his wife died in a car accident last year. And here you go telling him he also has heart cancer as if it's just a weather report!"

"Well, I'm right, aren't I?" house was getting heated now as well. He wasn't one to back down from battle.

"I don't know right now House! He hadn't presented any symptoms—"

"His slow movements and fatigue isn't just from the depression of losing his wife. Shortness of breath and the chest pain indicates heart cancer."

"When did he tell you about any chest pain?"

"Doesn't have to." House explained. "Whatever news you had just given him probably would give him grief, but seeing as you're the world's best doc for delivering bad news the hand placement is more likely a sign of pain. House stopped and thought for a second before continuing. "He has heart cancer. It's ironic, isn't it?"

Wilson couldn't believe that he hadn't picked up on any of the signs. Of course, House was House and could pick up the most relevantly irrelevant details, but oncology was Wilson's thing. He should have picked up on any symptoms that were common in cancer patients. The best thing now was for Wilson to just drop the conversation so that he didn't continue to feel even guiltier.

"That Logan guy is a complete asshole."

"I heard you the first seven times before that, House!" Wilson didn't want to deal with House's whining. He had bigger and better things to worry about than House's anxiety over Cuddy's new date.

"I only told you three times before that, Wilson. Haven't you learned to count?" House saw the glare in Wilson's eyes that could have made a small child cry. "Though it would make sense..."

Without saying a word, Wilson emerged from his chair and stormed out of his office. He didn't care about House. He didn't care about Logan. He didn't even care about that patient that was going to be dead in a year. He just needed to get out of his office and away from everything and everyone. He was done.


Back in Wilson's office, House made his way over to the couch and sat down, letting out a sigh.

"Wow." House said aloud. In all his years in his friendship with Wilson, he had only seen him blow up like that a few times and never to that extent. However, with House, the actions of Wilson didn't bring out sympathy in House, but rather curiosity. Something else besides just House's antics was setting him off, putting him on edge.

A flare of shooting pain in his leg, probably stemming from his run in at the elevator earlier, interrupted House's thoughts. House had recognized the man from somewhere, but couldn't quite remember where. He was good with diseases and treatments, not with remembering names or where people came from, unless it was important.

And wherever House had seen the face of the man at the elevator, he wasn't important at that time.

House couldn't stay on Wilson's couch forever and if Wilson came back, he probably wouldn't want to see House sitting there anyway. House opened up his little orange vicodin bottle and popped two pills before setting his cane firmly on the ground to get up.

House snitched a few peanuts from the bowl on the coffee table as he made his way to the office door. Out in the hallway, the intercom was signaling the end of a shift. House looked at his watch: just after five. His patient was in surgery right now and House could use a status update.

Going into his office, Foreman was at the conference table reading a medical journal. Some files for future potential cases were strewn over the glass.

"How's the patient?" House addressed Foreman, who looked up from his journal.

"Nothing's out of the ordinary. Patient's stable and going strong. Should be done in an hour or so." Foreman looked back to his journal.

House picked up one of the files on the table. "Anything interesting in the case department?" House looked in on the file he was holding. Stomach problems, blurry vision, Frequent heart burn.

"Nope." Foreman was trying really hard to ignore House. Just then, though, something sparked Foreman's memory. "Cameron said something about an elevator and you being on the ground?"

Of course Cameron would open her mouth about that. "My hooker got fed up. Had to teach me a few lessons." House deflected as usual, using offence for defense.

"She said a nurse told her that some guy ran into you full speed." It was Foreman's turn to look up at House. "What's up with that?"

"Dunno," replied House. Foreman continued to go on about what he had heard from Cameron, but House was disinterested. He thought back to Cuddy and the complete asshole that was with her.



"Are you even listening to me?"

"No." As Foreman decided to give up on pressing House, which gave House the opportunity to continue on with his thoughts about Cuddy and Logan.

House really did not like that guy.

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