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The 5-O Team stood outside the door with their guns drawn. With his fingers Steve showed 1 –2 -3, he raised his leg and kicked in the door. The team immediately scattered throughout the house.

"Clear!" Shouted Steve

"Clear!" Shouted Danny

"Clear!" Shouted Chin

"All clear here too!" Shouted Kono

"It looks like they knew we were coming, call HPD and have them process the place. It's obvious they left in a hurry; maybe they left something behind that can help us track them to the source." Instructed Steve.

"I just can't believe a Meth lab was operating in a nice neighborhood like this." Kono questioned

"This is where we've been finding them lately. They think they can hide better in a nice middle class neighborhood. Fortunately for HPD the Neighborhood Crime Watch usually call us with suspicions. That's how we bust most of them." Explained Chin

The team stood outside the house waiting for HPD to show up and secure the residence. They stood outside, leaning against the vehicles discussing what was for lunch.

"How about Chinese?" Asked Chin

"No, I feel like pizza" said Danny, "but no fruit, you hear me Steve, no fruit. Steve? Steve? Are you listening?"

Steve's eyes were staring into the park that was directly across the street. He had gone into a trance.

"It can't be, can it? I'll be right back guys." Steve did not wait for a response he just crossed the street and continued to walk into the park. It was a beautiful day. The sun was reflecting off the dew that covered the green grass. Couples were lying on the ground, enjoying the sun and each other's company. He crossed the playground where dozens of children laughed and played. Mothers slowly walked the paths pushing strollers. He walked directly towards a park bench, a bench where there sat a beautiful brunette, reading a book and occasionally looking up towards the playground. Her long black hair blew in the wind occasionally cascading across her face. She was a vision. He always saw her as a natural beauty. She was just as pretty with no makeup, as she was fully made up. She looked just as good in combat fatigues, as she did in a formal dress. He paused and debated if it was a good idea to approach. "Maybe I should just forget about it?" He thought. "It's been almost 6 years. Six years since everything fell apart. I am finally getting back to normal, why do I want to dig up old skeletons?" Just as he had made the decision to walk away, she looked up and their eyes met. "It's too late now I have to go talk to her." He thought.

He took a deep breath and approached closer.

"Cat. How are you? You look great, you haven't changed at all" he said sheepishly

"Thanks… I am fine." She answered. She had noticed that he had changed. His hair was salt and pepper in color and the curl was gone. His faced looked tired and worn. She had known that the past few years had been rough on him, but the visual effects were still surprising to her. "What are you doing here?"

"We just raided the house across the street. It was a meth lab" he answered matter of fact.

"Yes, we kind of suspected as much." She responded, not surprised at all.

"Do you live around here?" he asked

Avoiding the question she asked again "what do you want Steven?"

"Nothing I noticed you sitting here and I just wanted to say hi and see how you were doing"

"Well, I am doing just fine, so I think you should go back to your friends now." She responded coldly, nodding in the direction of the team.

"I can take a hint; it was really good to see you." He could clearly see that she was still holding a grudge against him. He slowly and regretfully began to walk away.

"Mommy, mommy, did you see?" a little boy with dark curly hair and grey blue eyes came running toward her "I made it across the monkey bars all by myself!"

"That's great Johnny, I am so proud of you" she hugged the little boy and starred at Steve with a look of panic.

He stared back in shock, his eyes squinting. At that moment, his phone rang. "Ok, I'm coming now" He looked at Cat and the boy, one last time and ran to where Danny and the rest of the team waited.

"Babe, I hate to break up your little reunion, but we got to go, we have a hot lead on the guys that rented this place. Steve, are you listening? What is up with you?" Danny prodded.

"Nothing, let's go" he ordered.