Sexy Dice

NOTE: I came up with this idea when I went shopping with my older sister, she bought these dice and it struck me to make a Destiel one of it.

Summary: Dean goes out to buy some pizza and passes a certain store that gives him several mischievous ideas to prank Sam. He then stumbles upon a pair of dice that will change his life forever.

Pairing: Dean/Castiel

rating: M

The door of the dark room swung open quite harshly and in walked Sam Winchester, tired, wounded and hungry. Behind him his older brother Dean marched in, tossed his duffel bag onto his bed. They've just got back from hunting a striga, saving half the town of Altus Arkansas' children.

As Sam went to the bathroom to clean and mend his wounds, Dean decided to watch some television since he suffered from minor cuts and bruises. Flipping through channels to find his favorite show doctor sexy. When found he smiled and rested his head against the headboard. From behind the closed door he can hear his little brother whine.

" You still watch that drama show Dean? I thought you said you gave it up."

" I guess I lied Sammy." Dean smirked. He could just imagine Sam's bitch face he always gave Dean, it never ceases to amuse him.


Once Sam had cleaned and patched his tormented body he sat by his laptop typing away to find any new cases. While his ACDC loving brother paced in the kitchen out of boredom. In fact it kind of annoyed the younger Winchester.

" Dude, stop doing that it's irritating."

Dean shot an glance at him. " There's nothing to do, I can't help it." he then rolled his eyes to his growling stomach.

" Well since you're not busy you can stop at the pizza shop and get us food." Sam added. Dean pouted lazily but he was really hungry, and needed a beer.

Since it's not far he agreed to go, besides it was in fact his turn, last time Sam bought chinese food. " Fine." Dean grabbed his hand-me-down leather jacket and left the motel room. The evening seemed nice to take a walk anyway.


As Dean strolled quietly, checking out some pretty girls he passed by, he was just a block away from the pizza shop. He suddenly halted once he caught a glimpse of something in the window about two shops next to his destination. He glanced at the logo that read Spencer's Gifts. Suddenly an idea struck Dean's mischievous brain and he entered the store.

Inside seemed like another world to him, it was quite dark with party lights lit in different areas of the shop. So many different products from joke toys and beer games to erotic stuff. He came upon one joke toy, a bubble gum shocker and Dean let his mind wonder of the pranks he was gonna do to poor Sammy. Dean grabbed the toy and another that was called funky toothpaste then moved on to the next aisle.

Dean was amazed to the many joke toys they had, his arm held plenty of things from the toothpaste and shocking gum and now has a whoopee cushion, inked binoculars, hair dye and super glue. As he went towards the counter to pay for the stuff he stumbled upon a pair of dice that caught his eye. Dean picked it up an took a long look at them. " Sexy dice, a way to make your love life more fun." Dean shrugged and added it to his batch, might come in handy the next time he brings a girl to the motel. Once at the counter he dropped the items and smirked at the cashier. She was very pretty too. She beeped Dean's chosen items and put them in a bag.

" That'll be thirty-four fifty." she smiled. Boy, for fun jokes that will soon be thrown on Sam, it was expensive. But Dean didn't mind the price, he had plenty of money from pool games he and Sam won on the road. Dean paid but didn't bother flirting with the cashier, too hungry to even try. He grabbed his toys and left with little hurry.


" What took so long, Dude?" was the first thing that came out Sam's mouth as Dean walked in with the pizza and a six pack of beer.

" Line was long." Dean places the delicious pepperoni and olive pizza pie on the table then helps himself with two slices and sits on his bed to let his mind do the planning for his little brother's prank episode for tomorrow. Dean pretended to be reading a magazine so that Sam didn't get suspicious.

Hmm.. What should I do first? I know, I'll get him with the hair dye and toothpaste first, then put super glue on his phone. Then whoopee cushion time, the binoculars I'll get him when we do a hunt. And once he's pissed off I'll give him the old forgive and forget speech and shock him with the gum... I'm a genius.

" What is sexy dice?" Dean almost choked on the pizza to the unexpected low monotone voice. When he caught his breath he glanced at the one person- well angel that voice belonged to, Castiel. The angel seemed busy examining the dices, the look Dean saw on Sam's face was priceless, but Dean had to think.

" What do you want Cas?" Dean asked to change the subject, quickly snatching the dice away and putting it in the drawer with the rest of his items. When he faced the angel, once again Castiel was in Dean's personal space; Castiel must've forgotten it over time. Dean didn't bother telling him to move away, he's too tired and wanted to sleep.

" I can wait if you require rest Dean." it amazes the hunter how this celestial being can read him better than his own brother sometimes.

" Just say it Cas." Dean stretched himself onto the bed, waiting for Cas to say what he needed.

" It's private." Castiel looked over his shoulder to Sam who was eavesdropping. The younger Winchester cleared his throat and rose, grabbing his coat and two slices of pizza.

" I think I'll go for a walk... a long one." He said closing the door behind him. Dean rose a brow in confusion, what's going on? usually if Cas had to say something it was mostly about how they were going to stop the apocalypse. It's pretty rare for the angel to ask to speak with him alone. Something seemed out of the ordinary with Cas since he started losing his mojo. " Before you say anything, give me a minute." Dean reopened the drawer and pulled out the hair dye from his bag, and chuckled his way to the bathroom. The angel stood there, head sloped in bemusement, silently waiting for his charge to finish whatever it is he's up to.

Castiel's baby blues drifted to the bag, curiosity made him take out the dice once again to examine. Wondering what humans do exactly with these cubes. He decided to open it, hoping Dean wouldn't mind, reading everything on each side of the four cubes. The hunter didn't notice as he came out to get the toothpaste and went to Sam's duffel bag, doing the old switch-a-roo. " Are these dice used for contests?" Castiel finally spoke. Dean glanced and walked over to take the dices back, but the angel prevented him from getting a hold of them. Dean knew Cas wanted an answer.

" Dices are used for many things Cas... board games, casinos and even um... erotic." Dean then let out a hand, gesturing him to give up the cubes.

" How do you play?" he asked, Dean sighed.

" You just roll them, see what it says and do it, I guess." and that's exactly what Castiel did, dropping them next to the lamp and observed one dice at a time. First die read: for 1 minute, second die: kiss lips, third die: softly, fourth die: with your eyes closed. " See, it's all you do, you just take turns and all that stuff." Dean placed them in the bag again.

When Dean faced Cas, the angel suddenly planted his lips onto Dean's. Out of shock the hunter froze, eyes as wide as they can go. Castiel pulled away immediately in disbelief of what he'd just done. " My apologies Dean, I don't know why I did that...", Dean remained silent, still in awe of the brief and awkward kiss. " I... I better go.", but before the angel could do anything Dean grabbed him by the arm and pulled him into a passionate kiss, Castiel's vessel's body reacted quickly causing him to mewl. Dean began to caress Cas's cheek, grazing his gentle fingertips across his jaw line, Castiel shivering to the new feeling. " Dean, I... We shouldn't... lust.. it is a sin." he spoke between Dean's kisses, trying to catch his breath as Dean shifted to his neck. Castiel's legs felt weak, falling deeper into his charge's embrace.

The response Castiel's vessel was giving off felt out-worldly to him, his breathing got heavier, his body heat flared, pupils shot wide. Not to mention what was happening in his pants. " Is this what human arousal is? " he thought. Cas can see and feel the same happening to Dean. He moaned loudly once Dean cupped his now very hard erection, the feeling so good. Castiel could not cease to control his body, it's like it just suddenly went on autopilot, bucking his hips into the hunters hand.

Dean cannot resist the taste of Castiel's smooth skin, taking in his scent, oh the smell of spring air. He grabbed Cas's hand and guided it to his arousal, then Dean pushed off the angel's trench coat and his blazer. The loss of heat sent chills up Castiel's back, pulling the hunter closer to regain that warmth. They locked lips once more, Castiel felt Dean's tongue slide across his lower lip asking for entrance. Slowly parting them, accepting him. This new feeling of Dean's tongue, so experienced at it, the way he brushed the top of his mouth made the angel quiver. " Cas..." Dean whispered into his ear, " Sit down..", and the angel did so.

Dean retrieved the dice and rolled them by the lamp, he read. First die: ( your age in seconds ), second die: lick stomach, third die: vigorously, fourth die: while on your knees. Dean smirked, following the instructions and got on his knees before Castiel. Removing Cas's tie and tossing it to the floor, then unbuttoned his shirt. Castiel moaned as the cool air touched his bare skin, that said moan grew louder once Dean attacked his stomach with his tongue. Castiel rested his hands on the mattress to keep himself steady, this new sensation is all too new for him. Dean watched Castiel while he licked around his bellybutton, Dean's never seen the angel in pleasure before and so far he was loving it, witnessing the sensitivity this powerful being had made Dean smile.

Dean had never thought he'd be doing this with a man, an angel of the lord to add in that. The one who dragged him out of hell, whose saved him from Alastair, who died for him and betrayed his brethren for him, Dean Winchester. Dean thought maybe just maybe Castiel had always loved him in some way he could not see. " Dean...", he snapped back to reality, continuing to pleasure the angel, no, his angel. Castiel had always been Dean's, from the moment they met. No one was gonna disturb this hour with his angel, not lucifer, not the apocalypse, nothing.

The hunter had lost track of the seconds he's spent licking Cas's abdomen, seeing Cas at the verge of exploding any minute if Dean continued. He stopped, Castiel protesting with a sigh. " Your turn to roll Cas." Dean smirked. The angel blushed, taking the dice and rolled. First die: for 45 seconds, second die: suck on nipple, third die: vigorously, fourth die: while straddling waist. Dean climbed on the mattress and laid down, Castiel nervously crawled on top of him. " It's alright Cas, take your time." Dean thrusts up against Castiel's erection, erupting a mewl from those lips and like an animal the angel assaulted Dean's shirt, practically tearing it off. " Whoa easy tiger." he chuckled. Castiel lowered, capturing one nipple into his mouth causing Dean to buck his hips and groan. Lightly nipping the very sensitive spot, straddling Dean's waist. The hunter nudged off Castiel's shirt, his body was just as he imagined it would look; a little tanned, slim build of muscle, perfect like a statue.

His angel carried on rocking against his groin even as Dean went for the dice for his turn, grabbing and tossing them. First: for 2 minutes, second: suck on private, third: teasingly, fourth: while your partner watches. This just gets better and better for them, Dean rolled them over so he was on top, removing his lover's slacks and boxers, revealing Castiel's eager awaiting cock. Dean noticed the uneasiness in his eyes. So he caressed his neck, lovingly kissing him then whispered, " you don't have to watch if you don't want to.", Castiel tilted his head, too irresistible to Dean.

" That would be cheating Dean.", Castiel caught on quick on how games are played, kind of like following orders or something. " I'll be fine, continue.", Dean chuckled at that. He then lowered and took Cas fully in his mouth. " Ah!" the angel gasped, observing his hunter bob his head up and down taking in his cock over and over again. The moment Dean lightly nipped the tip Cas arched his back. Oh the pleasures humans can experience and Castiel was getting this pleasure first hand. Dean licked the shaft before taking it back into his opening. " Uh, Dean!... Somethings wrong... by body... its.. Ah!" he could not finish what he was gonna say, the pleasure too much. For a brief moment everything went white, his muscles spasm, mind blown away from this amazing sensation. When Cas opened his eyes, all he saw was Dean licking his lips, white stuff streaming down his chin. The angel slopped his head, " What is that?" he adorably asked, Dean chuckled, wiping some off with his finger and brought to Cas.

" Wanna taste?" the angel gazed at the white liquid, then took licked it off his finger, pausing to recognize the flavor.

" It's salty... and warm.. What was it?" Dean only smiled.

" You.." he point to Cas's cock, the angel stared, speechlessness written on his face.

"... Oh..."

Dean grabbed his lovers chin, moved closer and spoke softly into his ear. " You wanna feel what real pleasure is Cas?" the angel immediately got hard again as those words were spoken. Dean took that as a yes and pushed Castiel onto his back, " spread your legs." and he did. Dean then licked his finger, moved it by Cas's entrance and paused. " This might feel a bit strange at first.", Cas nodded and braced himself. Dean slid his finger inside his lover, a gasp escaping his lips, pain was all Castiel felt. Dean tried to comfort him by stroking his cheek, speaking soothing words. " Relax your body.", easier said than done, Cas tugged at the sheets, groaning while Dean pushed in another finger, stretching the tight ring of muscle.

After a few minutes of enduring the pain Castiel now moaned to the feeling, his chest heaving for air, his now messy hair stuck to his forehead from the sweat. Dean now inserted a third digit, Castiel arched upward, rocking into the fingers. Castiel's delightful sounds drove Dean insane, he was so hard it hurt, in desperate need to release. He pulled out though Castiel missed the pleasurable touches. " Why'd you stop Dean?", Dean undid his jeans, pulling them down to his ankles along with his boxers, positioning himself at his entrance. Dean slowly thrust in. " AH!" it is very different than fingers, but the warmth made Castiel buck into Dean's cock.

Dean pulled out a little then pushed in hard, his angel cried in ecstasy. Soon their rhythm was found, thrusting in time together. Castiel wrapped his legs securely around Dean's waist. Dean pace began to quicken, at the same time he stroked his angel's cock. Cas dug his fingers into the pillow, pleasure becoming almost unbearable, a strong feeling slowly grew below his abdomen, not knowing if he'd take anymore of it. Dean dove harder into his lover, he was close to release, he can see that the angel was too. With one last thrust they came at the same time, Dean rolled to his side and held Castiel close.

" ... Wow..." Castiel puffed out, catching his breath.

" Yeah... that was amazing.." Dean added in for his angel, closing his eyes.

" Dean?" Castiel cuddled closer to his charge.

" Hm?" he replied tiredly.

" Should I unlock the door for Sam?", Dean gazed into his blues eyes.

" Did you lock when he left?" he asked.

" No... when I first rolled the dices... should I unlock it?"

Dean thought for a bit, " I guess he can sleep in the car for the night." he smirked and resumed to sleep. Castiel shrugged and joined.

... LATER...

" Hello?..." Sam tried opening the door. " Very funny Dean...let me in." no response, Sam banged on the door. " Come on guys stop playing jokes!" he banged harder. " Cas I know you can hear me, Dean got you into this didn't he?"

And poor Sammy spent the night in the Impala.


next chapter I'm working on