CHAPTER 28: A Very Merry Christmas Ending

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So much has happened in the past few months for Dean and Castiel. One, they had finally tied the knot. The wedding was private, Bobby and Zuriel had attended on their behalf. Then they settled down in Allentown Pennsylvania, and lived in a pretty nice home built in 1880. They both had jobs as well. Dean hung up his career of hunting, as promised, and became a construction worker. And Castiel? well, during his time becoming human and learning to cook, he landed himself a job at a four star restaurant in town. Yes, their lives were going pretty good. And everyday, when they were off work, the lovers spend the rest of the evening parked in the middle of nowhere. They would sit on the hood of the Impala and cuddle as they watch the sun set.

Their beginning steps of a normal life was good, and happy. But only one thing was missing to complete this picture perfect family... and it was Sam. They both missed him, missed all the fun times they had joking around. Without Sam it never really felt right. Dean missed him the most though. Heck, Dean's watched out for his brother since Sam was still in diapers. Dean ached to have his brother back, wishing it had ended differently, with Sam still around to enjoy life alongside Dean and Cas. Then there was that one thing Gabriel said, that he'd get Sam out of the cage. Dean was thrilled at first, but they hadn't heard a word from the archangel since. Not even Zuriel has heard from Gabriel.

The first month after locking Lucifer away, Dean had tried everything to find a way to get Sam out. Yes, Dean has went against what he had promised, but this was Sam, and Dean wasn't about let let his brother rot in the pit. Dean couldn't imagine what Lucifer and Michael were doing to poor Sam. The possibility of the angels taking their frustrations out on Sam was high, and it hurt Dean to even think of it. By the second month Dean spent most of his spare time up to his neck in books, looking for anything that could help. His hopes were crushed, of course. It took around the fourth month for Dean to drop his efforts. All the time spent searching, Dean had finally realized he was only putting himself in a lot more pain than trying to save Sam. From there on Dean focused on living happily with his husband.

... Night of Christmas Eve ...

" Enjoy your Christmas, Dean!" one of the co-workers hollered cheerfully.

" You too, Jeff." Dean replied as he clocks out, then packed his tools and gets in his truck. Dean waved goodbye to the other workers as he leaves the lot. It's about a fifteen minute drive home, so Dean turned on the radio to enjoy some holiday tunes during the ride. He ganders out his window, passing homes of families out playing in the snow, and building snowmen together. Friendly faces waved to him as he drove by. Six months living in town, Dean and Cas practically knew everyone.

Dean gets home, just in time for dinner too. He parks the truck in the garage right next to the Impala, cuts the engine and goes inside. An amazing aroma fills his nose, ' Something smells good. ' he thought. Dean follows the smell into the kitchen, he gets a glimpse of Castiel preparing the table. Dean smiled, watching his lover hum in a pleasant tune as he cooked. Cas spots Dean beaming at him.

"Hey, Dean... sit, dinner will be ready in a minute."

Dean hangs up his coat before going over to his lover. He gives Castiel a quick peck on the cheek and asks, " What's for tonight?" he wraps his arms around Cas's waist.

" Chicken with baked potatoes and string beans." Cas answered with a smile, " How was work?"

Dean grabs himself a beer from the fridge then sits at the table, " Eh, the usual..." he shrugged. Castiel soon comes by, setting Dean's plate of grub before him. He then sits opposite of Dean, " How was it at the restaurant?"

" It was packed." Cas chuckled, " I've never cooked so much like that since Thanksgiving."

" That's christmas eve for you... but, I bet you got a lot of satisfied customers."

" I guess." Cas shrugged.

After dinner Dean and Cas were on the couch, watching Jack Frost. They are both wrapped up in a warm blanket. Castiel snuggles closer to Dean, Dean puts his arm around him and smiles. He couldn't help but stare at his lover's face. Cas noticed Dean's eyes on him and looks up at Dean. Dean is about to speak but is stopped by Cas's finger.

" I know, Dean..." Castiel whispers. He moves closer to Dean, still staring at him. Dean closes his eyes as their lips make contact and Dean's heart fluttered, like it does with every kiss they shared. Castiel feels the same, slowly playing with his tongue. When they stop, they stare at one another once more, " I love you too."

Dean smiled warmly, " I just can't help but remind you everyday..." He replies, kissing his hair and tugs Cas closer. Suddenly the power goes out. " Ahh, crap..." Dean murmured, peeking over his shoulder to look out the window behind them. Outside he can see snow falling, thick and heavy, and winds strong enough to force everyone to go indoors. Dean also noticed the other houses had no lights either, Dean sighed and gets up, "... I'll be back." Dean goes into the other room. He returns about five minutes later with a few candles, he sets them down on the coffee table and lights them. Dean then goes to the closet and grabs a quilt, would be two hours or so 'til it starts getting cold. He returns again, sits beside Cas and wraps them both in the quilt.

Castiel leans against Dean, laying his head on his shoulder and wraps an arm across his chest. " Much better." Cas whispered. Dean chuckles, the lovers shut their eyes and drift to sleep.

Two hours later Dean wakes with a yawn. He finds himself stretched out on the couch with Castiel sprawled on top of him. Dean smiled, admiring him from up close, so peaceful as always as he slept. Dean ran his fingers through Cas's hair and receives a light sleepy groan from him. Dean puts his lips to his ear, " Cas..." he whispers.

" Hm?..." Castiel's eyes slowly open.

" We should go to bed, it's late."

Castiel only holds Dean tighter, " I'm too comfortable."

Dean chuckled to that, " Alright then." with that said they returned to sleep.


Dean woke up first as daylight beamed throughout the living room, he sat up with a yawn. He gazed out the window, snow was still falling, but not as heavy as last night. He then looked down to his still sleeping lover, then smiled. Dean strung his fingers through Castiel's hair, he then slowly placed his head on the sofa. Dean stood up, stretched his legs and began making his way to the kitchen. Dean starts off with a cup of coffee, staring out the window. ' Last night's storm wasn't bad. ' Dean thought. A bit of shoveling to clear the driveway will be no problem. He downed the rest of the warm beverage before heading for the door. Dean swings on his coat and gloves, grabs the shovel then steps outside.

Roughly after an hour Dean finished clearing the driveway, he wipes his feet on the rug as he goes in the house and hangs up his coat. He can hear Jingle Bell Rock reverberating from the living area, he enters the room. The couch that occupied his husband was empty, Dean searched the area for Cas. Dean suddenly jolts as an arm wraps around his waist, warm breath touched his still cold cheek and he shivered.

" Jumpy, huh?" Castiel chuckled, resting his head against Dean's shoulder, " Merry Christmas, Dean." Cas kisses Dean's neck.

Dean turned, Cas's arm remained around Dean. Dean grazes his fingers down Castiel's face and smiled, " Merry christmas." Dean then gives him a peck on the lips. Dean then noticed Cas's other arm is hidden behind him, " What do you got hiding back there?" he teased by lightly poking Castiel's side, erupting a series of laughs from him.

" No! stop... stop stop, no tickling!" Cas chortled, hopping to the side, trying to avoid Dean's hand. Castiel runs off, but Dean pursued him into the kitchen, " No!" Cas bolts up the stairs, Dean right behind him, both laughing their way to their bedroom. Castiel is now trapped in the room. Dean runs up behind Castiel and grabs him, and he began his assault of tickles. Castiel cackled, kicking his feet as Dean lifts him up. " Dean... I can't breathe! stop." they both fall onto the mattress. Dean finally ceases his tickles, they laid there laughing for a bit longer.

Castiel rolls over to face Dean, " So... what were you hiding?" Dean asked.

Castiel pulls out a small black box. " A little something I picked up after work." Cas replied, handing over the gift. Dean opened it, out the box he lifts up an antique gold pocket watch, he clicks the button on top and it flips open, inside held a picture of them from their wedding day; hugging each other, with Dean in his black tux and Cas in white, they both had a big smile. Dean remembered it, it was the happiest day he had ever had in a long, long time.

" I love it." Dean pulls Cas into a hug, " Oh!" Dean then realized something important, and climbs off the bed, " don't move." he goes into the closet. Dean searches the pocket of his hand-me-down leather jacket. " Close your eyes..." he said when he found what he was looking for. Castiel shuts his lids. " Are they closed?"

" Yes..." Cas answered.

Dean lays next to his lover, then attaches his gift around Cas's neck. " Okay, open them." Castiel does, he glances down to a sterling silver necklace, with a cherub pendant dangling at the end. " I wanted to give it to you at North Carolina, but after the incident I figured today would be best..."

" It's beautiful... thank you." Castiel cuddles up close to Dean. Dean holds him. They stood there for a while, enjoying the moment of silence together just holding one another. They hear the door bell ring. Dean looks over to the clock.

" Bobby's early.." he says. The couple head down stairs to greet the elder hunter to their home.

Dean opens the door. " Hey boys." is the first thing Bobby says.

" Hey, Bobby... we weren't expecting you until around 1 o'clock." Dean replies.

Bobby chuckled, " My damn car broke down on the freeway... I got picked up by an old friend." the elder hunter steps aside to let the other guest come out. Dean and Castiel's eyes widen as their new guest comes into view.

" Hey... did you miss me?" Gabriel smirked.

" But... we thought... weren't you-... when did you get back?" Dean stammered.

" Yesterday morning-"

Dean cuts him off, " Whoa, back up... you come back, you don't bother coming by and-... wait, did you get Sam out?..." Dean's voice changed from furious to concern. A smile spread across the archangel's lips, his eyes glanced to his left before taking a step back. Dean's attention remained on the empty spot Gabriel had stood, then Sam came into view. Dean stared in disbelief, a tight knot formed in his throat, he couldn't believe his eyes. Was this a dream? Was this real? Dean pinched his thigh to make sure of that. His eyes began to water, it wasn't a dream, Sam was really here. "... Sammy..."

"..." Sam had no words to say, he simply tugs Dean into a tight hug. " It's good to be back..." Sam pulls away, then looks over to Castiel, he chuckled lightly as he embraces his brother-in-law, " How you doing, Cas?" he releases him, Sam looks them both over, " You both look great... so... how's the normal life?"

Dean smiled, wrapping an arm around Cas's waist and pulls him closer, "Perfect..." Dean answered. He then gestures them inside, " Come on in, we were just about to start lunch." Sam, Bobby and Gabriel enter.

Gabriel gave an impressed whistle as he checked out the nice furniture, " Cool place you got here." he says.

" Well, we couldn't have done it without some help from Bobby." Cas implied.

" It was the least I could do." Bobby shrugs.

Everyone sat together in the kitchen, enjoying the holiday as a family. For the first time in months the house was filled with more laughter than ever. A family whole once again. The endless road of battling evil has come to an end for the Winchesters, they found their true loves, they won the war and stopped the Apocalypse. And now Sam and Dean can live as they always dreamed... The apple pie life.


The End

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