AN: AU- female Harry (my first one). Everything is canon up to the epilogue. For now this is an oneshot to try and get me back into writing creatively. I am working on my other stories, really, but have hit some roadblocks. Thank you for your continued support. This is a fandom I haven't tried before, but I love Leverage (if you haven't seen it, watch it) and there needs to be more crossovers for it and Harry Potter.

Jasmine Potter carefully inserted her key into the lock of her flat. She slowly turned it, trying to be as quiet as possible opening the door. She had received a text earlier in the day informing her that Eliot was back in town and in rough shape, so she had no desire to wake him up. Of course, with her luck, the lock jammed yet again, and she was forced to jam her shoulder against the door and jimmy the lock to get it open. This alerted her two dogs, Padfoot and Mooney, to her arrival. Once they started barking, Jasmine gave up and pounded on the door, hoping that one of her two flat mates would un-jam the door.

"You know, you should get this door fixed?" Eliot stood there in all his half-clothed glory. Bruises stood out in stark contrast on his skin. A hastily done stitching job marred his left shoulder and his right arm was heavily bandaged above the elbow.

She shoved her way past him, only to be tackled and mauled by the two dogs. "You look like shite Eliot."

He smiled, "You sure know how to welcome a man back home."

"Oh, should I have been waiting here with dinner on the table and a pair of house slippers, ready to do your bidding," by this time she had stood and drawn Eliot into her arms.

"Darlin' I may have had a heart attack if I came home to that," he took a deep sniff of her hair, smelling her strawberry shampoo.

"C'mon, I'll make you some dinner," she turned and headed into the kitchen, "I'm no world-class chef, but is spaghetti okay?"

"Sounds fine" Eliot answered as he propped himself at the bar, on the kitchen stool. "Your roommate going to be joining us for dinner?"

"Don't know," she shrugged, "he left a few days after you and I haven't heard from him since. He had a business meeting back in Britain. You could call him by his name you know."

Eliot remained silent. Jasmine huffed in response and began to shift through the pots under the sink in order to find one large enough to make spaghetti for three.

"Where's Teddy?" "At a friend's until six. He should be back before dinner is ready. If you want you could go get him."

"I guess I could. But," he continued with a smirk, "I'd have to put a shirt on."

Jasmine rolled her eyes at the box of pasta in her hands, "Oh, the horror. Don't deprive me of the sight of your half-naked body."

Eliot stood and made his way to the bedroom to grab a shirt, "Where's his friend's?" "Three floors down, apartment 215. Thank you."

Eliot hummed to let her know he heard and then headed out of the apartment to the stairs. He knocked gently on the door and was met by a relatively young woman, maybe 25, "I'm here to pick-up Teddy." She looked like she was about to protest, much to the satisfaction of Eliot who did not want Teddy to just be given over to a stranger, but before she could Eliot felt the impact of a four year old hitting his legs shouting his name.

"Eliot, you back. Is mum home? Is Draco?" Eliot smiled at the boy, gingerly lifting him in his left arm, "Yes, I am. Yes she is. Not that I know of," Eliot answered in order, "Now, are you ready to go home and get dinner? Your Mum is making spaghetti."

"Yay, sgetti!" Eliot turned to the woman in the door, accepting Teddy's backpack from her, "Thanks for watching him. I'm sure Jazz will call you soon." Eliot turned, Teddy still in his arms, and headed back up the stairs.

Jasmine had dinner on the table when the two boys came in. She was greeted by an excited squeal of "Mummy!" She took Teddy from Eliot and swung him around before handing him back, "Did you have a good day sweetie?"

Teddy nodded his head emphatically nine or ten times, "I drewed you a picture Mummy." He tried to wiggle out of Eliot's arm causing a pained wince to cross Eliot's face. Jasmine was quick to admonish him, "Teddy hold still. Ask Eliot nicely to put you down."

Teddy stopped moving and turned to Eliot, "May I get down please?"

Eliot smiled, "Sure little man."

Once Teddy's feet hit the ground he was yanking open his backpack and pulling out a stack of papers. He handed the slightly crumpled stack to Jasmine who flipped through the papers and went to hang them on the refrigerator.

Later, after dinner was eaten and Teddy sent to bed, Eliot and Jasmine were cuddling on the bed. "Do you need me to look at any of your injuries?"

Eliot grunted, "They'll heal."

"I know, but I want to help if I can."

"Don't worry about it Darlin'," Eliot pulled her closer to his side.

"Now that this last job is over will you stop?"

Eliot sat up and turned away from her, swinging his bare legs sideways over the bed. Jasmine sat up quickly, wrapping her arms around him, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked. I know this is your life and you enjoy it."

"Are you sure you even want me around that much?"

Jasmine tightened her arms slightly, "Of course I do. I love you. Teddy loves you. Even Draco likes you."

Eliot turned to her, "You shouldn't love me. I've done some awful things working for Moreau."

Jasmine sighed, "Eliot I know all of this. We talked about it. I do not care. I love you, all of you, even the not so pleasant, violent parts."

Eliot leaned forward, resting his head on his hands dejectedly, "I've already accepted a job. Let me do it and then we'll talk."

Jasmine could do nothing but nod at that point if she wanted Eliot to stay for the rest of his time off. The two settled down to sleep shortly after. Jasmine nodded off fairly quickly, but Eliot stayed awake long into the night, thinking about the choices he faced in the coming weeks. He loved Jasmine and Teddy and could tolerate Draco, yet he wasn't sure he was ready to settle down. He didn't have any skills he considered useful to raising a family and he refused to live off the Potter and Malfoy inheritances, even though he knew neither would mind.

One more job he tells himself, one more job and then I'll figure something out.

One more job? How it all went to hell in a hand basket.

Eliot could not believe the situation he was in. Blown up by some stupid, fat, cowardly little man who had refused to pay him his due, and handcuffed to a hospital chair. He absolutely hated being chained up. Of course, hospitals weren't on his list of favorite places to visit either. Though he was nothing like Nathan Ford, who seemed to have a strong dislike of all hospital things in general.

OK, Eliot thought as he listened to Nate's plan, I may actually get out of this mess as a freeman. Jazz would kill me if I got arrested.

Once out of the hospital, holding a ticket to who-knows-where, Eliot was ready to listen to any plan of revenge that ended with him back home by Teddy's fifth birthday. He understood Nate's reasons for being so pissed off as well. If anyone used Teddy like Dubenich had used Nate's boy, nothing in the world would stop Eliot from ruining him or her.

Sophie's a piece of work. She and Nate were going to drive him crazy with the tension. Parker, a heap of crazy wrapped in a pretty blond package, actually understood his methods, thought not how far he was prepared to take it.

At the end, standing with enough money to retire, Eliot realized he couldn't. He could not just walk away from this life. But, maybe, the shift from one side to the other would help him make the transition.

Jazz did not speak to him for a week after he told her he decided to continue in his line of work. Then he had to grovel to be allowed to come to Teddy's birthday party. Eventually, though, she was calm enough to actually discuss his decision with him.

They sat at the kitchen table, Teddy away at preschool for the morning. Jasmine had put tea on the table, but neither felt like drinking, so the cups sat with steam rising off of them, growing colder by the minute.

Jasmine broke the silence, "I'm sorry I overreacted to your news. I shouldn't have threatened to keep Teddy from you. "

Eliot sighed and ran his hands through his hair, "I'm sorry about staying in the game. If it really upsets you this much I can try to quit."

"It's not that Eliot. I don't care if you continue to work, I get that the transition would be difficult for you. I'm mad that you didn't discuss it with me before you committed to anything. If we're going to be a family, then we have to at least discuss important decisions with each other."

Nodding his head Eliot continued the conversation, "Well, let me tell you about this new job. I'm working with a team. The leader, he is a good guy, a white knight. He's all about doing the right thing and helping people."

She hmmed in response, "Well at least he will try and keep you alive, yes?"

Eliot laughed, "He should. You know that I will always do my best to come back to you right?"

Jasmine stood and walked around the table, settling herself in his lap, "I know. I know that this is hard for you, that you're still not used to having people who care and want you to come back unscathed."

Eliot shrugged, "That may be true, but I'm finding that I quite like the feeling. Even if it means having to stop chasing beautiful women in bars."

Her chuckle, deeper than most women's, filled the loft, "Eliot if you wanted to take me out and pretend we didn't know each so you could pick me up, all you had to do was say something."

The first time Eliot had to involve Jasmine in his job was after Serbia. His team had found a dozen orphans that needed a place to stay. She pulled some strings and managed to get them across the border to the WHO and then to some small, but wealthy orphanages and foster homes.

His favorite times were becoming when the job was over and he had enough time to go home and visit Jasmine and Teddy. Once the group relocated to Boston Eliot managed to convince Jasmine to move closer. Once they were nearby Eliot found it more and more difficult to stay away and not draw any attention to the relationship.

The second time that Eliot involved Jasmine was during the manticore incident. After he left Duberman's office, tired, sore and beaten pretty badly he staggered home. Jasmine nearly screamed at the sight of him and hurried him into the kitchen. She sent Teddy off with Draco for the evening in order to deal with Eliot. His mobility was so limited by his injuries that she had to cut his shirt off.

"Where's the team Eliot?"

He shrugged in response, "At a school dance."

She blinked at his words, looking slightly perplexed by them. However, she didn't press the issue, knowing that it was not her place to concern herself with Eliot's work. She quietly stitched him up, wrapped his wounds, and iced his bruises. He collapsed in bed shortly after and slept like the dead for two days.

It wasn't until Damien Moreau came around that things changed. Moreau always knew too much about his opponents, if he knew their faces. He knew Eliot, he knew about Jasmine and Teddy, and he displayed no qualms about using them in his favor.

With Hardison under water, Moreau began threatening.

"How's the little woman Eliot? Are you still seeing her? How about her son?"

"You know I am Moreau or you wouldn't have brought her up."

Moreau smirked, "That makes this easy then, you do what I want, without screwing me over, and they stay safe and your client gets a buy-in."

It was why he agreed to the murder that Moreau wanted, why he told Nate about his past, and why he let Hardison manhandle him. If it had just been the job, Eliot would have walked away, kidnapping his crew if he needed to.

As the con went on Eliot became more and more nervous. When it turned out that Moreau had found out about the con, Eliot's immediate fear was that he had had time to get to Jasmine and Teddy. That fear, and the determination to stop anything like that from happening, was what got Eliot through picking up the gun and killing all those men.

On his way to the airport to stop Moreau Eliot called Jasmine. The phone just kept ringing.