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Synopsis: Red. That's all she was. A red blur in her life. Her mother's life. Did she not care for her; did she not care for her own flesh and blood? She had to find her, she had to know why. Why were you never there?

Chapter 1: Red

The wind sent a shiver through her cloak, causing the impossibly red garment to dance around her shoulders. As waves cascaded through the fabric, the hood stayed impossibly still, covering her eyes with the darkest of shadows. Fiery red curls hung loosely from the shadow, framing a perfectly shaped chin and a set of impossibly luscious, cherry – red lips, a stark contrast to the ghost – like pale white skin. As the impossibly red cloak danced outwards, a Victorian style, dusty red dress was revealed. She outstretched her arms to wrap the cloak around her torso, showing impossibly long, blood – red nails in the process. A steady beat was heard as her small feet, neatly wrapped in red worn stilettos steadily hit the road.

The girl raised her hypnotic red eyes to the road in front of her. She saw the coloured boy in front nervously look over his shoulder, looking straight at her, not trying in any way to hide his doubts about this 'red weirdo'. He didn't really like her, she knew that, but she really didn't care. She hadn't said anything to them except: her name; the fact that she didn't belong here; and that she'd forgotten something really important.

The girl glanced back at the group in front of her, trying to remember their names. Of course she knew Sarah-Jane; she was the woman who was giving her a place to stay! Until she remembers where she should be of course. Her attention then turned to the boy walking next to Sarah-Jane. Luke. An intelligent, cute young man on a trip home to see his mother, Sarah-Jane, from Oxford University. She liked him, but not like that. More like… a brother. There was this instant connection between them. It felt really strange, like she'd known him for years. She felt the same sort of thing with Sarah-Jane, but slightly different and much stronger, she just couldn't put her finger on it.

On the other side of Sarah-Jane were two teenagers, probably the same age as Luke. One girl and one boy, the boy who didn't really like her. She could tell that the girl wasn't sure about her as well. What were their names? Callum and Rachel? No. Connor and Rhiannon? No, that wasn't it. Clyde and Rani! That was it! They were currently walking down a street called Bannerman Road, towards her 'new home', as Luke and Sarah-Jane had put it. That only made Clyde and Rani roll their eyes. She thought about living in a 'home', she couldn't remember her last one (if she did actually have a home). She quite liked the idea, but what if she didn't like it? The girl's mind, no doubt as red as her eyes, started imagining what life would be like from now on. How different would it be from living on the streets, which she has been doing for the past day, she didn't know anything else.

"Ruby!" The red-eyed girl was torn from her thoughts by her name being called by Sarah-Jane. She looked up to see the group of four staring at her.

"We're here." Sarah-Jane nodded her head towards the left. Ruby's eyes followed to fall on an amazingly big, beautiful house, with a small green and white car parked on the drive. The house was completely different to the other houses on the road. It felt grand yet homely, huge yet cosy. Ruby decided she liked it.

"Well? Are we just gonna stand here?" Clyde huffed as he stomped through the front door, with Rani quick in tow. Ruby's red eyes glowed slightly as they intently followed Clyde and Rani's retreating backs.

"What is their problem?" Luke's raised voice made Ruby switch her gaze from the now closed front door to Luke in his temper.

"Luke, just leave it we'll talk to them later." Sarah-Jane tried, in vain, to calm Luke down.

"No! I won't leave it! What has Ruby done to them to make them hate her so much?" Luke's outburst startled Sarah-Jane.

"Well…" Sarah-Jane walked closer to Luke so to not let Ruby here. "She hasn't spoken a word since she told us her name, and that was at least six hours ago. I would feel the same way, but I feel like I should know her…" Glancing over her shoulder Sarah-Jane could see Ruby staring at them with blank eyes, through the black shadow of her hood.

"Like there's this connection between you two, but you can't figure out why?" Luke was so relieved it wasn't just him.

"You feel it too? I thought it was just me..." The two of them stood watching Ruby take in her surroundings. They stayed like that for a few minutes, no-one feeling the need to say anything. Suddenly, Sarah-Jane saw something move in the corner of her eye, she realised it was a curtain in the Chandra's front window. Not wanting to explain who Ruby was to Gita and be stuck outside 'chatting' for hours on end, she decided it was best to get inside now.

"Uh… Ruby. Shall we go inside?" Ruby just stood there looking at Sarah-Jane with no expression in her face whatsoever. Sarah-Jane started to walk to the door as Luke came up with an idea. Maybe Ruby didn't talk English. She did say that she didn't belong here, well… wrote it down. Just because she can write English, didn't mean she could speak it. He watched as Ruby followed his mum inside the house, and then entered his home behind them.

Ruby followed Sarah-Jane like a dog through the house, drinking in the sights with blank, empty eyes. As the two of them entered the living room, everyone's eyes settled on Ruby. A grand piano, sat in the corner of the room, caught Ruby's eye as soon as she set foot through the door. She gracefully walked to the piano and sat at it, she pulled back the hood to her cloak, revealing gorgeous red curls flowing loosely around her shoulders, like a free flowing, sparkling blue, breath-taking waterfall you find deep in the amazon. A few minutes passed whilst everyone stared at Ruby, waiting for something to happen. But Ruby just sat there. Staring.

Clyde met eyes with Luke and nudged his head towards the door, signalling that he wanted to talk outside in the hall. The girls noticed the boys had left and followed them out to the hall, except Ruby who was still sitting at the piano. Once they were in the hall Clyde turned to Sarah-Jane and asked, in a hushed voice,

"How can you let her stay here? She's so weird. I mean, she hasn't said a word since we met her, and have you seen the look in her eyes. It's so blank and empty it's scary! How do you know she's not some creepy, dangerous alien who wants to kill you?" Clyde just couldn't understand it. They knew nothing about this girl and Sarah-Jane is letting her stay at her house. They just found this girl, whilst trying to stop the Slitheen's latest plot to kill the planet for money. She said nothing, yet when confronted with big green aliens, they were the ones to flinch and cower and hide. Just one look at her and the Slitheen gave up and ran away, literally.

"I don't! How did I know Luke wasn't going to kill me? She has nowhere to go. I can't just leave her to live on the streets!"

"Yeah, but Luke was different you knew him by then. We don't know anything about her." Rani had to back Clyde up, he was right after all. This girl is too suspicious. There is something wrong with her. Before Luke could explode at his 'friends', the doorbell went. Sarah-Jane decided it couldn't come at a better time. Whoever it was, she was not going to turn them away. She opened the door, just to be shocked out of speech. The Doctor, of all people, was stood on her doorstep, smiling his million watt smile, dressed in his brown pinstripe suit and white sneakers. There wasn't an invasion going on, the world wasn't about to end. So, why was he here? It was all just a bit random.

"Hello, Sarah-Jane." He didn't know why the Tardis had brought him here, but for whatever reason; he knew he wanted to see her.

"U-uh. Doctor. Why are you here?" She wasn't able to say anything else, it was physically impossible.

"Oh, I'm doing fine. Nice to see you too." A little hurt but he was able to brush it off in sarcasm.

"Oh God. I'm sorry. I'm just a little shocked. You never just come to see me. There must be a reason." The shock had gone, but the confusion was still there.

"Well," He dragged the word out longer than necessary, "I didn't. The Tardis did. I don't know why, but I saw where I was and decided to come see you. Is that alright?" He didn't want to put her in an awkward situation.

"Yeah, No that's fine. Um…"

"What's wrong? You look flustered." It was quite amusing seeing this, normally, well organised, calm woman all flustered, not knowing what to do with herself.

"What? Oh, um…" Sarah-Jane stepped outside and gently shut the door behind her. "Well, me and the kids have sort of disagreed on something, well, pretty big actually.

"What? You and the kids have fallen out? Over what?" He was so confused. Sarah-Jane's kids adored her. Why would they fall out with her? Unless she snapped at them, which was highly unlikely. He knew Sarah-Jane, she would never do that.

"Well… we found this young girl a few hours ago, and well, I invited her to stay with me because she's living on the streets and I can't just leave her be, but Clyde and Rani don't like her because she hasn't said anything to us at all, and she claims to have lost her memory, they think this is all too suspicious." Sarah-Jane was speaking so fast that even the Doctor had trouble getting everything.

"Okay. Sarah. Breathe." This was so unlike Sarah-Jane, the Doctor was really starting to worry now.

"Look, could you just have a look at her, show them that she's just a scared little girl who needs a place to stay until she remembers who she is." Now that was a brainwave! If she could get the Doctor to confirm to them that Ruby is normal, and not plotting to kill them, then they will back down and maybe be able to accept her.

"Okay, I can do that. Where is she?" He knew he would do anything for his Sarah, even before she asked.

"Well, that's another thing. She's sat at the grand piano. Has been for an hour now. The thing is she's just staring at it; she hasn't touched it once, just staring.

"Really? Just sat there staring?" Well that isn't normal. Maybe she hit her head and not just lost her memory, but also gained some brain damage, or maybe she was affected by aliens. Either way, he should really have a look at her.

"Yeah just sat staring. So, you'll look at her? She's in the living r-"Just at that moment, music started to fill the air. It was the heavenly sound of a piano being played. The tune gracefully flowed through the air, lightly touching the ears of all that listened. A voice, as heavenly as the piano music, was added to the tune. The combination of the two relaxed every muscle in their body.

"I guess she's not just sat there now." The Doctor stating the obvious as he listened to the angelic music. He only knew one person who could create a sound like that, but it couldn't be her.

"It's beautiful. Um… she's in the living room." Sarah-Jane shook herself from the relaxed state she was in, and focused on the topic at hand. They both walked inside the house, the D following Sarah-Jane. They passed the three teenagers stuck in a sort of tranquil trance. As they entered the living room the D asked if she remembered her name.

"Ruby. She's called Ruby, no last name." Just as she said that the Doctor stepped into the room, towards the music. All of a sudden the Doctor stopped dead in the middle of the room, mouth open, staring at Ruby as she danced her fingers with ease over the piano keys whilst, with no effort at all, she let the angelic singing cascade out of her mouth like a waterfall. The Doctor startled Sarah-Jane by abruptly turning round sprinting with desperation out of the room, passed the teenagers (breaking them from their spell) and out onto the drive. Sarah-Jane rushed out after him, fearing what he was about to say. As she caught up with him on her drive she saw him bent over panting, but he doesn't get out of breath from running. For the first time in his life the Doctor was scared. Never mind Daleks and Cybermen when it comes to her, he was just as scared as any human.