This is the sequel to RED. I called the other story RED because of the blood Emma saw in her sister. How it broke her heart. RED for the color of love that Emma and Marion had. And RED for the anger that Rachael had left behind when she died. It was Really, Emotionally, Disturbing.

You'll see what BLUE stands for in the end of the story.

B. But

"She's a real beauty, Em. You know I never thanked you,"

"For what?"

"Back in the S.S Tipton. I never thanked you. Thank you em, and your right, I won't let anybody stand in my way,"

"You don't need to thank me River, you already knew it, you just forgot, that's all,"

Emma and River were in Rachael's room, just looking at her sleep.

"Hey sorry we missed the date, we could try again,"

"sure, how about this Saturday?,"

"Oh, ok then I'll go tell Marion,"

"Tell me what?"

Marion said, which startled both girls, they both didn't know he was standing by the door of their baby's room.

"Hey! How long have you been there?"

"For a while, so you didn't answer my question,"

"Well River was talking about the date we missed, how's Sunday?"

"Sunday? Sounds great,"

"Oh, awesome. I'll go call Charles! I can't wait for you's to meet him, he's a really great guy."

"I'm sure he is, River," Marion said.

"Ok, I'll see you Sunday then. 7 O'clock?"

Emma and Marion nodded.

"Well I guess the guy makes her feel younger,"

"Yeah I know, she ran out the house so fast!"

"So Emma, I've been thinking about our Honeymoon,"


"Yeah we didn't have one, so a week in the Tipton hotel wouldn't hurt would it? I mean, we've already seen the world,"

"The Tipton Hotel? Sounds great! But what about Rachael?"

"I've talked to River, and she said that she'd love to take care of her. So are you up to it?"

"Hm. I guess it wouldn't hurt to go for a week."

"Great! We go on Monday,"

"we should start packing before Rachael wakes up,"


"Are you ready?"

Marion shouted from down the stairs.

"Yup, I'm ready."

"Let's go."

River had been waiting outside for Marion and Emma, with Charles next to her.

"Well, let's go inside and wait for them, it's freaking cold,"

"No wait they're here,"


"Hey River, sorry we're late, the babysitter had a little car trouble on the way, we had to wait for her to come,"

"That's alright, we only waited for a couple of minutes. So anyway, this is Charles, Charles, this is Emma, and Marion. I guess my Aunt and Uncle. Odd isn't it. Only five years apart, I think,"

"Yeah, it's odd." Emma said

Charles 'Emma. She seems to be very interesting. And she's a beauty.'

"so, I think we should go in now,"

"Yeah let's go,"

As soon as they sat down, they decided to order.

"So Charles, what do you do for a living?" Marion asked

"I'm a cook."

"Oh, really! Do you own a restaurant?"

"Yeah, real close from where you live to, so your welcome to come by anytime."

"You know, you look familiar, have I seen you before?"

Emma asked.

"No, but I do have that face,"

"Oh, ok because I feel like I've seen you before."

"I get that a lot. So anyway, how are settling in New York?"

"Well Marion knows this place, so he's my personal map. It's huge too,"

"What do you expect, it's the biggest city,"

"Yeah, I can see that,"

After the dinner, the two couples decided to call it a night. They have said their good nights, and went home.

"What do you think about Charles?"

"I like him, it's just that he seems so familiar to me."

"Like he said, he has that face,"

"I know. Did you pay the babysitter?"

"Yup. Oh and River will be coming tomorrow morning and after that we will have time for each other."

"Oh, I like the sound of that!"

Emma had placed her arms around Marion's neck, and Marion placing tiny kisses on her neck.

"hmm, you know, we can start now,"

"I'm already I on it,"

Emma laughs.

Marion places his hands on her waist, and pulls her closer, and kisses her deeply.

Then they hear a small cry.

And they frown.

"We have a week. I'll go, it's my turn anyway,"

"Alright, can I have a goodbye kiss?"

"Hm? Let me think,"

"Em, you tease!"

She laughs and finally kisses him.

Emma ran to her baby.

"Come here Little Ray, what do you need? A bottle?"

Emma gave Rachael her bottle, and sat down on her rocking chair. And started singing a lullaby.

"Rock-a-bye, baby
In the treetop
When the wind blows
The cradle will rock
When the bough breaks
The cradle will fall
And down will come baby
Cradle and all

Baby is drowsing
Cozy and fair
Mother sits near
In her rocking chair
Forward and back
The cradle she swings
And though baby sleeps
He hears what she sings

From the high rooftops
Down to the sea
No one's as dear
As baby to me
Wee little fingers
Eyes wide and bright
Now sound asleep
Until morning light"

Rachael Hope had fallen asleep, and Emma had placed gently in her crib. She decided to stay a little longer with her little baby that she and Marion had created together, and smiled. Her golden skin which shines with the moon from the window completes the little beauty. What more can Emma ask for. With a man that loves her, just as much as she loves him.

Emma smiled to herself. What more can she ask for? Life will go on. And that's what get's her excited.

Finally, she left her baby to sleep at peace, and went to bed, finding Marion asleep. She wrapped her arms are his waist and went to sleep.

They finally said their goodbyes to River, and little Rachael. And finally arrived. The Tipton Hotel.

It brought back memories for Marion, and he smiled.

"Oh, Mister Moseby!"


Marion, 'Oh No!'

"Hey Mr. Moseby! Your room is ready. for you, I will take your bags."

"Oh, Esteban you don't have to do that really,"

"Oh, but I want to. So who's your new wife?"

"Yes, Esteban, this is the beautiful Emma."

"Ah, yes you are beautiful. So how did you's too meet?"

"We worked together, I was teaching in the S.S Tipton, and that's where I met him,"

"Wow, that's nice,"

As soon as they got to their room, they decided to unpack, and later, explore the Hotel.

"Marion, this hotel is beautiful"

"For a beautiful woman, Em."

she giggles

"Marion, why are you all happy?"

"Emma, when I worked here, I was a man who was unhappy, and I used to think my job would make me feel happy. But it made me lonely, and sad. Now, I have you and Rachael. It's all because of you, you gave me happiness, love, and best of all, Rachael. I'm just wondering if this is a dream, if it is, I never want to wake up."

"Oh, Marion, I promise you, this will never go away, and sometimes I feel the same way too. I love you."

"I love you more Em, and you make me the happiest man alive,"

"And I, the happiest woman alive,"

Marion laughed, as he noticed how Emma tried to be so excited as he was.

"Mr. and Mrs. Moseby! Hi, you know when Esteban told me about you two being here, I couldn't believe it!"

"Hello Patrick,"

"Hi, Patrick, Marion told me many things about you, nice to finally meet you,"

"Wow, yoouu are gorgeous! Oh, and look at that, we have the same hair color!"

Emma laughed.

"Isn't it hard to be a red head?"

Patrick laughed

"Oh she's a keeper Mr. Moseby,"

"I know, I'm a lucky man to have my Emma,"

"I'm lucky to have you Marion,"

"Well, your table is all set, would you's like champagne?

"Yes Patrick I would love that,"


"Yes, of course Patrick,"

The two had eaten and went to explore some more. The old paintings that hung on the walls, were explained to Emma, by no other then Marion Moseby. The obsession over the painting had made Emma, laugh every time he turned away. She'd be in a whole lot of trouble if he finds out she hasn't listened to any of the things he said about the paintings.

She laughed to herself.

"So do you?"

"Huh? Yeah okay, sure I'd love to," Although she didn't know exactly what he said before, she just said yes, and realized what he asked when they got there.

"Wow, I didn't know Carey could sing?"

Marion laughed,

"Well obviously, she does,"

"She's amazing!"

As soon as she song finished, the audience clamped for Carey.

"Hello Carey, how are you,"

"Hey! Long time no see, ha, so did you's enjoy the show,"

Emma and Marion nodded.

"It's Karaoke day, you want to try and sing, Mrs. Moseby?"

"Please, as much as I love to be called Mrs. Moseby, you should call me Emma,"

"Then call me Carey. Do you want to try, it's really fun,"

"Sure, these people don't know me, I don't know them,"

Carey laughed, and Emma stepped to the stage, told the DJ to play a song. And starts to sing,

Black Horse and a Cherry Tree

{Two, three, four}

[woo-hoo, woo-hoo, woo-hoo, woo-hoo]

Well my heart knows me better than I know myself
So I'm gonna let it do all the talking. [woo-hoo, woo-hoo]
I came across a place in the middle of nowhere
With a big black horse and a cherry tree. [woo-hoo, woo-hoo]

I felt a little fear upon my back
He said "Don't look back, just keep on walking." [woo-hoo, woo-hoo]
When the big black horse said, "Look this way"
Said, "Hey, there lady, will you marry me?" [woo-hoo, woo-hoo]

But I said no, no, no, no-no-no
I said no, no, you're not the one for me
No, no, no, no-no-no
I said no, no, you're not the one for me[woo-hoo, woo-hoo]

And my heart hit a problem, in the early hours,
So I stopped it dead for a beat or two. [woo-hoo, woo-hoo]
But I cut some cord, and I shouldn't have done it,
And it won't forgive me after all these years [woo-hoo, woo-hoo]

So I sent it to a place in the middle of nowhere
With a big black horse and a cherry tree. [woo-hoo, woo-hoo]
Now it won't come back, 'cause it's oh so happy
And now I've got a hole for the world to see [woo-hoo, woo-hoo]

And it said no, no, no, no-no-no
Said no, no, you're not the one for me
No, no, no, no-no-no
Said no, no, you're not the one for me [hoo, woo-hoo]

{Not the one for me yeah} [hoo, woo-hoo]

Said no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,
You're not the one for me [woo-hoo, woo-hoo]
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, [woo-hoo, woo-hoo]
You're not the one for me

Big black horse and a cherry tree [woo-hoo, woo-hoo]
I can't quite get there 'cause my heart's forsaken me[woo-hoo, woo-hoo]
Big black horse and a cherry tree I can't quite get there 'cause my heart's forsaken me

And all clapped. She thanked everybody, and sat back to her table. Marion and Carey were speechless, but finally Marion broke the silence.

"Emma, I didn't know you could sing!"

"Oh, right I forgot to tell you. I can sing,"

"Obviously! So who coached you?" Carey said

"I had a lot of time to practice when you don't have anybody to play with, especially at home."

"Oh, you were an only child?"

"No I had a sister, and I have a brother,"


"My sister had past away, months ago,"

"Oh, I'm sorry!"

"It's ok,"

"What happened to your brother?"

"He went to military school when I was about 2 years old, after that, he left the family to do other things. He never liked my father, or my mother, so it was better for him,"

"Oh, do you ever talk to him?"

"E-mails, thats all."

"That's nice, maybe you should see him?"

"He's a pretty busy man, Carey, it's the only thing he does, and he enjoys it,"

"Well, that's interesting. Will you excuse me, I have to go back to work. Nice talking to you's two."

"Same here Carey,"

Emma and Marion decided to go to the Tipton Lobby, and sat on the couch near the Manager's Desk, and decided to rest for a bit...Well until they came.

"Oh no!" Marion said

"Mr. Moseby, Mrs. M!" Both twins said.

"Zack? Cody? What are you doing here!"

"Marion! That wasn't nice, after all they did live here, what did you expect?"

Emma tried not to laugh.

"Wow, where's your belly Mrs. M?"

"Zack, you can call me Emma,"

"Zack, she obviously had the baby already, it's been more than nine months," Cody explained.

"Oh, is it a boy!" Zack asked,

"A girl. Her name is Rachael Hope Moseby. Three weeks old." Emma answered proudly

"Wow, where is she?"

"She's at home, we're at our honeymoon right now, my niece is babysitting our baby for three more days."


"So boys, what are you doing here?" Marion asked.

"Well we decided to crash here for a while," Marion rolled his eyes,

"I can see that," Marion had pointed to their luggage.

"yeah, I know, we just stuffed things in there,"

"Hey Mr. Moseby, I told you we'd find you,"

Marion had this sad look on his face, and Emma wanted to laugh so hard.

"You know, I'm kind of tired, I'm taking a nap,"

"Yeah me too, I'm getting a big headache, goodbye boys,"

"I want to get out of here!"

"Marion, seriously! Look we have three more days sweety."

"I know, but I know that they'll turn the hotel upside down, I know it,"

"Marion, look, it's not like they're gonna destroy it," The ground shakes.

"what was that!"

"I told you! They are demons from the—"

"Marion you are overreacting, I think they matured,"

"Didn't you feel the ground shake?"

"Maybe a mini earthquake?"

"Maybe an experiment gone bad,"

"Cody may be a science experimenter but he is very careful,"

"Yeah but Zack isn't!"

"Alright then, there's only one way to find, we'll go downstairs and find out what happened,"

"Okay, let's go then,"

They went downstairs and discovered the frightening faces from the random people in the lobby.

"What happened?"

"We didn't do it!" Zack and Cody said, simultaneously

"Yeah right ! What did you's two do,"

"Well, we accidentally pressed something we weren't supposed to,"

"Oh god! I told you Em, these people never change,"

"Well, I'll be by candy counter! They have Twizzlers!"

"Really, your going to by Twizzlers after last time?" He laughs.

"But I love Twizzlers,"

"Go buy to bags, just in case one disappears,"

"if you touch my Twizzlers, you will never see day light again!"

"Yeah okay,"

three days later.

"Oh, Home Sweet home!"

"Yeah, I feel so bad for Esteban, I still don't know how that couch got on the tree, those boys are geniuses."

"Em, they are not geniuses, they just do things without thinking,"

Emma laughed.

"Hey you guys, how was your honeymoon?"

"Hey River, it was wonderful,"

"Although it could have been better without the two twin demons,"

"Marion, they are not—well just a little bit,"

"Let me guess, Zack and Cody"


"Well, Hope is sleeping in her little room, and she just had her nap,"

"Oh, thank you River, thank you so much, how much do we owe you?"

"Em, I'm your niece, it was a favor, and I had fun taking care of my little cousin."

As soon as River left, Marion and Emma went to their daughter's room, found her sleeping, and both smiled.

"I love you,"

"I love you too, Emma,"

This was just a boring opening. Anyway, I am so sorry it took so long, I had a lot to do, friends to see, and bracelets to make.(Which is why I am still hiding from my cousin, she said she'll stalk me until she gets her bracelet. Spooky huh? Lol I'm to lazy to make it, it takes for ever!)

Oh, and I will later write a story about Emma, very different. Chapter 2 Will be out soon. You will here more about Charles.

P.S Songs are The Cradle Will Rock, and Black Horse And A Cherry Tree from KT Tunstall.

P.S.S I figured out what P.S stands for...but I forgot! To lazy to look it up. Lol