E. Endlessly

It was their day, and Emma and Marion wouldn't let anything ruin it.

"Happy Anniversary, Emma!"

"Happy Anniversary Marion!"

They had a toast, and danced in the most wonderful restaurant. It was romantic to.

"Do you think Ray is ok with River?"

"Yes, left her with her for a week, Remember?"

"Yes I know Marion, but that was before Charles and everything."

"I Know but he's in jail now, they're making sure he won't escape. I promise everything will be alright,"


After their dinner, they walked decided to walk home, and see the beautiful stars shine.

"Can you believe it, exactly one year ago, things changed. Although we knew Rachael was already coming to this world, we didn't know she would change us."

"I know, she's smart too. You know Marion, I could live with this forever,"

"Me too Emma,"

"I Love you Marion,"

"I love you too, Emma,"

"Emma, I have a surprise for you,"

"What is it?"

"Close your eyes,"

"Ok," Emma closed her eyes, meanwhile, Marion reached into his pocket, and took out a rectangular blue box. He opened it, and asked Emma to open her eyes. She gasped

"Marion! You shouldn't have, a necklace?"

"Yeah, I think it'll look beautiful on you, don't you think?"

He took the necklace out of the box, and Emma, turned around and waited for Marion to put it on.

"It looks lovely on you,"

"Thank you Marion, but you didn't have to,"

"It's our anniversary, the man was supposed to buy a gift to his woman."

"Aw, Your so romantic... Who knew," she laughed.

"Ha ha ha, your so funny," he said sarcastically

"I try," He laughs,

"Red head,"

"Baldy!" and they walk home, holding hands, just like they saw it in movies. Like a loving couple.

"What do you think about handkerchiefs now Marion? Do you still like them?"

"Of course I do, why?"

"Because I bought you a whole new collection,"


"Yeah, it's waiting at home. Ten new hankies,"

"You know what, I love you!"

"Aw, I love you too," Emma laughed.

Months Later...

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday dear Rachael, Happy birthday to you!"

Everyone sang. The whole gang was there. Zack, Cody, London, Bailey, Woody, Zack and Cody's parents, and even Maya and Marcus.

Emma, brought a little cake for Little Ray, and surely she dug in...literally.

Everyone was awing at her, because she had cake all over her face. She giggled.

"Aw, she is so adorable Emma!"

"Thanks Carey,"

"Emma, our little munchkin is getting messy,"

"Ha, I know, she's just like her father, always getting messy with her food."

"Hey!" He laughed

"I think I should change her,"


"I'll be right back,"

Emma took Ray, and took her upstairs to change her.

"So how bout it Ray, are you ready to tell daddy and all our friends our secret."

Little Ray smiled.

"Bah bah," she said, and nodded her head a little.

"I'll take that as a yes," Emma laughed. She finally finished changing her, with a ink dress and white shirt under, with her little pink booties, and a little pink hat with a sunflower on the right side.

"Can you say mommy?"


She gasped,

"Oh, I so won this bet!"

"Great and I heard her too,"

"Marion you scared me,"

"I'm sorry," He walked over to her, and put his arms around Emma, Ray was in the middle.


"She said mommy first!"

"I know, I was here. So are you ready to cut the real cake, now that her cake is...ruined,"

"The cake was for her anyway,"

He laughs.

"Let's go,"

They went downstairs, outside the backyard, and saw all their friends enjoying themselves.

"Hey, so when are we going to eat the real cake?" Zack asked

"Zack!" His mother yelled.

"What it's right in front of us, and it looks delicious,"

"Here Marion, hold her for a sec, I'll cut the cake," Emma handed Ray to Marion, and walked to the cake to cut it.

She cut the cake, and gave a slice to everyone.

Emma was now holding Ray, and watched everyone eat the cake.

'Should I tell them now, Ray?"

"Booha!" she said and giggled.

Emma laughed.

"Attention everyone! I have an announcement! Marion, this is especially for you."

Everyone had eyes for Emma, and they were all quite, just to listen.

"Little Ray will not be our only child anymore,"

Everyone gasped.

"Because I'm Pregnant...for four months,"

Everyone cheered.

"But also..."

Everyone stopped to listen again

"I'm pregnant with twins!"

An everyone shouted. Marion had his mouth wide open, and all eyes were on him

"When did you find out?"

Emma walked over to him, gave Ray to River, and told him.

"two months ago, I wanted to wait till Ray's birthday,"

"I love you," and kissed her,

"Aww!" Everyone said. Well except the teens. What they said was 'Yuk!'

"I couldn't tell you were pregnant, how's that even possible,"

"Mr. Moseby it's your fault! Your so tiny!" Zack added

"Hey! I am not!"

"Congratulations, Emma, Marion!"

"Thanks Carey,"

"You know, I still have some baby clothes from Zack and Cody's baby years,"

"Oh, no that's alright, but thanks anyway,"

"So, Mrs. M, what are they?" asked Maya

"A boy, and a girl."

"Really, that's so cute!"

"Thanks Maya,"

"so have you thought of names?"

"Bailey, Marion didn't know, so of course I couldn't pick names without him,"

"Thanks Hun,"

Emma Laughs

"I hope your not mad at me for not telling you,"

"aw, Em I'm not mad, I'm happy, I would have done the same, wait till the perfect moment,"

Emma smiled

"Actually, I think this is the perfect time to tell you something I knew for two months,"


"I quit my job,"

"What? Why?"

"I quit my job because we now own a restaurant of our own,"

Emma screamed with excitement, and everyone laughed.


Marion nodded.

"I still need a name though, I also couldn't think of a name without my Emma,"

"Aw, I taught you well,"

"So Mrs. M, have you thought about teaching again?"

"Maya, you know, you can call me Emma, I'm not your teacher anymore. But no I haven't thought about teaching again. During my college years, I thought about learning other things, just in case."

"Like what?"

"Cooking class, Science, and other things, It took me awhile but, it was something I've always wanted, to be able to do lots of things, not just do the same thing your whole life,"

"Cool, I think I should do the same,"

"If you think so, than you should. I mean, we've already seen the world, it's nice to know you already marked your life list. I did, and I feel like I've accomplished a lot. And I'm happy,"

"And so am I," Marion added.

Five years later...

"Mommy! Daddy hit his head under the sink again!"

"Is he still trying to fix the sink?"


Emma laughed,

"Your father thinks he can do anything,"

"I know mommy,"

"Ray, can you do me a favor, can you wake up the twins?"

Ray nodded

"Thanks sweety,"

Ray ran up the stairs, Emma smiled,

she looks so cute when she runs with her little legs.

"Ouch!" Emma heard Marion yell, in the bathroom

"Marion, what are you doing now?"


"Uh-huh, Right,"

Marion went to the living room, and found Emma with her arms crossed, and her face very questionable.


"What on earth are you doing?"

"I was, trying to fix the sink,"

"Marion, it works just fine,"

"It takes five minutes to have hot water,"

"Yeah but if you keep playing with it, there will be no water,"

"Are the twins awake yet?"

"I send Ray to wake them."

"Mommy, Rosie won't wake up!" Ray shouted from up the stairs

"Rose May Moseby it's seven O'clock in the morning, missy you don't want to be late for school do you?"

"momma I think she's sick, she's not moving,"

Emma and Marion gasped and ran upstairs to her room. Emma ran to her bed, and checked if she was breathing,

"She's breathing, but she has a high fever,"

"Should I call the doctor?"

Emma nodded

"Mommy, what's wrong with Rosie?" asked James

"Jamie, your sister is sick,"

"Is she gonna die?" he asked, as he was about to shed to tears,

"No sweety she's not going to die, she's sick that's all,"

"Why won't she wake up?"

"I don't know, she's probably still tired,"

a few minutes later, they took her to the hospital,

"She's fine, she has a bad high fever, but other than that, she's fine, all you have to do is give her medicine, hot soup, and rest,"

"Thank you so much Cody, or should I say, Doctor," Emma said

Cody laughed

"well, anything for my old geography teacher,"

"So what do I do, to make her better?"

"She needs rest, Chicken soup, and some love,"

Cody laughs

"I will do whatever it takes,"

"do you want to see her?"

Emma and Marion nodded,

"Ok, third floor, room 213,"

"You go Em, I'll take Ray and James to school don't worry,"

Emma nodded,


"Rosie, sweety you know you scared me,"

"I sowie mommy!"

"It's okay, Rosie, I'm just glad your okay,"

"Mommy, I saw Rachael,"

"Yeah, Ray was trying to wake you up, she was scared to,"

"No momma Auntie Rachael, I saw her at night, she said she loves me, and to tell you that she loves you. She told me it wasn't my time yet, momma,"

Emma had her hand covering her mouth, and cried.

"That's crazy,"

"I know, but I didn't say anything else, I just let it slide."

"Emma, do you want to tell River about this?"

"No, she's on her honeymoon, I don't want to ruin things, plus she deserves to have some time alone with Sam, don't you think?"

Marion nodded.

"Yeah, I mean it took him five years to propose to her,"

Emma laughed

"I know,"

Emma looked down, and thought about her sister,

"I can't believe it's been six years since her death,"

"I know Em, I'm sorry,"

"There's nothing to be sorry about."

"I think I should head to the Restaurant, Zack is probably waiting outside,"

"I thought he had keys?"

"No he doesn't,"

"A manager needs keys you know,"

"Sometimes they don't,"

"Marion, why don't you trust him?"


"And why not,"

"Because I've known him for—,"

"I don't care, you should be able to trust the man who is now working for us, and done everything for us. He's a changed man,"

"That's what you think," he mumbled,

"what was that?'


"yeah, that's what I thought,"

"Well, I'll be back in an hour,"

"alright, but be careful, I'll pick up Ray and James from school, are you sure you'll be here until then. To take care of Rosie, I can't leave her alone here by herself,"

"Em, it's only an hour, I promise I'll come back,"

"Ok, but remember, you promised."

Marion nodded, and then left.

Two days later...

"Mommy! Daddy! Rosie won't stop hitting Jamie!"

"Tattle-teller!" Little Rosie stuck her tongue at her big sister,

"Rosie stop hitting your brother,"


"Okay kids, I think you all need to bee in separate rooms, because mommy has a headache and you's won't stop fighting."

"but momma, Jamie won't give me my dolly back!"

"Jamie, give Rosie her dolly back please,"

Jamie gave back Rosie's Doll,

"Thank you Jamie, come on, I'll take you downstairs, daddy wants to talk to you,"

"am I in trouble?"

"No, your not in trouble, he just want's to talk two you, that's all, ok?"

Jamie nodded,

Emma carried Jamie downstairs, and Marion waited,


"James, you should respect your sisters, you know Rosie gets mad when you touch her doll,"

Jamie nodded

"Mommy, Daddy are you mad at me?"

"No sweety, we're not mad at you, you just need to be good to your sisters,"


"Because your their brother, and you should be the one who takes care of them, okay?"

Jamie nodded again

"Okay, go on and play." Little Jamie ran to his room,

"That kid is something else,"

"They all are, Em,"

"I know." and they laugh.

"Your brother called."

"Really, what did he want?"

"He couldn't believe you were married with children, so he said he's coming to visit tomorrow,"

"Oh great!"

"Marion, what do you have against your brother?"

"You don't know Spencer, he may be little, but he's a very angry man who can make anybody cry,"

"Marion, he's coming and he's meeting the kids, alright?"

"You don't know what he'll do," he warns her.

Emma laughs silently.

"Your laughing?"

"No, I was just—,"

"U huh, right,"

she laughs again,

"Well, I guess you weren't lying, or you paid them?"

"No Spencer, I'm really married. And In love."

"Ask your mother, she was at the wedding!"

"Wow, Ok I believe you. So these are your kids? They're cute."

"I'm fife!" Said James

"Me too!"

"I'm six!"

"Is he my uncle mommy!" Emma nodded, then Rosie whispered to her, and asked her why he was very small, and Emma laughed silently.

"So you's have a restaurant?"

"Yup, mommy sings, and Daddy plays the piano for enturtamenent,"

"Entertainment sweety,"

"Yeah that, daddy said she sings like an angel,"

"I would love to see your restaurant, what did you call it?"

"The Moseby's restaurant,"

"Interesting." he said plainly

Minutes later Spencer leaves...

"Wow, I've never seen him so jealous before, I guess I finally beat him at something. I found love first."

Emma laughs. And Marion joins her.

The End...

What BLUE stands for? The blue color that stands for the cold blood of Mitch and Charles. But Love Us Endlessly, is for River, no matter what, Emma and Marion will always love River even though she doesn't know who she is. She'll always be family. And it's ok for her to love them too. Love if forever. Endless.

Thanks for the reviews, I had fun sharing my ideas with you's. Another story to add to the finish list. Lol The next story is very different from this one, and RED. You'll be seeing it soon. It feels so good to be able to write an idea, and finish it, it just feels like the pressure with all my ideas is off. Lol If I make sense. Luv you's all! ;)