The Lady or The Tiger

Short Story Ending

Without the slightest hesitation, he went to the door on his right and opened it. The crowd waited anxiously, watching the wooden doors swing open slowly. The semi-barbaric King watched with a smug grin and eyes that radiated anticipation. The princess' eyes watered but that was the only hint of sadness she showed on her stone-like face. She knew what was to happen and she also knew her lover's ending wouldn't be a happy one for either party.

A deep snarl was heard from inside the darkness and the man jumped back frightened, glancing at the princess in disbelief. She held his gaze for a moment or two before turning away slightly, not wanting to see what would happen. The king saw the exchange and grinned wider, waiting for the shedding of blood from the man who disobeyed him.

"I am sorry," the princess whispered sadly, hoping the winds would carry her last words to her lover's ears. Pitiful how she would rather her own lover die in front of her instead of living while being married to another woman. Jealousy is a dangerous thing.

A tiger stalked out into the sunlight, smelling the fresh meat being offered to it. One last growl was heard before he jumped at the princess' lover. She tried to look away, not wanting to see the slaying of her now ex-lover. The king grinned and said, "You must watch, or your turn will be next." She glared at the man who was her father before draining any emotion from her face and watching the man get killed.

Horrifying screams were heard from the body as the tiger tore him to shreds. They had made the tiger two times as hungry to make it even worse. Blood spewed all over the arena and the screaming died down until it was silent. The crowd watched as the tiger lifted it's head and snarled at the people before fleeing back into the darkness. The princess' lover was now finally dead.

A/N: Sorry it's so short! I wrote this for my English class so I wanted to post it. (I got an A for a grade!) I liked the Lady and the Tiger and how we were supposed to let our imaginations run free. Hope you like it!