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Chapter 14: The Shadow Descends

High over the mountains, Hurricos and his Rider, Argos were scouting the area, keeping a look out for trouble. Having completed their mission in the Shattered Vale, Terrador had sent them here to see what the Apes were planning. They arrived just as the Celestial Moons reached their eclipse and were now approaching the Well of Souls.

"Can you see anything, Argos?" Hurricos called up.

"No, nothing that looks suspicious," the Rider replied. Then he looked up and with a gasp, he pointed forward. "By the Ancestors, look at the Mountain of Malefor!"

Hurricos turned and stared in horror. The beam of energy shooting into the carved jaws was glowing brighter than earlier before. Suddenly a cloud of dust shot out from the face of the mountain and a loud rumbling noise broke the silence. When the dust settled, the mountain had gone, replaced by a massive pile of rubble.

"What just happened?" Argos breathed.

"Big trouble," Hurricos declared. "We must return to the Temple immediately!"

As they turned and flew back over the mountains, neither of them noticed the two shadowy figures emerging from the dust…

Sometime later, the Guardians and the Riders were informed of the news of the Well of Souls' fall.

Ignitus shook his head sadly. "It has begun…" he murmured. Then he turned to the crowd. "Listen to me! We must leave this place at once and head for the Dragon City of Warfang! The Dark Master and the Dark Lord will surely make for this place. We're no longer safe here."

Terrador took charge at once. "You heard him; let's move out NOW!"

Volteer and Cyril led the younger dragons and the humans out of the Temple, but Orion and Cosmo stayed behind with the Fire Guardian.

"What about my brother?" Orion asked.

"And Spyro, Cynder and Astral?" Cosmo added. "They're still out there. We need to go find them."

"No," Ignitus cried out. "We need to think about the others' safety first." As he led them out after the crowd, he bowed his head and sighed. "Let's just hope they managed to get somewhere safe…"

Far away, on the White Isle, Trafalgar and the Chronicler watched as a blank page in one of the books became filled with the image of the Guardians leading the humans and dragons out of the Temple.

"At least they'll be safe for now," Trafalgar smiled grimly. He then saw the second page filled with the picture of two sinister figures emerging from the remains of the Well of Souls. "For the Dark Master and the Dark Lord have returned to our world…"

"But there is still hope," the Chronicler reminded the old Rider, turning the page. "Spyro and his friends have escaped the worst of the disaster…"

Trafalgar took a look and watched as a new picture slowly appeared in the next page. This one showed Spyro, Cynder, Sparx, Troy and Astral trapped in a crystal embedded in the rocks of the cave-in.

The Sentinel nodded grimly and gave a solemn promise. "Young warriors, all our hope now lies with you. When you wake up, it will be a different world…"

The Chronicler smiled. "But know this… you are not alone… you have allies."

And as he closed the book, the picture finished its self-painting with the image of a cheetah watching the crystal from a distance…

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So the story concludes with Legend of Spyro and the Riders: Dawn of the Dagon