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Chapter 1: Late Night Departure

High in the night sky, the two moons were drawing closer in a great eclipse, casting a shadow over the plains, the forest and the mountains, but especially onto a great peak shaped like a dragon's head, its stony, wide-open jaws raised towards the heavens. Just then, a great beam of purple energy burst from the skies and shot into the mountain's jaws.

"My Masters return…"

"We're too late!"

Meanwhile, in the dark realm of Convexity, next to a mighty portal, a great battle was being fought, between Cynder, the Terror of the Skies, and the brave little group consisting of Spyro the purple dragon, Sparx the dragonfly, Astral the golden dragon and her human Rider, Troy. Cynder looked like she was gaining the upper hand, but Spyro and Astral each had a trump card to play.

Spyro began to build up energy around him, and Troy grabbed Astral in a hug, causing her scales to glow brighter. Suddenly she fired a great beam of light from her mouth, trapping Cynder in midair, and then Spyro launched his Convexity Fury which finished the dark dragoness off.

As Cynder crashed to the ground, her body began to glow and shrink until she became a smaller dragon the same size and age as Spyro.

"She is just like me!" Spyro gasped.

Troy ran to her side and knelt down. "She's still alive!"

Just then, the ground began to tremble and shake and a powerful wind began to blow, sucking Troy and Cynder towards the portal!

"Troy!" Astral gasped.

Quickly, Troy grabbed onto Cynder's tail and then took hold of the steps leading into the portal.

"We've got to get out of here, NOW!" Sparx cried.

"We can't leave Cynder behind," Spyro yelled as he and Astral dug in their claws. "We've got to save her!"

"WHAT?" Sparx spluttered. "Save the beast that's been trying to kill us?"

"Sparx, that wasn't her fault," Astral argued. "She was being used by the Dark Master!"

At that moment, Troy lost his grip on the step and he and Cynder were sucked right into the portal. Nodding at each other, Spyro and Astral let go of the rock and flew in after them. Spyro grabbed hold of Cynder while his sister caught her Rider then they flew back out of the portal.

"Now we can go," Spyro called to Sparx.

As they flew out of Convexity, a dark whisper called out to them. "S-S-S-Spyro… S-S-S-Spyro…" The purple dragon turned his head back towards the portal…


The loud whisper was enough to rouse Troy, and a gasp told him that Spyro was awake too. As Astral slowly stirred, the human looked up at the sky over the balcony. It was night and the Celestial Moons were shining brightly overhead but they seemed closer to each other than last night.

"Hey guys," the voice called out. It was Sparx the dragonfly, his little body glowing as bright as the stars in the sky. "Some night, huh? Beautiful…"

"What is it you want, Sparx?" Troy sighed as he and the dragons got up.

"Why do I have to want something?" asked the dragonfly indignantly. "I'm just ready to begin the best day ever, now that the evil, psycho she-dragon has gone."

"What, Cynder?" Spyro gasped. "What do you mean, Sparx?"

"Whoa, calm down big fella," Sparx said. "Gosh you're awful tense. Haven't been sleeping much? You should listen to Volteer tell one of his stories; that'll put anybody to sleep."

"Sparx, what happened?" Astral demanded.

"Okay, you ready?" Sparx replied. "I get up to get some fresh air, because I haven't been sleeping well with… the female-of-fright creeping around. Lo and behold, there she was, sneaking out into the garden." He gave a shudder. "She gives me the creeps, dude. Hear my teeth?"

"Come on, we've got to find her," Troy cried, grabbing his sword and shield. "It's dangerous for her to be outside the Temple at night."

"It's dangerous for any of us to be outside at night," Sparx argued. "Besides, Ignitus said we have to wait until Spyro and Astral's powers return… because they're weak," he whispered and stifled a snigger.

"No time to argue," Spyro retorted. "Come on."

As he led the charge up to the Temple, Sparx gave a slight cough. "Um, you guys will be helpless without me," he murmured, buzzing after them. "I'd better come with you…"

As Troy followed Spyro and Astral through the Dojo, he felt a very sad pain in his heart for Cynder. Only a few weeks had passed since they had freed her from the Dark Master's corrupted will, but they couldn't stop the portal from being opened. Troy knew that the mysterious Dark Master and the even more mysterious Dark Lord had escaped, but he didn't know what had happened to them since.

Despite that, he and his friends were keeping themselves busy. Troy was elected as the leader of the small human forces and commander of the Dragon Riders. He'd been training the new Rider forces, helping them master the necessary combat skills, and he led them in a search for other dragons. Some that were about Astral's age stayed at the Temple to train with the humans, while the others had left for Warfang, the Dragon City, to prepare for war. He'd also had some time to help Spyro and Astral get their strength back, since they'd been weakened by their battle at Convexity.

As for Cynder, she'd had a difficult time adapting to a normal dragon's life since she was still guilty about all she'd done while she was under the Dark Master's control. Only Troy, his brother Orion, Spyro, Astral, Cosmo, a young Psychic dragon and the Guardians were kind to her; the other humans and dragons, and Sparx, hadn't forgiven her for what she did to them. Troy kept telling Cynder to give them time to accept her, but now it seemed their insults had finally gotten to her.

As they left the Dojo, Astral turned to look at the huge statue that filled the room. "That statue always crept me out at night, even when I was young," she admitted. "Those glowing eyes made it look like it was watching me."

"I can understand that," Spyro replied.

Troy's eyes narrowed as he looked at the statue too. He was suddenly reminded of the chained-up dragon he had seen when he'd been sucked into the portal of Convexity. When he'd tried to approach it, he had suddenly knocked back by a dark shadow and had heard a voice saying that the time was not right. So far, he hadn't told anyone about what he'd seen, partly because he didn't want his friends to be concerned but mostly because he felt there was a lot more to that dragon than met the eye.

"Hey, Troy," Astral called out. "What's keeping you?"

Troy glanced at the statue one last time then turned around. "Nothing," he fibbed. "Let's go."

Passing quickly through the Grotto, they entered the passage that led to the garden… and suddenly froze. The Guardians were lying down on the floor of the corridor, fast asleep. Troy remembered the humans camping out at the back of the Temple. He knew that the younger dragons were outside with them, some keeping watch, some resting with their Riders like Astral did with him.

"Quiet, we mustn't wake them," Astral hissed to her friends.

"WHAT?" Sparx yelled. "I can't hear you over all this snoring!"

Troy thrust his hand over Sparx's mouth. "She said quiet," the human whispered firmly.

Carefully, Troy, Spyro and Astral snuck past the sleeping dragons. Troy was intrigued at the Guardians' sleeping habits; Terrador, the steadfast Earth Guardian, snoring deeply; Cyril, the snobbish Ice Guardian, always muttering about his lineage - "Yes, of course…"; Volteer, the fast-talking Electric Guardian, mumbling various complicated theories - "In the truth of the matter…"; and Ignitus, the kindly Fire Guardian, sleeping quietly. Soon they reached the door to the garden and crept out, looking back to make sure none of the Guardians had been disturbed.

In the garden, they managed to catch up to Cynder just as she reached the exit that led into the mushroom forest.

"Cynder," Troy called out. "What are you doing out here? It's dangerous."

The black dragoness sighed and turned round. "You guys shouldn't have followed me," she murmured.

"Well, that's good enough for me," Sparx replied. "Let's go, see ya…"

"Please, don't make this harder for me than it already is," Cynder pleaded.

"We're just trying to understand," Spyro said.

Cynder sighed again and bowed her head. "I'm leaving, guys. I don't belong here. After all I've done, all I put you through… I can't stay."

"Listen, Cynder," Astral soothed. "They may not admit it, but no one blames you for what happened…"

"Hmph, I do, speak for yourself," the dragonfly snorted.

"Sparx…" Troy warned, pointing a finger at him.

"No, Sparx is right," Cynder agreed sadly. "And every day that goes by, I'm reminded of it." She looked up and gave a weak smile. "Spyro, Troy, Astral, your place is here… your destinies are here, but mine is out there somewhere for me to find…"

Spyro's voice almost cracked as he spoke. "Cynder… I don't want you to go…"

"Goodbye, everyone," Cynder sighed and with that, she set off into the wilds beyond the garden.

"Be careful out there," Astral prayed.

Spyro just sighed and shook his head.

"Now, can we finally get some sleep around here?" Sparx cried. "I've only been sort of half asleep with one eye open for weeks now, alternating eyes of course. It lessens the strain but I tell ya, it's taken its toll… Say, was this twitch always here?"

"Oh, Sparx, you're a real help, you know?" Troy scowled.

"What?" Sparx said confused. "I'm just saying that- Spyro? You okay buddy?"

Troy turned and saw that Spyro was swaying back and forth, and then he collapsed to the ground. Seconds later, Astral also fainted with a thud.

"Guys!" Troy gasped, kneeling down by their sides. "Something's very wrong…"

"Hey, guys," Sparx cried out. "I wanna sleep too, but I didn't mean now. Let's at least get inside… It's dark out, man, and I don't like it."

Troy turned to shout at Sparx, but suddenly he was hit with a dizzy spell. "What-What's happening to me?" he grunted, shaking his head. The next thing he knew, he had fallen face down on the ground.

"Oh, not you too," he heard Sparx complain just as he blacked out. "Hello, anybody home? Yoooohoooo!"

There we have it. Didn't expect all three to faint, did ya?

Next chapter, Spyro and Astral relearn their Fire element, and Troy learns a new skill too.

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