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It was a sunny day. And Rima intended on spending that day in her room reading the new gag manga she just bought.

But sadly, she's been forced not to.


Because of Amu.

Amu, being the nice friend she is, made Rima buy a birthday gift.

For who?

The crossdresser.

Doesn't Amu realize that Purple Head was Rima's enemy?

Sometimes she's just so dense...

Rima, being the obedient loyal best friend, decided to listen to Amu.

So everything's just fine, right?


You see, Rima never took the time to get to know the Jack, therefore she doesn't know what to get him.

She tried asking all her friends, but they suggested to "confess your love" or "ask him out".

They're as dense as Amu.

As a last resort, she ended up asking the birthday boy himself.

Rima dialed his number (why she has it she'll never know).

Three rings later, he picked up.


"Oi, crossdresser. What do you want for your birthday?"

An awkward silence filled the air.

"Err...hello? Purple Head? Crossdresser? Fujisaki..? NAGIHIKO?"

"...meet me at the park."

"What, can't you just tell me now?"

"Just go to the park!"

"Okay! Okay! Fine. Chill your balls."

"Rima...that's inappropriate. I never knew you were so dirty!"


She hung up. Why he's so annoying she'll never understand...

Ten minutes later, she was at the park, looking for any sight of Nagihiko.

"Boo." A voice behind her said.


"Hey Rima-chan!" He said, in a cheerful tone.

"I'm here...so...what do you want for your birthday...?"

His smile slightly faltered.


She was confused. Why does he seem so nervous?

An awkward silence filled the air again.

"Spit it out already!"

"ILOVEYOU." Nagihiko said, very quickly.

Rima's eyes widened. Did he just...?

"I know you hate me..but I always loved you. You were so cute and funny; I just couldn't stand it..."


She had no idea what to say. She has this warm, fuzzy feeling in her stomach. Wait...it can't be...

But it is.

She loves him too.

"I-I guess I'll leave now..." Nagihiko said, as he starts to walk away.

"W-wait!" Rima managed to say, as she tugged his sleeve.

His eyes showed a hint of sadness.

"I-I love you too..." She said, looking off to the side.

His eyes widened with delight.

He brought her close to him, taking in the peachy smell of her hair.

"I'm so happy..." he murmured, into her hair.

For the first time today, Rima smiled. A real, genuine smile...

"Hey wait..."


"You never told me what you wanted for your birthday."


"What is it? I know we're all in love and happy but-"

She never got to finish that sentence, because Nagihiko leaned down and pressed his lips against her's.

He pulled away, and smirked.


Rima smirked. "Expect more of those later then."

"I plan to, Rima."

"Happy Birthday Nagi" Rima said, before kissing him.

And off in the distance, you could hear a bunch of teens cheering.

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