Sabrina couldn't sleep. She realized after a few sleepless moments that she was really hungry. She sighed, rolled out of bed, and shuffled down to the kitchen. If you can't beat 'em, eat 'em, she thought blearily. She noticed with a start that someone was already in the kitchen. She rolled her eyes when she saw that the someone had a messy mop of blonde curly hair. Puck was raiding the kitchen – again.

"Oh, hey Grimm." Puck mumbled with his mouth full of food.

"Hey, Puck," Sabrina mumbled, feeling slightly embarrassed as she looked for the peanut butter.

"What time is it?" Puck asked, to fill the silence.

"Uh, the clock's right there, and it's 2:58," Sabrina said, mostly teasing.

"Right. Wow. It's, um, late," Puck said.

"Yeah," Sabrina said.

There was a long pause, and at 3:00 Sabrina said, "Um, Puck? What exactly are you eating?"

Puck replied looking at his plate, "I'm not really sure, but it tastes good."

"You aren't sure?" Sabrina said, her eyes widened as she read the label on the can. "Puck this is dog food!"

"Oh," Puck said sheepishly. He laughed. "Oops. Well, at least it wasn't sausages!"

"That didn't make any sense," they said in unison.

"So, what are you eating?" Puck asked after a while.

"Peanut butter." Sabrina replied.

Puck raised his eyebrows. "We have peanut butter? I didn't think the old lady allowed anything normal in the pantry."

Sabrina giggled. "I bought it."

Puck laughed. "You're starting to think like me, Grimm."

"Eesh. That's a scary thought," Sabrina teased.

"Hey. I am a king. You could do worse than to think like a monarch," Puck replied seriously.

Sabrina laughed again. Puck said, "What?" and Sabrina laughed harder.

Puck said indignantly, "Hey. I am Puck, the Trickster King, role model of layab-"

Sabrina had placed her hand over his mouth. "Please, I don't need to hear that spiel again."

Puck grinned, and Sabrina removed her hand. "I guess I don't need to rub in my greatness any more than I already have," Puck teased.

Sabrina groaned in mock dismay. "You're going from bad to worse!"

They jumped as Uncle Jake said "I hate to break up your little flirtation, but you two should really be getting to bed."

"Flirtation?" Puck yelped. "Listen, Jake, I don't know what sick idea you have, but I am most certainly not flirting with Grimm! I mean, she is seriously all over me, but I'm—OW!"

Sabrina had socked him in the arm. "What he's trying to say is, Uncle Jake, that we were both up at the same time, and we were just talking."

Uncle Jake grinned doubtfully. "Whatever you say." HE turned to go back upstairs, but turned back unexpectedly and said, "Puck, what exactly are you eating?"

"Um, dog food." Puck answered shamefacedly. Uncle Jake gave Puck a dubious look and Sabrina tried not to laugh.

"Anyway, yeah. We really better get to bed before we wake anyone else up," Uncle Jake said.

"Yeah," Sabrina agreed, and Puck nodded. This time, Sabrina and Puck slept peacefully.

Severus Snape stirred the Veritaserum slowly, grumbling to himself. He had been stocking up since that hag Dolores Umbridge cleared out his last batch. He glanced at the recipe and went to get the next ingredient, eye of newt. Then he felt a sharp pain in the back of his head. When he woke up three hours later, his Veritaserum, and the ingredients needed to complete it, was gone. He was in a particularly foul mood that day when teaching. In fact, when that fool Harry Potter spoke out of turn, Severus docked fifty points from Gryffindor.