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The Cahills are an elusive family by nature, even if most are known all across the globe. There are the artistic creators, such as Jane Austen and Pablo Picasso, known as the Janus. The Ekaterinas, who had brilliant minds and made discoveries like Thomas Edison or Albert Einstein. The remarkable leaders such as Napoleon Bonaparte and Benjamin Franklin were Lucians. The Tomas, the strong and brave in heart, consisted of great adventurers like Meriwether Lewis or William Clark. The Madrigals, the shadiest of the bunch, still left their mark on history, what with Amelia Earhart and Marie Curie.

Yet as famous and well known as many members of this large family are, their true intentions and purposes have remained unknown and hidden to outsiders and the majority of mankind. The reason is a maze of secrets and puzzles that no single person could even hope to unravel in a lifetime— it has taken centuries for the Cahills themselves to come close to doing so.

And they know what the biggest secret is—a secret involving 39 clues.

It is necessary that you realize how protective and wary—not to mention dangerous—these people can be. If you understand that the Cahills are not to ever be taken lightly, you can certainly appreciate all the effort it took me to find the information about the simple actions and exchanged words that I am about to reveal to you. Some of the thoughts can only be guessed at, but I would not have included them in this file had I not been 99% sure. It has taken me many interviews, hackings, and uncomfortable situations on my part to uncover everything that happened.

A small and secret organization was discovered between the Cahills. No, they were not the selective Madrigals, and although many might not think of this instance as very extraordinary, it was certainly a matter that two certain people felt must be dealt with as soon as possible…

-In an undisclosed location-

Dan paused in what he was about to do. He glanced around the empty room nervously. He was sure no one was there, but he still had the feeling that he was being watched. Slightly annoyed with himself for being so paranoid, he shook the feeling off, and turned back to the keypad in front of him.

Quickly, the numbers 6-2-8-2-5-4-3 were pressed, accompanied by a small bleep each time a button was pushed. He couldn't help grinning as a door slid open to reveal a shiny and very professional looking elevator. Stepping in, he chuckled softly as he thought of how secret-agent-like he felt. His glory was short lived, however, when he saw the second keypad.

Punching in another sequence of numbers, he frowned. Why couldn't 3-2-6-4-3-5-2 have come before 6-2-8-2-5-4-3?

With a sigh, Dan knew he was being childish. But he was still a kid, after all. And besides, the thought kept him distracted from the constant twisting and churning of his insides, which resulted from his nervousness. He suddenly wondered what it looked like. It was probably disgusting and awesome. This thought kept him distracted as well— for about five seconds.

When the elevator doors slid open to reveal a new room, Dan calmed down slightly. Even if someone had been tailing him before, they had to be gone by now. No one could have followed him into the elevator without escaping his notice. But as he stepped out, his nerves rose up again. Why was he so nervous? He was training himself to be a ninja, for Heaven's sake! He must show no fear…

Taking a deep breath, Dan took a quick look around the room. There was a lot of fancy furniture, fancy carpeting, fancy walls, fancy windows, fancy food… Fancy everything. Dan couldn't have described it without using the word "fancy" a hundred times if he tried. The color theme seemed to be white, though. And he was just itching to try some of the food laid out, which he had noticed was on a fancy table to the right. However, as cool as this place was, he thought it could do with some awesome posters and expensive video games to liven it up a little.

"You are late."

Dang it. That cold, snotty, feminine voice just ruined everything. Okay, so there was no point in wishing she wasn't there, as this was her place. But it still annoyed him. The way she had to say "you are" instead of "you're" was just stupid. Why draw the words out when you could combine them? At least he could take pleasure in the fact that she said the words through clenched teeth, although her ice-cold tone ruined his pleasure.

"Well excuse me," Dan bit back sarcastically. "You don't have an obnoxious older sister and an over protective Au Pair who insist on dragging you everywhere with them, including every stupid library and museum in the world. It took me longer to ditch Amy then I thought, okay?"

The girl huffed and muttered something that sounded suspiciously like "Idiot American imbecile…"

Dan ignored the comment and sat down on one of the ornate couches in the room, opposite of the girl who was glaring at him.

"Should we get started then?" he asked.

"Of course."

"Where's Ian, by the way?"

Natalie rolled her eyes. "At a Polo game, if you can believe it."

Dan was confused. "Polo? Is that like Marco Polo? The game you play in the pool?"

"No!" Natalie scoffed. "Polo is… Oh, never mind. You would never understand it."

Dan shrugged. Who cared? It was probably a boring rich person game anyway.

"Let us begin, then," Natalie ordered. "I already have the website all set up. We just need to make the first video. I also have a link to it on various blogs of mine, so my fans should definitely be able to witness it and support us. I even have some emails ready to be sent to those I know who do not follow my blogs."

"Who cares about your mentally ill 'fans'?" Dan snorted. "I'm gonna' email this to everyone I know!"

Natalie narrowed her eyes. "I suggest we just get this over with," she said through clenched teeth. Without waiting for a response, she pulled out a video camera. She turned it on and took off the cap, setting it down on the extravagant coffee table in front of her. Natalie then aimed the camera lens at her face, put on a friendly smile, and pushed the record button.

"Hello, those of you who have found this marvelous video blog of mine!"

"And mine!" Dan put in. He pushed his face into view of the camera, and Natalie recoiled from him. "Although I do admit, it's not very fun to do this with a Cobra…"

"My last name is Kabra," Natalie corrected, giving Dan a little push, making sure there was room for her beautiful face.

"I know what I said!"

Natalie glared, but then turned back to the camera. "This is my—"


"Whatever." Natalie rolled her eyes. "This is 'our' first video for my—I mean our blog," Natalie corrected herself after another look from Dan. This was going to be a long process.

"So, once we post the video, you can all laugh with us!"

Natalie raised an eyebrow. "Dan, that will not make sense to the viewers. We need to tell them why they should be laughing."

"Oh. Yeah, that might be a good thing. Well, we are just about to tell you why we are in the same room and trying to accomplish something together! For once!" Dan explained cheerfully.

"Because something terrible has happened," Natalie continued seriously. "Something that not even I could foresee happening!"

"Really disappointing, in fact."

Natalie paused dramatically before continuing. "…Ian and Amy have fallen in love."

Dan gasped. Natalie made a face. "What was that for?"

"Hello! This act is practically a crime! It's terrible, remember? Hence, the gasp!"

"… I suppose you have a point. But anyway," Natalie continued, suppressing a shudder, "Ian, my older brother, and Amy, his older sister, have fallen in love, and we need to stop this."

"Or at least try to make them look like idiots," Dan added.

"So we need your help," Natalie explained. "We need more ideas to make fun of Ian, Amy, and their pathetic romance, which has been ridiculously small so far. You would think Ian would do something more to ensure her affections for him…"

"Well let's be glad he's not," Dan said, "or we'd be in more trouble than before."

"I know that!" Natalie glared again before turning back to the camera. "Please, comment on our blog, and suggest ways to make fun of them and stop them from getting any friendlier with each other. Eventually, either Ian, Amy, or both will see it, and hopefully, they will be shamed into hating each other as before."

"I've already got some ideas," Dan put in. "We really just need some support."

"And with that," Natalie concluded sweetly, "please comment! Goodbye." She pressed another button, and the camera stopped recording. She and Dan reviewed the video quickly to make sure it was all right to post. Once it was posted, Natalie started pushing Dan towards the elevator.

"Out. Now."

"Ouch! I'm going, I'm going! It's not like I want to be here any longer than I have to, anyway."

"Then leave! I'll call you about the results we get, and then we can set up a time to reply."

"Can't wait," Dan said sarcastically before leaving as fast as he could. Neither wanted to be in the other's presence longer than necessary.


No, I am not against Ian/Amy. In fact, I kind of really love it. But who can resist poking fun at people?

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