Naruto: The Rogue Shinigami

Chapter One: Lost and Found



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-Night of the Kyuubi attack-

"Naruto!" cried Kushina and Minato together, as they saw the Kyuubi try and strike their son with its claw and prevent itself from being sealed into Naruto.

Seeing that their son was in danger and without even thinking what they should do, both parents shielded their son with their bodies, where they were both impaled by the Kyuubi claw.

As the two parents slowly felt their life drain away, they both made their good-byes and slightly prayed that their son would be safe and happy.

Soon after, the Kyuubi was drawn into Naruto and sealed away, after which both parents died with a smile on their faces. Not knowing that by using the Shiki Fūjin (Dead Demon Consuming Seal), Naruto life would be changed forever in a way that neither of them could've foreseen.

After the events on the Kyuubi attack, the former Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen was appointed by the Fire Daimyo and the Fire Council to retake his position as the Sandaime Hokage. After which he began the slow and painful process of rebuilding the village and protecting it from its enemies and who believed that Konoha had been weakened from the Kyuubi attack.

A task which was not easy, given the many lives that had been lost in the attack, the amount of damage done to the village and the fact that Konoha had lost its Hokage Namikaze Minato, who had been declared the Strongest of the Hokage.

As the Sandaime finished up signing several forms that would help in the rebuilding of the village, he decided that he had done enough for one day and to start again tomorrow. But before heading home, he decided to check in on someone in the hospital.

As he walked through the dark streets of the village, the Sandaime gazed at the damage that had been done by the Kyuubi. As he looked, he knew that things would be hard for everyone, given the price that the village had paid to be saved, as may people had loss someone dear to them, whether they, be a friend, a mother, a father, a brother, a sister, a wife, a husband or a lover.

The Sandaime himself was one of those to be counted, as he too had loss someone dear to him, his wife of twenty years Biwako, who had been Kushina's mid-wife at the time. When the attack initially began, Sarutobi had assumed that the Kyuubi had freed itself when Kushina was giving birth. But when they investigated the secret base that Kushina had been giving birth in. They found that it was intact and found the bodies of the ANBU guards that were protecting Kushina and the body of Biwako, who all showed that they had been killed by an unknown assailant.

For the past few days Sarutobi and his advisors had been pondering who could've attacked the hidden base and who could've freed the Kyuubi and with both Kushina and Minato now dead. No-one could tell them what had happened or who was responsible for the disaster, but despite no knowing who was responsible. It did not stop people from theorising who had cause the attack.

The strongest of these theories was one that the Sandaime's former rival and friend Shimura Danzō had come up with. Danzō theory was that the Uchiha Clan or at the very least a member of the Clan was responsible for the attack, as it was a known fact that their Sharingan Doujutsu allowed them to subdue and control Biju. Sarutobi of course argued against the suggestion, as he did not want to believe that the Uchiha Clan was responsible. He also stated that there was no proof, along with the fact that no-one other than the former Clan leader Uchiha Madara, had been strong enough to do subdue and control Kyuubi.

Sadly though, despite his arguments the seeds of doubt and suspicion had been already been planted in people, which would only grow further. Thanks to the long held distrust that many high ranking members in Konoha had of the Clan.

But despite his worries, Sarutobi decided to leave such matters for another time, as right now he had arrived at the hospital and the room he'd been walking to. The room itself was guarded by a team of ANBU, who had been assigned by the Sandaime, to guard the occupant of the small room.

After the ANBU saluted to their Hokage and let him pass, the Sandaime enter the room and went to a small crib that held a sleeping baby boy with spiky blond hair and whisker shape birthmarks.

As the old Kage stared down at the sleeping baby named Naruto, a sad looked appeared on his face as he pitied young Naruto, knowing the kind of life he would be subjected to when he got older. It was especially hard for the Sandaime, since Naruto had already lost so much to begin with, as the he would grow up without it parents and never know how much he meant to them. It was even harder for the Sandaime given how he would have to hide who his parents were from the general population, which included Naruto himself. For if his father's enemies learned who he was, they come after him in revenge.

All the old Kage could do, was to create a law that stated that no-one was to tell anyone outside the village or anyone of the younger generation, what Naruto was. He had created this law in the hopes of not only protecting Naruto from outside forces, but as in the hope that Naruto might make friends and form bonds with children his own age. But even with this, the Sandaime feared that this wouldn't work either.

Soon enough though, the Sandaime decided to head home and get some rest for the coming day, where he left the room and bid goodnight to the ANBU guards. Unaware that this would be the last time he would ever see Naruto again, or that the ANBU standing guard would not see the morning sun of the next day.

-Several hours later a distance away from Konoha-

As the moon in the night sky was at its peak and was just about to be covered by a large dark cloud, four dark silhouettes could be seen travelling at high speed through the forest.

As they were travelling the sound of a baby crying could be heard, the four figures had ignored the baby's cries for most of the journey, but after a while they finally had enough.

"Can't you shut that brat up, its screams are getting on my nerves and if it keeps screaming someone could hear him" spoke one of the dark figures.

"Alright I try" replied another one of the dark figures, where he tried to calm the crying Naruto.

As the man carrying Naruto tried to calm him down, the moon came out of the dark cloud and shone it light down at the ground, where it revealed the Kumo headbands on the four Shinobi.

"I still don't know why we have to risk everything just to steal this kid" said one of the Kumo Shinobi.

"We're sealing him because he could be the very thing that would finally give us the edge we need over Konoha" replied the leader of the team.

"And what makes this kid so important that he could help us do that?" asked the final member of the team.

"Because he is the jinchūriki of the Kyūbi no Yōko (Nine-tailed Demon Fox)" answered the team leader, surprising his team.

"But how? I thought the jinchūriki of the Kyūbi was killed after the Kyūbi broke free and attacked Konoha", said one of the Shinobi.

"This boy is the new one, as after the Kyūbi broke free, the Yondaime Hokage stopped it and the only way to do that, is to seal it away" replied the team leader.

"But then how do we know this boy is really the new jinchūriki for the Kyūbi?" asked the Shinobi holding the crying Naruto.

"You saw the guards that we killed when we entered the hospital, if this boy wasn't the jinchūriki of the Kyūbi then why else would they be guarding him. Besides the hospital file we stole said the boy's name is Uzumaki and ever since Konoha captured the Kyūbi all their jinchūriki have been Uzumaki. The first jinchūriki was the Shodaime Hokage's wife Uzumaki Mito; the second jinchūriki was Uzumaki Kushina, who was the last jinchūriki of the Kyūbi and the wife of the Yondaime Hokage. Hence it makes perfect sense for this boy to be the new jinchūriki of the Kyūbi, as he would be the son of both the Yondaime Hokage and the pervious jinchūriki."

After hearing this, the other three Kumo Shinobi nodded their heads in understanding, as it did make sense, since from the beginning, when the Shinobi villages were formed and started creating jinchūriki. The Shinobi villages have always had the jinchūriki of their village be of close relation with the ruling Kage of their village.

Once the team leader had finish explaining what they were doing, he turned to the Shinobi that was carrying Naruto, who was now crying louder than ever.

"Roki can't you shut that brat up!" rounded the squad leader angrily, as Naruto's crying was serious getting on his nerves.

"I'm trying, but he just won't stop crying" replied the Shinobi named Roki.

"Well just do something, as we don't know how much longer it will be before Konoha finds out that the brat is missing, and by that time I want us to be as far away as possible. For the moment that they learn that he's gone, they'll send every Shinobi they have after us, to get him back", stated the team leader.

As Roki continued to try and quieten Naruto down, what they didn't know was that, as Naruto was crying he was releasing a large amount of Reiryoku (Spiritual Power). This power had been unlocked, when the Yondaime used the Shiki Fūjin to summon the Shinigami and use it powerto seal the Kyuubi and half its power inside Naruto.

Although none of the Kumo Shinobi could feel the immense Reiryoku that Naruto was releasing. Several other things that were out there that night could sense Naruto's Reiryoku and were drawn to it.

As they drew closer they let out a haunting cry, which none of the Kumo-nins could hear, although baby Naruto could, which was what was frightening him so much and caused him to cry.

"Let's just get out of here, he will eventually cry himself to sleep" spoke one of the Kumo Shinobi, where the others just nodded.

"Fine let's just g-AGGGRRAAAAHHHHH!" replied the team leader before he felt something large grab onto him from behind and pull him into the dark.

When the three other Kumo-nins saw their leader being pulled away by something, they all cried out their captain's name. But all the heard in reply was their Captain screams, where it suddenly stopped with a sicken crunch and a shower of blood that showered them.

"W-W-WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!" cried the Kumo-nins that was holding Naruto.

"I-I don't know" replied one of the others, as he began to shake in fear, as he held his Kunai in his hand.

"I say let's get outta here before whatever that thing comes back an-WWAAAAGGGHH!" cried one of the Kumo-nin, before he was pulled away screaming by another of the invisible things.

"Tagata! AAAHHH!" cried the Kumo-nins partner before he too was grabbed and pulled away by a giant invisible arm.

"Li!" cried the Kumo-nin that was holding the still crying Naruto in his arms. But all the man heard was his team-mates cries of anguish, before a loud crunch was heard and a shower of blood appeared.

At seeing all his team-mates being killed by some kind of invisible thing or things, the frightened Roki tried to run away. But before he could, he was sent flying backwards after something big landed right in front of him.

As he hit the ground Roki dropped baby Naruto, who was still crying loudly. Roki of course quickly picked himself up tried runaway, leaving Naruto behind, but before he could get very far. He was picked up from his feet and lifted up into the air and then eaten by the large invisible beast.

Once all the Kumo-nins had been killed, the three other beasts came out of the dark and unlike the four Kumo-nins, baby Naruto could see the four creatures.

The creatures were all humanoid in shape and were all the size of a large tree and all had a large hole in each of their chests. But the thing that differentiated them from one another was that the white masks that they all wore were of different size and shape from each other. These creature were called Hollows, although normally these creatures wouldn't come to the Shinobi world. Since they feared the creatures called Biju that lived in this world, as well as the fighting force of this world, which were called Shinobi and Samurai, and had abilities that rivalled their mortal enemies the Shinigami and the Quincy. But even despite their fears there were still some that would come to this world to devour human souls.

As the creatures loomed over the crying baby, they began to argue over who was to eat the crying baby. As the spiritual power that Naruto was giving off was stronger than any of them had felt from a human in many years.

"He's not much to look at and he's very noisy with his constant screams" spoke one Hollow whose mask was the shape of and ape and had arms like one.

"There barely even enough of him to even munch" said another Hollow whose mask took the shape of a bird with a long beak and had wings on his arms that allowed him to fly and had finger like claws.

"Maybe, but the spiritual power that is emanating from him is stronger than any that we've felt in this world" spoke the Hollow wearing a Tiger shape mask, and had large claw like hands.

"So which of us shall have the pleasure of devouring him?" asked the Hollow with a Bear like mask.

For the next few minutes the four Hollows continued to argue amongst themselves over who was devour Naruto.

After much arguing, it was decided that the Tiger masked Hollow, (who was the strongest of the group) would eat Naruto. But just as the Tiger was about to pick baby Naruto up, there was a sudden blur of orange and the next thing the Tiger masked Hollow knew, his arm was severed and a shower of blood exploded from the stub that was once his arm.

"AAARRRRAAGGHHH!...MY ARM!" cried the Hollow in pain.

After roaring in pain, the Tiger masked Hollow looked around for whomever or whatever had severed his arm. The four Hollows quickly found the perpetrator, who was standing on a large tree branch on a nearby tree.

The mysterious person was clearly a woman by the shape of her body, her attire consisted of a an orange over-shirt with two white straps on each shoulder, a large beige sash around her waist, black stretch pants and long beige wrist warmers, secured by bands, and long beige leg warmers with brown light shoes. The mysterious woman also wore a beige neck warmer, which she pulled up to cover her face which hide her identity.

"Well, well, well, here I was taking a casual night run and I find a group of Hollows attack a helpless baby", spoke the mysterious woman.

"Who the hell are you!" roared the Hollow with the ape like mask.

"Me!...well I'm just your everyday good Samaritan, who can't stand to see cute innocent little babies being attacked by the likes of you" replied the woman.

"Well whoever you are you're going to die!" roared the ape masked Hollow, as he charged at the woman with his fist raised.

Seeing this, the woman remained perfectly calm and waited for the large Hollow to come at her. Just as the Hollow was about to hit her, the woman disappeared and the Hollow instead hit the tree that she had been standing on a moment ago and completely destroyed it. But before the Hollow realized what'd happened, the mysterious woman reappeared again right in front of him, where she then smashed her fist right in the Hollows face, completely destroying its mask and killing the Hollow.

Before the other two Hollows could even react to what happened to their fellow Hollow. The Mysterious woman disappeared and reappeared again in front of the Hollow with the bear shape mask. Before said Hollow could even react, let alone defend himself, the woman delivered a powerful roundhouse kick to the Hollows face, destroying its mask and killing the Hollow.

Seeing that two of their brethren had been destroyed, the two remaining Hollows became enraged, where the Hollow with the bird shape Hollow masked, shot out it claw fingertips, which flew towards the woman at staggering speed.

But when the claws hit the woman, they pass right through her, revealing that she was an after-image, where as soon as the Hollow saw this. The mysterious woman reappeared right above the Hollow and delivered a powerful leg drop down on the creature head, which shattered it's mask, killing it instantly.

Seeing that last of his brethren being killed by the unknown woman, and knowing that he stood no chance of winning due to the woman severing his arm. The Tiger masked Hollow decided to at least deny the woman her victory, by killing Naruto.

"If you care so much about this brat then try and save him from this!" roared the Hollow leader, where he raised his one remaining hand and went to crush the crying Naruto with it. But just when he was about to crush Naruto, he suddenly felt his hand being stopped by something, where when he looked down. He saw that the mysterious woman had once again reappeared and blocked the Hollows fist, protecting Naruto from being crushed. But what shocked the Hollow the most was that the woman had stopped his clawed fist with one hand.

"Impossible! How can you be so strong?" cried the enraged Hollow, as he struggled to crush the mysterious woman and the crying baby, but found he could not, as the woman would not budge. Before the Hollow could do anything else, a small blue glow appeared between the woman and the Hollows hands, after which the Hollows arm blew up into piece.

"AAAGGGGHHHH! Who the hell are you?" roared the furious Hollow in pain as he was now armless.

At this the woman just smirked behind her neck warmer and replied, "Like I said… I'm just your friendly good Samaritan". After which she then jumped into the air and delivered a powerful upward kick, right to the Hollows chin, causing its mask to shatter, killing it instantly like the others.

Once the last of the Hollows had been destroyed, the woman then went over to the still crying Naruto, and gently picked him up and removed her neck warmer. When she removed the neck warmer around her face, the woman revealed herself to be an attractive dark-skinned woman with purple hair, which was tied up in a ponytail.

"There, there little guy it's alright your safe now" said the woman kindly, as she smiled down at the crying boy, where when his blue eyes met with her golden eyes. The young boy calm down and even smiled up at the woman, as if knowing that he was safe with this woman.

Said woman was of course no ordinary person, she was in fact former Captain of squad two and former Commander-in-Chief of the Onmitsukidō (Punishment Force) Shihōin Yoruichi, who was also the former head of the Shihōin Clan, one of the four great noble houses in the Soul Society.

Ever since she rescued her friends Urahara Kisuke and Tsukabishi Tessai from being punished by Central 36 and saved the eight Hollowfied Shinigami from being excute. Yoruichi had been in hiding in between the Soul Society, the world of the living and it's parallel, area 30 otherwise known by most Shinigami, as the Shinobi World.

This world had been and oddity to the Soul Society for many years, where the people of this world developed unique abilities that rivaled that of the Shinigami. A power which was later dubbed by the people of the world as Chakra, the power itself involved the people using their physical energy in combination with their spiritual energy. By combining these two things it allowed the Shinobi to create unique techniques which were on par with any Kidō (Spirit way) spell. Although when the people of this World died and entered the Soul Society, they did not possess the same abilities that they had in their world. This led the Soul Society top scientists to believe that the people of this world could only use Chakra when they were alive, due to it requiring both physical energy and spiritual energy. But even despite this, the unique power of the Shinobi caused much concern and interest in the Soul Society. As many believed that with these abilities, the Shinobi could become quite useful in the Soul Society war against the Hollows or become dangerous threat to the Soul Society itself.

The Soul Society concern of the Shinobi world grew even more when creatures called Biju appeared in the Shinobi World, which were made out of Chakra and could not be destroyed even with Kidō and Zanpakutō and could only be sealed away.

But even despite these concerns, the Soul Society began to experiment with the people of the Shinobi World in the hope that they could somehow replicate the Shinobi abilities. For several years the Soul Society researchers experimented on the people of this world, but all their attempts in replicating the Shinobi powers failed. Also during the course of these experiments an unexpected side-effect appeared where several genetic abnormalities appeared in some of the people that were experimented on. These abnormalities continued on through the descendants of the people that were experimented on by the Soul Society, where they were later became known as Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline limit) by the people of the Shinobi World.

After seeing the result of the experiments and not wanting to do anymore harm to the world than what had already been done, plus the fact that Hollows rarely entered the world. Central 36 decided that any traveling to the Shinobi World would highly restricted, where all Senkaimon that led to the Shinobi World would be sealed off, and that only those with special permission given by Central 36 or the Head-Captain could enter the World.

Although what neither the Head-Captain or Central 36 knew was that Yoruichi knew of a secret way to get to the Shinobi World, and given that fact that Shinigami rarely entered or monitored the world, it was the perfect place for her to hid in from time to time. Yoruichi especially like the Shinobi World as she found the Shinobi that lived in it interesting, as she found their style of fighting very familiar with her own.

She also found the Shinobi to be fun to mess with, where she would practice her stealth skills, by sneaking into Shinobi villages and taking something, so to have the Shinobi chase after her. This of course allowed Yoruichi to amuse herself, while at the same time keeping her skills from getting too dull over the years. Naturally none of the Shinobi that attacked her or chased after her could catch her, but there were two exceptions, which actually made her little games interesting. The first was a man named A, who used a technique involving Lightning and would cover his body with it and use it to enhance his strength and speed. The other person was a Shinobi named Namikaze Minato, who actually caught up to her once when she was being chase by several Konoha Shinobi. He had caught up to her by using a technique he called the Hiraishin no Jutsu (Flying Thunder God Technique), which allowed him to teleport instantly from one place to another that had one of his special Kunai or his special seals on it.

Obviously even after Minato and caught up to her, Yoruichi had still gotten away, but even still, she had been impressed with Minato's skill and the technique he used and admitted that he was very impressive human.

As she looked down at baby Naruto, she could not help but be slightly reminded of Minato, where Naruto had the same hair colour and clear blue eyes and wondered if Naruto was perhaps related to him. It was then as she looked down at him that Yoruichi noticed the name "Naruto" embroidered on the baby's blanket.

"So your name is Naruto, that's an interesting name, one of your parents must have really loved ramen a lot, by naming you after a ramen topping. That or they wanted to call you something fearsome like a maelstrom" spoke Yoruichi with a smile as she held the boy and smiled down at him.

At this baby Naruto just gurgled, as if laughing at what Yoruichi had said.

As Yoruichi continued to stare that the baby in her hand, she couldn't help but marvel at the Reiryoku that baby Naruto was emanating, since it was surprisingly strong for a human let alone an infant to have. Since from what she was sensing, he had a great deal of power in him and it would only grow over time.

Soon enough though, Yoruichi decided that she should bring Naruto back home, as she guessed that Naruto was obviously from Konoha. Since Konoha was not too far away from here, plus the Shinobi that had Naruto had the symbol Kumo on him, which was a rival of Konoha. Not to mention given how much Naruto reminded her of Minato, whom she had heard became the new leader of Konoha. She guessed that Minato was his father or at the very least some kind of close relative him and Kumo had kidnaped Naruto, in an attempt to use him as some kind of political hostage."

After a few minutes of using Shunpo (Flash steps) Yoruichi arrived at Konoha, where she snuck into the village without anyone noticing and decided to head to the Hokage's Mansion and leave Naruto there, knowing he be safe there till morning, where Minato would find him.

But before she could leave Naruto in the office, she suddenly heard several people coming towards the office.

Not wanting to be caught, Yoruichi quickly jumped back through the open window that she had entered through with Naruto and hid behind the wall next to the window.

As soon as Yoruichi had jumped out of the office, the lights of the office lit up and a middle aged man, wearing official looking robes, entered the office. Closely following the man were three other people who looked to be about the man age entered the room. Along with them, were three more men, who were wearing white coloured hooded trench-coats and porcelain animal masks.

As Yoruichi listened in on the people, she could tell that they were extremely angry and worried about something.

"How could this have happened?" spoke the middle aged man wearing official looking robes as sat behind the desk of the Hokages office.

"Obviously, the boy was stolen by a group of highly skilled infiltrators, as they were able to enter the village, kill the men we had guarding the boy and left the village with him without alerting our patrols", spoke a man with half his face covered in bandages.

"Do we have any clue as to who exactly took the boy?" asked a middle age woman, who was the only woman in the group.

"None, I'm afraid, as whoever took young Uzumaki, covered their tracks well and left no clues, as to who they were", replied one of the masked men, whose mask was in the shape of a Boar.

"This is unacceptable captain" spoke the other middle aged man, who wore glasses.

"Our apologise Homura-sama, but given the Kyuubi's recent attack, it has been difficult in keeping the village secure. As many of our Shinobi have been injured from the attack and as you know we had to take down the Kanchi Shisutemu (Sensing System) due to the power requirements. Hence there are many holes in our defences, which an enemy can sneak through undetected", replied another of the masked men, who wore a bird shaped mask.

"The matter as to how they got in is of little matter right now, since we need to focus our full attention, on getting Naruto back as quickly as possible" spoke the middle aged robed man, where at this everyone else in the room nodded in agreement.

Upon which the robed man turned to the man were the cat shaped mask, "Captain I want you and the other captains to gather your best people and have them ready to move out in one hour. Also I want you to go to Hyuga Hiashi, Inuzuka Tsume and Aburame Shibi and inform them of the situation and tell them we need their best people to help us track down whoever stole Naruto, as quickly as possible.

At this the three masked captains all nodded their heads in understanding and disappeared in puff of smoke.

Once the three captains disappeared, the middle aged woman suddenly spoke, "This is a disaster, it is not enough that our village was attacked by the Kyuubi and we lost not only many of our Shinobi and Yondaime Hokage. But we've now lost the jinchūriki for the Kyuubi."

"This would never have happened if you had agreed to my proposal and let me take the child", spoke the bandaged face man.

"If I had done that Danzō, you would've trained Naruto to become a mindless killing machine and he would've become no better than a weapon."

"That is what jinchūriki are, they are living weapons used by us as deterrents against our enemies, as well as to show off our might. To think otherwise is to be naïve Sarutobi" replied Danzō.

"Naruto is not a weapon, he is just an innocent child and we owe it to both Kushina and Minato to care for Naruto, after they sacrificed themselves to save this village. To do otherwise would be an insult to their memory, as Minato said so himself before he died, that Naruto was to be hailed as a hero for what he was", responded the Sandaime.

Before Danzō could respond to Sarutobi comment, the middle age women spoke up. "Hiruzen, Danzō is correct, as the boy is a jinchūriki and therefore is a living weapon for our village. But how the boy is raised is not the issue here, the fact of the matter is, he has been stolen from this village, most likely by one of the other villages and without him and given the loses we've already suffered. Our village is extremely vulnerable to attack from any one of our enemies."

"I 'am aware of that Koharu, but what else would you have me do? All that we can do right now, is send out search parties, and hopefully find Naruto before it's too late" spoke the Sandaime, after which he and his advisors continued to discuss what they should do.

As the four elder Shinobi continued to talk about what they should do next, Yoruichi decided to take her leave, as she had heard enough. From her time in the Shinobi World, Yoruichi had seen the rise of the Shinobi Nations and the creation of jinchūriki, and how they were treated. Naturally she did not like what she saw and did not believe that Naruto deserve to be treated as such, hence she decided to take Naruto somewhere else, where he could have a better life.

After travelling for several hours using Shunpo, Yoruichi came across a small village that was far from Konoha. Naruto had slept through the majority of the trip, hence Yoruichi had no trouble with him.

When she arrived at the village, Yoruichi was certain that Naruto would be safe here, where she then left Naruto at the doorstep of a small house, but as soon as she left, Naruto woke up and began to cry.

Seeing this, Yoruichi, went over and picked him up so to calm him, and as soon as she did, Naruto stop crying and smiled at Yoruichi and reached out towards her with his small arms, as if indicating that he wanted to stay with her.

Yoruichi at first tried to ignore Naruto's silent pleas, but when she looked down at him and he gave her the infamous puppy dog look, which could bring down even the mightiest of Shinigami she broke.

Whether it was because of the puppy dog look that Naruto was giving her, or because of some form of maternal instincts that Naruto seemed to bring out in her.

But whatever the reason, it was then and there that Yoruichi decided that she would give Naruto the life he deserved. After which, she then disappeared into the night, carrying her newly adopted son.


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