Naruto: The Rogue Shinigami

Chapter Two: Sandal-Hat



"Zanpakutō talk"

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-Last time on Rogue Shinigami-

When she arrived at the village, Yoruichi was certain that Naruto would be safe here, where she then left Naruto at the doorstep of a small house, but as soon as she left, Naruto woke up and began to cry.

Seeing this, Yoruichi, went over and picked him up so to calm him, and as soon as she did, Naruto stop crying and smiled at Yoruichi and reached out towards her with his small arms, as if indicating that he wanted to stay with her.

Yoruichi at first tried to ignore Naruto's silent pleas, but when she looked down at him and he gave her the infamous puppy dog look, which could bring down even the mightiest of Shinigami she broke.

Whether it was because of the puppy dog look that Naruto was giving her, or because of some form of maternal instincts that Naruto seemed to bring out in her.

But whatever the reason, it was then and there that Yoruichi decided that she would give Naruto the life he deserved. After which, she then disappeared into the night, carrying her newly adopted son.

-Eight years Later Karakura Town-

"Kaa-chan what are we doing here?" asked an eight year old Naruto, as he held his adopted mother's hand, as they walked down the crowded streets of Karakura town.

"Well we're here Naru-chan to visit your uncle Kisuke, do you remember me mentioning him?" replied Yoruichi, as she smiled own at her adopted son. Who was wearing an orange shirt, with a small black spiral along with black pants and grey runners.

Yoruichi herself was currently in a gigai, which she had gotten off Urahara right after she took in Naruto. Currently the dark skin woman wore a pair of short white shorts, which just stopped below her thighs along with a matching white zip-up jacket, which showed her midriff and had its zip lowered showing her orange bra underneath. (1).

The outfit of course gained the attention of many male passer-by who couldn't help but stare at the exotic woman. Several men of course got slapped on the back of their heads, by their angry girlfriends or wives who were with them, after catching them staring are her. Said women then glared angrily at the former squad two captain, who were either appalled that Yoruichi would wear such an outfit with her son or were jealous that Yoruichi had such a figure after having a child.

Yoruichi of course only smirked at seeing all this, as she loved playing these kind of games, as it showed that she still got it. Naruto on the other hand remain oblivious to the whole thing, where he just continued to walk on with his mother.

As the two continued on their journey to Urahara store, Yoruichi glanced down at her adopted son and smile at him.

The past eight years had been a bit different from what Yoruichi was used to, as she couldn't travel a freely as she usually could, and had to take a lot more care when traveling. When she took in Naruto, she was of course at a complete lose at what to do, such as feeding, clothing, waking up at all hours of the night and worse of all nappy changing. But eventually, after much trial and error, everything worked out in the end.

During the eight years, Yoruichi had been travelling with Naruto between the world of the living and the Shinobi world. This was to make sure that those from the Shinobi world (who would be looking for Naruto) and the Soul Society (who be looking for Yoruichi) would have trouble finding them. This of course made things difficult for Naruto in making friends, since it was often just Yoruichi and him and they were always on the move. But even still he didn't mind, since as far his he was concern his mother was the only thing he need. She even taught him how to read and write along with maths other things.

Money was of course not a problem, since after adopting Naruto, Yoruichi made a quick visit to the Soul Society and "borrowed" a sizable amount for them to live comfortable lives with no trouble.

When Naruto got older, Yoruichi started training Naruto in hand to hand fighting as well as to train up his body. Naruto loved training since his mother always made it fun, like by turning endurance training into a game of tag and stealth training into hide a seek.

Yoruichi also taught Naruto some things in the Shinobi arts, since not only were the Shinobi abilities powerful in their own right. But she believed that it was important for him to know where he came from.

Teaching him of course had been slightly difficult since she could do it herself. But even still, she knew enough about Chakra from her time in the Shinobi to know how it worked and how it was used. When she started to teach Naruto about Chakra, Naruto had trouble using it, for not only did Naruto possess an extremely high amount of Reiryoku (Spiritual Power). But an a equally high amount of Chakra, hence he had trouble using it. Eventually though, Naruto's control and use of his Chakra got better, where he learned how to use it Henge (Transformation), Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Replacement Technique), to walk up a tree using his Chakra.

But what Yoruichi had not figured out was why Naruto had such large reserves of Reiryokuemanated such strong Reiatsu (Spirital pressure), which he emanated from time to time, although couldn't use it.

This was why Yoruichi was heading for Urahara shop, since she was certain that if anyone could figure what was wrong with Naruto, and why he even had such high levels of Reiryoku, it would be Kisuke.

Eventually they arrived at Urahara's shop, but when Naruto saw the store he was far from impressed.

"Is this it, Kaa-chan?" asked Naruto.

"Yes it is Naru-chan" replied the dark skinned woman, where she then opened the door and entered the shop with Naruto.

As soon as they entered the store, they were greeted by two men who came out from the back of the store.

The first was a tall, muscular, lightly tan-skinned man with cornrowed shape hair and a large handlebar mustache, which was connected to his long sideburns. His attire consists of a white muscle shirt with regular pants and a blue apron and wore a pair of rectangular-shaped glasses.

The second was a tall light-skinned man with and gray eyes messy light-blond hair that had strands framing the sides of the face and hanging between his eyes and chin stubble. He wore bucket shape hat with green and white stripes. He also wore a dark green shirt and pants, topped with a black coat with a white diamond pattern along its bottom half, along with traditional Japanese wooden sandals.

As soon as the two men saw Yoruichi and Naruto, the tall blonde haired man cried "Yoruichi!" before running over to greet his oldest and dearest friend in a tight hug.

"Greetings Yoruichi-sama, it is good to see you again" greeted the other man, as he slowly walked over to Yoruichi and the others.

"It's good to see you to Kisuke, Tessai" replied Yoruichi with a smile, after Urahara let him go.

"I'm assuming that this is your son Naruto" spoke Tessai as he turned to the small blonde boy, who was sticking close to his adoptive mother, as he was slightly intimidated by the large man.

"Yes, say hello to your Uncle Tessai, Naruto" replied Yoruichi.

"Hello" said Naruto nervously, where the large named Tessai, gave a brief smile and panted Naruto gently on the head, "Hello young man, it's very nice to meet you."

"Well aren't you the handsome young man, here would you like a lollipop," said Urahara as he held out a large lollipop. "It's quite nice…as its raspberry flavor."

Seeing the lollipop, Naruto slowly reached out to it and took it and put it in his mouth.

"Naruto, what do you say to your Uncle Kisuke" said Yoruichi, as she looked down at her adopted son.

"Thanks Mr. Sandal-hat"

Yoruichi just smirked at Naruto's nickname for Kisuke, while Tessai chuckled slightly. Even Urahara himself smiled at the name as he didn't mind being called that, where he then told Naruto he was welcome.

Once the introductions were all done, Tessai lead Naruto to one of the side rooms, where there was a television and turned it on and allowed Naruto to watch some animes.

Once Naruto was occupied, Tessai made some tea and brought it to the main backroom, where Kisuke and Yoruichi were sitting and waiting for him.

As Tessai poured the tea into their cups, Kisuke decided to start things off, "So Yoruichi, do you care to tell what is going on? When you first wrote to me asking for the gigai, your letter was rather vague to say the least, not to mention surprising when you said you had adopted a baby boy."

"Yea I beat it was" laughed Yoruichi, as she only wish she could've seen Kisuke face when he read the letter.

"So tell me, why is it that you need to see us, Yoruichi?" asked Yoruichi

"I'm here because I need your help Kisuke and it involves Naruto" Yoruichi answered.

"Is there something wrong with the young man?" asked Tessai.

"Well not exactly, but Naruto isn't a normal boy, as he is from area 36 or as you both known it as… the Shinobi World", explained Yoruichi, which surprised the two men.

"The Shinobi world well now that is certainly interesting" commented Kisuke, as he scratched his chin and had a thoughtful look on his face.

"But how did you enter the Shinobi world? I was under the impression that all Senkaimon (World Penetration Gate) that led to the Shinobi World were sealed off" stated Tessai.

"Oh I know a few "back doors" in and out of places," answered Yoruichi with a knowing smile.

"Hmmm, well this is interesting, but there something you're not telling us Yoruichi, such as why did you even take Naruto in. No offense put you're not the type of person to simply take in a child for just any reason and what do you expect me to do?" stated Urahara.

At hearing this Yoruichi just smirked before replying, "Tell me Kisuke, what can you tell me about the creatures called Bijū?"

"Well back when I was first setting up Technological Development Department, I came across some of the records on the Shinobi World. From what I understand they are creatures made out of the same energy that can only be found in the Shinobi World. This energy if I am not mistaken is called Chakra and according to the records, these Bijū's power is on par with a Menos, although their intelligent is no greater than that of a wild beast not unlike Gillian", answered Kisuke before continuing.

"There are about nine of them now, although originally there was only one, which the people of the Shinobi World called the Jūbi. But it was eventually sealed in a human, who was the byproduct of one of the Soul Society experiments on some of the people of the Shinobi World and gained what they called a Bloodline. There he used his power to seal creature within him. When the Soul Society learned of this they tried to capture the man in hope of learning more about his power and to study the Jūbi. But remarkably the man proved too powerful, where he defeated the five captains the dozen or so lieutenants that were sent to capture him. It was because of this that Central 46 decided to employ an arm's reach policy with the Shinobi World, due to their concern of the power of these bloodlines. Later this concern of Bloodlines would help Central 46 decision in ordering that the Shinobi World being sealed off. But still from what I understand, when this man who sealed the Jūbi in him was dying, he used his power to divide the creature's power into nine other creatures creating the nine other Bijū. To prevent the Jūbi from being released or allowing anyone else such as the Soul Society from capturing it and using it for their own mean."

After hearing Kisuke recount on what he knew about the Bijū, Yoruichi could only smile, as there were very few things that Kisuke did not know about.

"Well since you already know that much about them, I guess it saves us some time, since to put it simply Naruto is like that man. Who are called jinchūriki in the Shinobi World" said Yoruichi where she then went on to explain what she knew about jinchūriki and how they came to be.

After hearing all this Kisuke mulled over with what he had learned, where he had to admit, it was a rather interesting way of harnessing the power of the Bijū. Since by placing it in a child, they can train the Child in using the Bijū powerful effectively and to its full potential, while at the same time making sure the child is loyal to the leader, by have the child be related to them. He also now understood, why Yoruichi felt the desire to take Naruto in, given how jinchūriki were regarded by most people in their own villages.

"What Bijū does Naruto-kun have?" asked bucket hat wearing man.

"He has the Kyūbi no Yōko (Nine-tailed fox), the strongest of the nine Bijū" replied Yoruichi.

"Although as interesting as this is, Yoruichi, I still do not see why you require my help?" said Kisuke.

"I'm here because, I need your help, since when I first found Naruto, I sensed a large amount of Spiritual pressure coming from him and he can see me without my gigai."

"Hhmmm I see, so you want me to examine him to see why he has such a large amount of spiritual power in him" answered Kisuke, where Yoruichi just nodded.

"Well then…" said Kisuke as he put his folded fan down on the table, "…let's get started shall we."

-A few Days Later-

For the next couple of days Kisuke used his machines to examine Naruto, both inside and out and gathered as much data as he could. While at the same time making sure that none of the examination hurt Naruto. He had also studied the information he had received from Yoruichi about Chakra, how it worked and about Bloodlines and Shinobi Clan, which she had attainted from her "visits" to the Shinobi World from Shinobi villages.

Once Kisuke had finished his examination on Naruto, he brought his results to Yoruichi.

"Well Yoruichi, I've to say, your son Naruto is quite the anomaly even for his own people" replied Kisuke with an amused smile.

"What do you mean?" asked the dark skinned woman.

"Well it seems your son has three sources of power, the first is his own Chakra, the second Chakra that comes from the Kyūbi, which is similar in some ways to a Hollows power. The third power is his spiritual power and I must say it quite large for a boy let alone a normal human to have.

Yoruichi only nodded at this, as she already knew all of this, "Yes I'm aware of that Kisuke, but want I'm wondering about is why Naruto has so much spiritual power, and is able to use spiritual pressure."

"Well I've an answer for that, you see as I was performing Naruto-kuns tests, I hacked into the archive storage systems of the Technological Development Department without Kuotsuchi-kun knowing….A rather impressive feet if I do say so myself" replied Kisuke, as he opened his fan and laughed to himself at his own brilliance.

"Kisuke! What did you find?" asked the annoyed Yoruichi.

"Now, now Yoruichi calm down I was getting there" replied Urahara, as he tried to calm his friend down as she could be rather impatient at times.

"As I was saying, after I hacked into the archives I started to look over the records kept by the head of the scientific team, who performed the experiments on people from the Shinobi world. Now as you know, the original purpose of the scientific team, was to study the phenomenon that was Chakra in the hopes of replicating the Shinobi's abilities. But after seeing their attempts fail, the head of the scientific team a Nagao Sanosuke attempted to go another direction. By combining a Chakra with a Shinigami, in the hopes of creating a Shinigami, Shinobi hybrid." explained Kisuke.

When Yoruichi heard this, she was naturally surprise, at someone from the Soul Society trying something like that. But even still she wondered how this effected Naruto, since this all happened long before he was born, but before she could ask, Kisuke continued with his explanation.

"Now naturally when the Central 46 learned of this, they immediately halted the experiments and ordered that information on the experiments and on the Shinobi World, to be sealed away and that all the Senkaimon leading to the Shinobi World be cut off. But not everyone followed with this order" explained Kisuke.

"What do you mean?" asked Yoruichi.

"Well it seems that the head of the scientist team did not agree with Central 46 decision and made a copy of all his team data. After which he then fled the Soul Society to the Shinobi World to continue his research."

"Did they ever find him?"

"Oh they did, but according to the reports about him, when the Soul Society found him, he wasn't exactly himself anymore."

"Huh?" said Yoruichi.

"Well according to what I've learned, it seems that Nagao first attempted to make a Shinigami, Shinobi hybrid by using himself as the test subject, since there were no other Shinigami with him to test on. His experiments although had an unfortunate side effect, where he inadvertently mutated himself" said Urahara. "Once the Soul Society found him and saw what he had become. They decided to banish him into a pocket dimension that lies between the Soul Society and the Shinobi World, to remain there for all time."

"So you're saying that Naruto's Spiritual power is a result of Nagao's experiments" spoke Yoruichi.

"I believe so" replied Kisuke.

"But how is that possible, all of that happened long before Naruto or his parents were even born" stated the former Shihōin heiress.

"Well according to the data that the Soul Society confiscated after they caught Nagao. It seems that he was very close to actually succeeding in creating a Shinigami, Shinobi hybrid, where after his failed attempt to combine Chakra with a Shinigami. He instead attempted alter a human's body so that it could use both Chakra and Reiryoku. He partially succeeded in doing so, where some members of a Clan of Shinobi who he had experimented on, showed signs in having high levels of spiritual power. Furthermore the members of the Clan seemly possessed a much greater life span than a normal person."

"You mean Naruto's birth mother Clan, the Uzumaki" stated Yoruichi, which Kisuke confirmed with a nod.

"Yes, but as I said, he only partially succeeded, since despite possessing Spiritual power, Naruto's ancestors couldn't use it, as there was some kind of block that prevented them to from accessing it. But before Nagao could solve the problem, the Soul Society found him and halted his experiments", answered Kisuke.

"But if that's true, how did Naruto unlock his spiritual energy?" asked Yoruichi.

"I'm not entirely sure…" answered Kisuke "…but when I studied Naruto-kun seal, I found trace amounts of foreign spiritual energy in it."


"Well if I were to guess I would say that another Shinigami sent some of his or her power into Naruto's body, where it unlocked his dormant spiritual energy, not unlike a key opening the door" replied Kisuke.

"But that doesn't make any sense, why would another Shingami be there? As there's no way they could have known I was in the Shinobi world. Not to mention why would they even send some of their spiritual energy into Naruto's body?" said Yoruichi.

"I'm afraid I cannot answer that" answered Kisuke honestly.

After remaining silent for several minutes, Yoruichi decided to ask Urahara for one other favour.

"Kisuke, if you don't mind there is one other thing I want to ask you to do, which is also the other reason why I came here."

"And what is that?" asked the curious Kisuke.

"I want you to help Naruto to gain the powers of a Shinigami" Yoruichi stated.

Upon hearing this, both Kisuke and Tessai eyes widened slightly in surprise.

"Yoruichi-sama are your sure you want to do this, as you know there are only two processes for a normal human being in become a Shinigami" said Tessai.

"I am as it's only a matter of time before Aizan eventually learns about Naruto, as Naruto is the first ever Shinigami Shinobi hybrid and has one of the Biju within him. If Naruto is to have any chance of defending himself against Aizan or Hollows who would be after his high spiritual power? Then he'll need the power of a Shinigami to do it. Besides Naruto has stated several times to me, that he wishes to become a Shinigami to fight hollows and trust me when I say this, once he's set his mind to something he won't give up on it"

"Hmmmm," hummed Kisuke, "You might be right Yoruichi, as Naruto-kun could indeed be a powerful ally or enemy to Aizen if he learns to control his powers correctly. But how exactly do you want to Naruto to gain the powers of a Shinigami, was there are only two methods for a living person to do so" stated Urahara.

"I want you to use the method you came up with, Kisuke" replied Yoruichi.

"Are you sure about that Yoruichi, as you know how dangerous that could be."

"I am aware of the risks, but I know Naruto can make it, he stronger than you might think."

"I don't doubt that, but wouldn't the other method be easier" Kisuke replied.

"No this way is better, as if I give Naruto some of my own power, it will limit him. By using your method he will gain his own powers and be able to use his own vast reserves" answered Yoruichi.

"Very well then if you're sure of this, we'll begin tomorrow" replied Kisuke.

-The Several Days Later-

After deciding to help Naruto gain the powers of a Shinigami, Yoruichi and Kisuke began Naruto's training, where they separated Naruto's soul from his body and began his endurance training so he could use his spirit form. For the next two days Yoruichi attacked Naruto, forcing to run and dodge all her attacks and run all around the underground training room. Fortunately thought the training wasn't too hard for Naruto, since he was use to this kind of training with his mother, when training in hand to hand combat.

Once Naruto had passed the first phase of the training, they began the next phase where they cut Naruto's chain of fate and bind Naruto's arms. After which they placed him and Tessai together in a large pit so to allow the encroachment to begin uninterrupted.

This was of course the part that Yoruichi was most worried about, since if things didn't go right then her son would turn into a Hollow.

As the hours passed by Yoruichi continued to watch over Naruto from the edge of the pit, waiting to see what happens.

"Nervous?" asked Kisuke, as he sat next to his oldest friend, who was biting her nails as she looked down at her adopted son. A habit she had developed as soon as the second phase of the exam began.

"Wouldn't you be?" Yoruichi replied.

"Probably, but remember this was your idea" answered Kisuke, as he brought his folded fan up to his mouth.

"I know" responded Yoruichi, "And that's what make makes it so difficult, as I'm risking his life."

Seeing the worried look of Yoruichi's face, Kisuke placed his hand on Yoruichi's right shoulder.

"Don't worry, like you said, Naruto-kun is strong, he make it" assured Kisuke with a reassuring smile, where Yoruichi just smiled in response.

"So how long has it been?" asked the dark skinned woman.

"About sixty-nine hours, their still time that this may work", answered Kisuke, where as soon as he said this. They suddenly heard Naruto starting to scream in pain and an immense amount of spiritual pressure coming from him.

"NARUTO!" cried Yoruichi with worry, as she saw his chain fall apart and a hole appear in his chest, along with a Hollow mask forming around the blonde boy's face.

Seeing this, Yoruichi, was about to jump down to her son, but before she could, Kisuke grabbed hold of her arm and stopped.

"Kisuke what are you doing? Let me go, I have to help Naruto!" cried Yoruichi.

"You can't Yoruichi, he's gone too far to you to stop this" said Urahara.

"You can't expect me to just stand here and watch my son become a Hollow?" rounded the purple haired woman.

"Listen Yoruichi, I know you're worried about him, but there's still a chance this can work…Look at him! Normally when a person changes into a Hollow their body explodes and changes into a Hollow. But that isn't happening with him, his mask is forming first and his body staying intact. That means he's fighting the change, and he could still become a Shinigami, we just have to wait."

At hearing this Yoruichi just gripped her left hand tightly to form a fist and started down at her adopted son in worry "Naruto."

- Inside Naruto's Inner World -

Soon after his transformation began, Naruto blanked out from the pain, after which he began to here several voices saying out his name.

Eventually he found himself on a large white beach with palm trees behind him and a vast open sea in front of him. As he looked around, the scenery reminded Naruto of a place he and his mother went, when they were on holiday. But when he looked up instead of seeing clear blue sky, there were dark rumbling storm clouds.

"Where Am I?" Naruto asked out loud as he looked around.

As soon as Naruto has asked this, a massive surge of Water erupted into the air, where Naruto then heard a massive roar. The Water then formed up and took the shape of a gigantic, serpentine dragon made out of Water, with large wings and glowing red eyes.

At seeing this, Naruto immediately took a step back in shock, but before he could fully comprehend what was happening. He then heard a massive screech-like cry, coming from above him. When he looked up, Naruto saw a gigantic beautiful white bird flying above him, where it slowly flew down and landed on the beach to Naruto's left side, a few meters away from him.

Once the giant white bird landed on the beach, Naruto suddenly heard a loud crackly of thunder. After which there was a sudden flash of Light, and large bolt of Lightning stuck the ground to Naruto's right a few feet away from him.

As soon as the flash of light was gone, Naruto saw a tall man with short black hair, with an eye patch over his right eye standing in the very spot where the lightning bolt struck. The man wore Dark Samurai like armour with a short-sleeve, high collar blue coat over the armour and carried a long Katana on his left hip side.

"W-W-Who…What the hell are you guys? Where am I?" asked Naruto, who didn't know what to make of this situation.

"Is that all you can say brat? Tsk! I don't believe this? He doesn't even know who we are?" spoke the Samurai like man as he folded. As if he were annoyed, that Naruto didn't know who they were.

"That's enough Raiō (Thunder King)! The boy is young and is only just coming into his power. He could not hear our voice until now" spoke the giant white bird in a clearly feminine voice, although when she said the Samurai like man's name Naruto heard nothing.

"Kochi (Spring Wind) is correct Raiō, it is not his fault. Besides we do not have time to argue amongst ourselves right now" said the Water Dragon in a deep echoing voice, where like before, when the Water Dragon said their names Naruto heard nothing.

"Tsk! Fine whatever, I'm just saying, that's it rather pathetic, that he doesn't even know who we are"

"Who the hell are you guys, what are you?" asked Naruto

"My name is Watatsumi (Water God)…" replied the Water Dragon before turning to the White bird, "…this is Kochi and the one in front of you is Raiō. As to what we are, to put it simply, we're a part of you. We're one and yet we are separate from one another."

"Huh? What I did you say I didn't hear your names and what do you mean?" asked Naruto, not hearing their names or really understanding what Watatsumi was talking about.

"See like I told you, he can't even hear our names it's pathetic!" scoffed Raiō

"Hey! Who the hell are you calling pathetic Hitotsu-teme (Bastard Cyclops)!" cried Naruto as he glared at Raiō.

After hearing what Naruto called him, Raiō walked over to Naruto, and glared directly at the young blonde.

"What did you just call me you little brat?" asked Raiō with a dangerous tone and glare, that would've many others wither. But Naruto wasn't like most people, as he wouldn't back down when insulted, no matter who they were.

"You heard me teme and if you want a fight, then I'm more than ready, I'll kick your ass all over this place!" declared Naruto as he glared back at Raiō.

For a moment or two, Naruto and Raiō just glared at one another, but soon after Raiō stopped glaring and smirked at Naruto.

"Huh! You might not be much to look at brat, but you got guts, not to mention quite a mouth on you, you might not be so bad after all" said Raiō, as he ruffed Naruto's hair a bit, which annoyed Naruto a little.

"So what are you guys?" Naruto asked.

"We're your Zanpakutō spirits, child" answered the giant white bird named Kochi.

"Huh? Zanpakutō spirits, but wait I thought Shinigami could only have one Zanpakutō spirit" stated Naruto, as he remembered what his mother told him about Shinigami.

"That is incorrect, as Shingami can have more than one Zanpakutō spirit, but even then, you're a different. For you see, each of us have our own unique powers, separate from one another" explained Watatsumi.

"Wait! So you mean to say that I have three Zanpakutō!" Naruto said in surprise.

"Yes and no, for although we have separate abilities, we all reside in a single vessel" answered Kochi.

"This is awesome!" declared Naruto with excitement at the idea of him having three Zanpakutō. "So are you guys going to turn into Zanpakutō or something?"

"Tsk! We aren't some mindless tools that will do whatever you want us to do brat. We have our owe will and won't be force to anything that we don't want to do. If you want us to help you're going to have to treat us with some respect" said Raiō, who was miffed that Naruto thought that he could boss them around.

"Oh…sorry" said Naruto.

"It is alright child, but there is something you need to know, if your truly wish to use our powers, you must first awaken your own Shinigami powers and do so before this world collapses" Kochi explained.

"What do you mean?" asked a worried Naruto.

"Look up at the sky brat" said Raiō, as he pointed up, where Naruto saw the large storm clouds covering the sky. "That is no ordinary storm, it is being caused by the collapsing our world, soon enough both this world and all of us will cease to exist and you'll become a Hollow. The only way to prevent this is, and that is for you to awaken your Shinigami powers."

"But how do we do that?" asked Naruto.

"You must find your Shinigmai powers, which takes the shape of your Zanpakutō" said Watatsumi.

"But where do I find that?" Naruto asked, but instead of answering Watatsumi, re-merged with the Water, Raiō disappeared in a flash of light and Kochi flew away.

"Where are you guys going? I need your help to find my powers!" cried Naruto.

After Watatsumi and the others left him, Naruto decided to start looking for his powers, but before he could even try a gigantic wave suddenly rose out of the sea in front of him. Naruto of course tried to run away, but was quickly enveloped by the massive wave of water.

Soon after Naruto, found himself floating underwater and surrounded by thousands of white boxes.

Realizing that he was underwater, Naruto immediately started to hold his breath, and started to try and swim upward. But as he tried, he quickly realized that he was going anywhere.

"What are you doing Naruto? Have you already forgotten that this is your mind, where it does not matter whether you're underwater or not" spoke Watatsumi voice out of nowhere.

After hearing this Naruto realized that Watatsumi was right, where he stopped holding his breath and began to breathe normally. After which he started to swim around opening as many boxes as he could in an attempt to find his Shinigami powers. But every time he opened one of the boxes he found nothing inside.

"This is impossible, I can't find my Shingami powers in all these boxes, there are too many of them" stated Naruto.

"You must Naruto or else we are all doomed", spoke Watatsumi in a forceful tone.

"But how, I'm just one person and there are thousand if not millions of boxes to look through" say Naruto.

"Naruto, you can do this, but you must first calm yourself and focus" said Kochi voice out of nowhere, much like Watatsumi.

Listening to Kochi's voice, Naruto started to take deep breaths and began to calm down.

"Now listen to me Naruto, you must expand your senses, you cannot rely on sight, hearing or even touch. You must use your own natural spiritual energy to search for your Shingami power by sensing its spirit energy. By doing that, you'll be able to find the box that contains your Shinigami power."

Following Kochi's instructions, Naruto closed his eyes and began to concentrate and focus on expanding his senses outward to find the box with his Shingami powers.

Within minutes Naruto located the box, as the spirit energy that emanated from it felt different from the others.

Acting quickly, Naruto honed in on the box and swam towards it as quickly as he could. Once he had grabbed hold, Naruto opened it, where he then found an odd looking sword handle in the box.

"Good work Naruto you found us" said Kochi, but as soon as she said this, a massive black hole appeared from underneath Naruto and began to suck everything in.

"What the hell are you waiting kid! Pull us the fuck out before you turn into a hollow!" yelled Raiō voice.

Not needing to be told twice, Naruto grabbed hold of the sword handle and pulled it out of the box.

-In the outside world-

In the real world, Yoruichi and the others watched as Naruto slowly turned in to a Hollow. As he did, Tessai began to struggle to hold Naruto with his kido spell.

"Urahara-san Yoruichi-sama, I do not know how much longer I can hold him" shouted Tessai.

"Naruto! Don't give in, fight it!" cried Yoruichi.

It was then, just as the Hollow mask had completely covered Naruto's face, a massive explosion of spiritual energy erupted from Naruto, breaking Tessai's Kido spell and forcing Yoruichi and Kisuke to jump back a bit.

As they jumped back, they saw something fly out of the pit and land right in front of them.

When they looked up, they saw Naruto, wearing the uniform of a Shingami, along with a Hollow mask shape like a smiling fox, covering his face (2). In his hand was an odd looking sword handle, which had no blade on it.

Before either Kisuke or Yoruichi could say or do anything, the mask around Naruto's face started to crack and fall apart, revealing his face. But as soon as the mask broke, Naruto collapsed onto the ground.

"Naruto!" cried Yoruichi, as she raced over to her adopted son and knelt down to him and lifted his head onto her knees.

"Is he alright?" asked Tessai, who had just climbed out of the pit and walked over to them.

"Yes should be fine, he just exhausted from the transformation" answered Urahara with a smile.

"It's truly remarkable that a boy his age was able to withstand and survive the transformation" commented Tessai. "I must admit there was a moment or two near the end, where I thought he would turn into a Hollow."

"Yes well, as Yoruichi said, young Naruto-kun is stronger than he looks" replied Kisuke with a smile. As he watched his female friend smile down at the boy and gently brush some hair strands away from his forehead, in a motherly like fashion.

-Several Hours Later-

When Naruto woke up, he found himself lying in a small room staring at white ceiling with a blanket covering him.

"Well hello sleepy head" spoke a familiar voice, where when Naruto turned his head slightly he saw his mother smiling down on him.

"Kaa-chan" said Naruto rather groggily, as he rubbed his eyes to wake himself up.

"How are you feeling Naru-chan?" asked Yoruichi.

"Ok I guess, but where's Uncle Sandal-hat and Mr Giant man?" asked Naruto, who quickly got his answer when the sliding door to the room opened up, revealing Kisuke and Tessai.

"Right here Naruto-kun" said Kisuke as he waved his open fan in front of his face. "And I must say I am very impressed with how you successfully gained the powers of a Shingami."

"Huh you mean I'm a Shingami!" said Naruto in surprise as he pulled the blanket off him and found himself wearing the standard uniform of a Shingami. After which he started to cheer and shout at how he was a Shinigami just like his mother, and how he would now kick loads of Hollows butts.

Soon enough though, Yoruichi got Naruto to calm down and asked him to tell them what happened as he was slowly turning into a Hollow and how he found his hidden power.

For the next few minutes, Naruto went on to explain what happened in his inner world and how he met his three Zanpakutō spirits. When he finished, saying that Yoruichi and the others were surprised, would've been a grave understatement.

"Three separate Zanpakutō spirits in a single Zanpakutō?" Yoruichi said out loud with serious look. "I have heard Shingami having dual spirits, especially if they have dual-bale type Zanpakutō like Ukitake and Kyōraku, but never anything like this!"

"Indeed, this is a rather unusual development, do you have any theories on this Urahara-san?" asked Tessai.

"Well the only explanation I can come up with is because of the experiments that Nagao-san did not Naruto-kun ancestors to create a Shinigami Shinobi hybrid. Then again, Naruto could simply be an even bigger oddity that we had thought. But other than that I don't have a clue, as there has never been someone like him before. Your son truly in a surprising individual…Bohohohoho" remarked Urahara, as opened his fan again and waving it around, as he laughed at his own ignorance, which made Naruto wonder if the man was insane.

"But why is my Zanpakutō like this?" asked Naruto, as he held up his wooden sword hilt. The hilt design was a simple design with no guard and a slightly large bottom at the end of the hilt with three red gems on it. (3)

"HHHmmmmm…well if I understand what you told us correctly Naruto-kun, even though your Zanpakutō spirits inhabit the same vessel. They each have their own unique powers and independent will. The form that your Zanpakutō has taken now is its sealed form and acts a neutral point for you to choose which spirits power you wish to use."

"So you're saying that Naruto cannot use all three spirits a once" stated Yoruichi.

"No exactly, now this is only a theory but I believe the gems on the hilt of his sword handle represent his three Zanpakutō spirits and will most likely glow whenever he chooses which of them he wishes to use. Now it may or may not be possible at a later point, for him to use all three at once, but he will most likely have to learn to master all three Zanpakutō powers first, before even trying something like that."

After hearing all this Yoruichi just nodded in understanding before turning to her adopted son, with a sweet looking smile, that for some reason made Naruto very nervous.

"Well Naru-chan, it seems that you'll have a lot of training a head of you, if you want to learn to use your Zanpakutō."

Upon hearing this Naruto gulped, as his mother could be quite brutally when it came to training. He became even more worried when both Tessai and Kisuke volunteered to help Naruto with his training.

But regardless of what would happen in his training he had already committed himself to the path of the Shinigami and wouldn't look back.


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