I don't own yugioh ever this chapter is short i don't have much time now enjoy...

Beep Beep Beep. Hazel eyes flew open, "Crap not again", Joey jumped outta bed and flew to his closet to get dressed, he looked over his shouloder to check the time, "7:30! crap really later now" after throwing on his uniform he ran down stairs and out the door.

`you don't think he'll notice do you rhea``no of course not`

As Joey ran down the sidewalk he heard a scream, stopping he saw a little girl in the street with a truck coming right at her; 'No' he thought before throwing himself into the street to protect her, as the trtuck was about to hit a shield grew around him, slowly getting up and wa;lking back to the side walk with the girl he heard her say, "He'll never love you like he once did", Joey set her down and ran off to school, 'ow I know I'm hurt somewhere but I gotta get to school' turning the last corner he saw the school insight and his friends. He ran past the gates and stopped, his friends from Athens, Ayria and Akira were standing by Yugi talking, Ayria turned around "Joey!", the others turned his way as well heck even Kaiba and his snooty girl looked his way, he raised his hand to wave but felt all energy leave his body and fainted.