True Loves Form

Disclaimer: Yugioh is not mine this story is just my imagination coming up with things so deal with it!

Chapter 1

There is a legend of the black wolves of the gods, they were once god's most loving creatures but in the war between the gods and wolf, one wolf turned against the gods power and brought back a human from the dead resulting he creation of dhampires , there is one black wolf from the gods wrath left to face the truth of the betrayal this is his story.

(Two Months Prior)

An old king sat on the throne of skulls, he stared down at two brave princes, one being his son the other being his nephew. "Yami, Seto, you are both powerful more powerful than me but the kingdom needs a king so I have a task for you, you two will need to find a mate and love them but the first to breed an heir out of love will be king, the crown will decide who is king so no trying to steal it if you both succeed." Yami and Seto looked at each other and glared, they nodded to the king and walked out of the throne room, Yami turned to Seto and chuckled "I already have a mate so I just need an heir, your unlucky, why would anyone want a dog like you the city is half dhampires anyways so good luck."

Seto turned and walked out the gates snarling, `Damn dhampire I'll show him` Seto swiftly turned into his white wolf form and ran into the woods behind the castle, Seto ran is usual route when he stopped and sniffed the air, something wasn't right, Seto sniffed the air and followed the scent to a hollow cave and stopped short to see a small black wolf curled up.

Seto snarled and woke the wolf up by nudging him roughly, the black wolf looked up with sad ruby red eyes and slowly got up to crouch and growl weakly, Seto could see the black wolf was protecting a small brown wolf puppy but was doing weakly as he also noticed the black wolf was wounded badly, Seto snorted and turned nodding towards the edge of the cave 'if you need a place to heal follow me', the black wolf nodded but before it could take a step it fell to the ground in a heap, the puppy ran to the wolfs face and nuzzled it looking up at Seto with a scared look.

Seto gently picked up the black wolf on his back and picked up the puppy and carried them back to the castle thinking of a way to help both wolves. While trying to find a mate, it took more than an hour to get back to the castle but when they did it was already night, Seto let out a long howl alerting the medics he needed their help, the head medic took the puppy while the others took the black wolf and left seto to go to his chambers, whatever was going on with the wolves he found he would find out in the morning.