Legacy of the Aburame

ch 1


Iruka stood on the roof top watching the ANBU chase his most trying student. Two teams of three had started the chase. Four more teams had joined in, but the 'demon-spawned' child had run all but the most active of them into the ground.

While Iruka knew of the Biju, he did not see the as demon-spawn because of it, but because of the kid's personality. It was a mix of his Father's and his Mother's.

Iruka moved to intercept the boy. First, back to the Academy, then to clean the Hokages' faces. As he dropped into place to catch the kid, the orange clad boy, broke left and bounced off the wall of the shop and landed on the Compound wall of one many Clans of the Village. One of the ANBU in a fit of anger threw a kunai at the boy.

Iruka slugged the ANBU as he landed on the wall trying to get to the boy.

But there was no need, Naruto back flipped over the knife as he left the wall, sailing out over the yard of the Clan Compound. He touched down of the roof of a Shed.

Iruka gathered himself to jump, but years of experience told him that the roof the gaki was on, would not hold if he joined the boy...

...in fact the the roof should have caved in already.

The last two Anbu came to a stop two steps back, both breathing heavily.

"Iruka-sempi, why did you not jump?" the cat masked female asked.

"No way the roof would hold my weight, no idea how it is holding up under the gaki."

Just then three Aburame exited from the main house. They were moving at a run, something very few of their clan did. "Get him off that roof, now!" the leader of the trio called out in the closest thing to fright and fear ever heard from an Aburame.

Just the the roof snapped and Naruto fell into the shed's interior.

Three Queens sat staring at the other two. They were of the same brood colony, but some how three survived. If there were only two, they could battle it out, and one there would be no issue. To make matters worse, they all had a bit of precognitive ability. Any move they made, would be seen by the others before the move was made.

The drones and breeders would take no action against a queen...

a true stalemate.

Then the roof of the cave crashed down.

Something massive fell in between the three sub-colonies. The impact of it striking the ground, caused the three queens to become airborne.

Most beetle/bee colonies have a queen that is designed to fly. Not this one. The humans that were messing with the grand plan had breed for improved bodies and minds, but over looked the wing size. As such when the three queens were knocked into the air, all their wings could do was lower them to the body that now in the center of their domain.

"I saw him first!" one queen chittered

"But he landed in my territory first!" the second chittered back.

"Most of the carcase is in my Territory!" The third roared.

The body moved.

"It is alive?" a queen bite him, driving her venom deep into the flesh.

One of the other queens moved to attack the distracted queen.

The third was busy watching the flesh under her feet. "Sisters, I think we have found a solution to our problem."

"Oh?" The second queen asked.

Using her telepathic abilities to call a few workers to her side, the third queen ordered the abdomen to be revealed. Quickly the stomach of their 'prey' was uncovered. A seal glowed around the naval. "Yes, Sisters. This One has the chakra reserves to feed the three of us and our colonies, something that the humans that care for us can not do. Taste it, is it not to our tastes?"

the second dipped her mandibles and sipped from the body. "Strong, like honey. But there is another taste there too...Something older."

The first queen rose from her feeding, venom and blood dripping from her fangs. "I Know this taste. It was passed down from our queen mother from her queen mother. If it is what I think it is, It will make us stronger and weaker at the same time."

"It is the Kyubi." the second spoke.

"I take it we are agreed to take this one as host, but who gets what and where?" the third asks

"When a queen and colony bond to a host, they become as one. With Our mental abilities, his chakra reserves, there is no reason our three colonies can not become one."

with a insect equivalent of a snap of the fingers, the three swarms descended on the boy, ripping and tearing the flesh. Naruto did not even have time to scream.

The Hokage had watched the boy in his crystal ball paint the stone faces over looking the Village. He marked who was on duty, who missed the boy's assault on the Village, and who failed to catch the boy. He noticed Iruka try to head off the boy, and the boy instinctively avoid the chunin instructor.

The boys course took him into Aburame territory. Then the boy fell through the roof of an old shed, the Hokage turned from the crystal orb, gathered his robe, hat, and pipe. It looks like he was going to have to over see this personally.

A quick shunshin and he was standing next to Iruka. "Report."

Iruka started. "Hokage-sama. Chasing Naruto-kun seems to have gotten out of hand. He just fell into that shed, but the Aburame have yet to let us in, or to tell us what was in that shed."

the Hokage nodded, then dropped into the yard, and approached the Clan head. "Something tells me that my paperwork just tripled."

Aburame Shibi turned his eyes to the Hokage, showing true terror and fear. "Lord Hokage, that shed held the last three queens of the Death bite beetle colonies. In six months, they would have been dead. No one from my Clan could bond with them, those that tried, died in the most painful ways. Their venom paralyzes the body, but maximizes the pain receptors. The boy is already dead, and in a few minutes, the body will be gone too."

"Hey boss," A non-ninja clansman called out to Shibi, "I do not see anything of the three colonies that were in here, not thirty minutes ago. Just the body of the boy."

Shibi was at his side in a flash. From his fingers, three beetles flew to the twitching body on the ground. Two just buzzed around the body, one landed on the flesh, before it was grabbed from below and pulled within. The two returned to Shibi.

Shibi frowned. "I have good news, Hokage, and bad news." he turned to the old man at his side. "Good news, the boy survived, and his healing nicely. As the newest member of my clan, the boy will be staying here." His frown turned to an evil grin, "Bad news, you will be lucky if your paper work only triples."