Legacy of the Aburame








At the end of the silvered steel needle, a black beetle/wasp hybrid with twin orange stripes over a lime green stripe running along its hard shell. Its stinger/but was Orange/green striped. Behind the head was a white skull. Haku's senbon caught the 'bug' through it's wasp wings.

Pulling the needle from the wall, Haku frowned. "Damn thing is heavy for something so small."

"Ah, Boss." one of the Guards by the door had knelt beside the messenger, "This guy is dead."

Haku rummaged around in her right sleeve with her left hand… and pulled out a vail. With care only reserved for Zubaza-sama, she scraped the 'bug' from her weapon into the glass container, before corking it. "This deserves study." She flickered from the room.

"That crazy bitch!" Gato screamed at Zabuza. "What are you going to do about her?"

"Nothing at this time." Zabuza pulled his wrappings from his face, so he could flash his shark grin in the small man's face. "You were told not to touch when we reported for duty. To do anything at this time would take a Contract. Before I take a new Contract, I need to finish this Contract." He raised a hairless eyebrow, "I doubt you want to declare this job done, just to kill my little snowflake. If you do, first you must pay me what you owe for the current job, then there is the new job… then odds are you are going to need me to finish the first, which you will have to pay me the full amount again."

Gato looked at him bug-eyed, before struggling to his feet, and hurrying from the room.

Zabuza laughed. He had not laughed like that in sometime. It felt good. He fell back on to the bed, his medic ordered him to rest after all.


Naruto arose with the Sun. As he dressed he looked over at Kakashi-sensei, who was snoring gently. Naruto looked between his trench coat and the warm weather outside, and hung the coat back on the hook. He felt lighter without the majority mass of the Colonies, but he could hear/feel the queens rebuilding the nest/colony to better fit his style of combat. He stepped over the 'sleeping dog' ninja, and slowly slid the door open, and exited the room. Closing the door quietly, he ghosted down to the dining room. The weapons that the group did not choose, including Zabuza's 'Butcher's Blade'. First the 'common' weapons were sealed in the first empty 'slot' in his scroll, then the Blade got her own slot.

Naruto rolled up the scroll, and returned it to his scroll pouch. Then he sat in a chair, and turned his mind inward.

'Morning Ladies!' He cheerfully greeted the voices in his mind. Before snorting, 'No Hokage-sama, it was not my idea! The voices in my head told me to! Hn hn hn!'

Kurama Snorted in amusement while the Hive buzzed. "You are one of the few who can say that and not be considered crazy."

"We have reached consensus. We will not be taking in the mass of the Colony that was expelled last night. But it is too dangerous to leave them loose in the wild. One of Us will be departing to take Command. Those of us who stay understand you are a combat unit. Holding a massive Colony like we were weakens you. But you also do not use us like the Other Hive-Partners. We have conversed with the Seeker-Hive-Partner that you work with. It has been decided that you will keep two Colony-Hives. One within. One without. The One Without will need shelter, in your nest-den perhaps? They will also need meat and Chakra, either yours or the Beasts...preferring both, on a regular basis.

'So, just a large wooden box for now, let them build a hive-nest within said box, and then take said box home when I go?'

"Works for us."

Then something jared the mindscape.

"You have company."


Naruto opened his eyes, to see Tsunami poking him with a wooden spoon. "Ohiyo. Jest meditating."

"Ohiyo. You bought so much, just for one Odan?" The Housewife was looking nervous.

"Yes and no." Naruto gave her his best cheeky smile. "Between my age and my new health requirements, My food intake has doubled. Where I was eating eight to twelve bowls of Ramen per day, unless the oldman or Ayame would cut me off. Now I can do that in a single sitting." He rubbed his gut, "Fluffy is the one who asked for Udon, and the Colony just wants protein and calcium right now."

The Housewife nodded, "Still have more than enough…"

"Then use it for other meals, and not just for us ninja, but you, the brat, and the Boss."

As she returned to the kitchen to start on miso soup and rice balls for breakfast, Tobio dropped into the chair cross from sunny blond.

"Ossu!" the non-annoying member of Team Seven smiled at Naruto. "How you ever thought that bitch was cute is beyond me."

"She was loud and flashy, I was loud and flashy. I thought we could be loud and flashy together. Then I learned about opposites attract… and found a female stalking me, while my watchers laughed."

"The whole class was laughing over that, but Hanaru told us not to tell you." then the boy broke into song,

"Naruto doesn't know,

So don't tell Naruto

Naruto doesn't know.

Naruto Doesn't know.

Hyuga hunts him like a rabbit

Easy to spot is He

Orange as is his habit, cause

Naruto Doesn't Know."

Naruto frowned, as he worked the lyrics over in his mind.

"Not bad, Kit. See if you can get the whole song."

Naruto's frown twisted. "I need the full song please."

"Don't know if I can get you the full song." the mousey genin leaned back in his chair. "Some of the others have taken to crafting their own lyrics to the song. Days when you cut school completely, Hanaru and the other Fan-girls would sit around and sing and laugh. Only Hyuga and Ino-Chan avoided these sessions, and talked about flowers and medicine."

Naruto nodded.

Tobio frowned as he watched Naruto twist his wrists. "Why are you rolling your hands like that?"

Naruto looked down, scrunched his nose up. "My colony is adjusting my exit points in my wrists and knuckles. Between my knuckles I have… think of them like straws, that I fire a beetle/wasp out of. Just before I fire it, I 'tell' what I need, and it performs the task as best as it can. They can bite, sting, explode, and tag. The venom they use in their sting when mixed with their 'perfume' causes a minor explosion." Naruto paused for ten seconds, "Just enough that should one get in your ear or nose, you can say good-bye to your head. Their bite paralyzes my prey. I have three firing tubes on the backs of my hands, and when they are finished with the remodel, I am going to need to work on my targeting, and velocity."

"If you can think in these terms, why do they call you Dobe and Baka?" Tobio asked.

Naruto blinked, "What terms?"

"Targeting and Velocity!"

"What are those?" the blond asked, and when the darker haired boy grabbed his own chocolate hair, Naruto clued in. "Oh, you were talking about that brainy stuff. Yeah, I do that. It has been agreed that as a child I suffered major head trauma, as in brain-dead damage. Only because of my Uzumaki bloodlines did I survive this long. The Colony is working to fix the damage, but short of sending bugs into the grey matter to cut and eat the scar tissue, there is only so much they can do." Naruto frowned, "Did it again. Just remember, my baka act is not an act, but do not worry about explaining things to me unless I ask. I have a redundant memory interface."


An hour later, after a Hearty breakfast, Kakashi took Team Seven to learn 'Tree Climbing', while Naruto followed the old man to the bridge. Thirty clones made up the difference in man power, and with their chakra skills, they were able to check gaps and seals that civilians were not trained to do. Naruto learned the art of 'Big Bricklaying' and how it differed from 'small bricklaying' which he picked up new skills in.

When a pack of ten toughs with tetsubos stepped foot on the bridge, all work stopped, as everyone turned to look at Naruto, who was sitting on a pillar thirty feet beyond the finished edge of the bridge, tying the framework so they would have something to balance the two ton stone blocks on. Noticing the quiet, he looked up, and seeing the group, he waved, "One minute, let me finish this knot, otherwise I will have to start all over, and then I would have to kick your collective asses again… just on principle." He grunted as he finished tying off the knot, before standing up, and 'shun-po' stepping to before the gang of ten. "And who do we have here?"

The biggest guy with the longest tetsubo with long spikes on eight sides grinned down at the little blond in Orange. "We are the 'Tetsubo Ten'! We crush all in our way!"

"Uh hum." Naruto looked each and everyone of them over. "I am assuming you are wanting to leave with your tetsubo when we are done, correct?"

"Uh, Boss?" One of the clones called out, "If I am reading the site correctly, you are going to need help… At least for phase two."

"Yeah, you're right." Naruto sighed as he hitched his gloves, and tightened them. "Those who throw down their weapons and either run or surrender, just lose their toys. Those who are beaten down, well you and the boys do what you do best." Naruto began stretching. "Go ahead, limber up, wouldn't want to pull a muscle during the fight."

Another clone that had climbed to the top of a pillar, "Nah, the muscle they would pull is the one they don't use. Their Heads!" it crowed. The other clones chuckled.

The big boss, who had the Kanji for #1 on his back stepped up to smash Naruto, but the smaller ninja just side-stepped, and buried his fist in the goon's groin. "One Down. Who is next?" Naruto stepped over him as four clones stepped up. Two grabbed the thug's arms, dragging him over a barrel that had been knocked on it's side. The other two picked up the tetsubo as they stepped around behind the guy. They carefully aimed the 6in iron spiked club with a three inch diameter core… and drove it home.

Number One bucked, squeaked, and went quiet.

The Bridge Builder turned to the clone beside him, "What You Do Best?" the fear in his voice carried on the still afternoon breeze.

"Oh you know, The Village calls the Boss, a general Pain in Ass. Now that we are Legion…" the Clone smirked, before frowning, "We only get to play if someone attacks Us, The Village, or a Contracted Protectorate. That includes you, your Town, and this Bridge."

Naruto cracked his knuckles. "I said, Who. Is. Next?"

The other nine dropped their metal clubs, as they vanished. Naruto tossed a scroll to a clone who moved to seal away the weapons, as Naruto turned to look at the man over the Barrel. "I did see stocks outside the old law office, Correct?" He asked the townsmen.

"Yeah, the Sheriff, when we had one, would put our drunks out to dry in them." one man hollered back.

Naruto nodded. "Stock 'em. Parade him through town a bit first, then lock him up. Watch him until Sunset."

One villager was busy being sick over the side of the bridge.

Another thinking he had a better grip on his guts, nudged the clone closest to him, "Just out of curiosity, what did they use for lube?"

The Clone sneered, "Elbow Grease."

The clone on the pillar overheard, and crowed over the crowd, "Lube? We don't need no stinking Lube! Just grit your teeth and ram it Home!"

Naruto turned and shot a bug-bomb-bullet into the crowing clone's head, causing it to explode… which caused Naruto to grab his skull as he dropped to his knees. "Okay, no shooting my clones. The sensor feedback of your head exploding is no fun." He staggered to his feet, accepted the weapons scroll, and looked at the Bridge Builder. "That's Lunch?"

"That's Lunch!" Tazuna Called out. As he pulled a saki bottle from his lunch box, he looked around. He turned to his second in command, "You know I feel about drinking on the job, and the crew working when I am not here." the guy nodded, "Well, with 'His' help we did two days work this morning. Sign the guys out, and they can snag a clone to help around their houses if they catch them before he pops them all."

As the 'Forman' relayed info to the men, a clone grumbled about being volunteered without being asked. Another pointed out it was better than being dismissed. "Yeah, I will give you that, but still; I would like to be asked."