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"Here! Have it!" Bardock shouted as he launched the 'Final Spirit Cannon', his ultimate technique at Frieza. Frieza's face went from a look of seriousness, to pure amusement as Bardock's attack was swallowed up by Frieza's Death Ball.

"What? No way!" He exclaimed in fear as the Death Ball was now being launched at him, Frieza's men and Planet Vegeta. Frieza was laughing at this point as the attack had just hit him. Once it hit the saiyan, he had a vision of the future. He saw that his son would fight Frieza, and he believed with all his heart that he would kill him. "KAKAROOOOOOT!" That was the last thing he said before he died.

Darkness took him. He was waiting to see where he would be judged, and where he would go. But something happened to him that he did not expect. He was brought back to life.

"GASP!" 'What the… What is this place?' He thought to himself as he got out of a golden coffin. "Where am I?" He looked at his surroundings. He took everything in. He didn't recognizes the culture one bit. He heard a door open and as he turned around, someone was shooting something at him. He had every intention to deflect it, but as his hand came into contact with the projectile. He felt a surge of pain like he never felt before. And darkens took him once again.


When he awoke once again he found himself on a table, and someone he had never seen before It glowed and it made him unable to move. 'What's going on? Why can't I move?' He then sees an all too familiar face. 'Is that King Vegeta?' His thoughts continued to race as the man believed to be King Vegeta walks over to Bardock. 'What's Going on here? What's wrong with him?'

His thoughts continued as he looked at everyone. And it was because of the Kanasain psychic ability he noticed something was terribly wrong with everyone in the room with him. 'Wait a minute. This doesn't feel right for some reason.' Then it finally hit him. 'TWO KI SIGNATURES! And the really dark ones are the ones that have control over the people…Vegeta as well.' He then saw a man that had something sticking out of his stomach, it was an "X" shaped pouch with what looked like a snake. 'That's one of those things!'

"Does he please you my son?" Asked the man that used the device on Bardock that made him immobile.

'Son?' He asked in his mind. 'Oh no I think it does like me, I can read it's mind, oh man this is sick!' It then went straight into the back of his neck and wrapped its self around his spine. "AAAAAHHHHHH!" That was the last scream he sounded before the thing took over his mind. His eyes glowed as an evil smile came upon his face.


"Ah!" Goku screamed as he shot up in bed holding the back of his neck.

His wife Chi-Chi looked at him half awake as she asked. "Goku are you okay?"

"I'm fine Chi-Chi," he said to her, "it was just a dream. Go back to sleep." She complied and went back to sleep. While Goku on the other hand was franticly checking the back of his neck.

After literally five minutes he was then satisfied with finding nothing. As he lied back down into bed, he thought to himself. 'What is up with that dream…it feels so real…and it keeps coming back. It just makes no since at all! Pull yourself together Goku…it's just a dream.'

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