It's time! The final battle has arrived! What will they do now? And will they succeed? You'll have to read to find out. This fic is brought to you by a twenty-two year old Christian.

Ch. 6 The Final Fight

"Are you ready?" Goku asked Vegeta.

The prince took in a breath to help calm himself. "As ready as I'll ever be."

"Just remember the plan."

"I know, and make it look convincing. Now I know how you felt five days ago."

"Don't worry about it. You'll have your dad back in no time."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence." The prince said as a door opened to reveal Gohan with Vegeta's SGZ uniform.

"Suit up Vegeta, it's time." The eldest son of Goku said. Vegeta nodded in acknowledgment. Gohan was already wearing his outfit which Vegeta said earlier that day that he should wear as a super hero instead of his Saiyaman Man outfit.

After Vegeta changed into his uniform. He walked to the elevator where he would reach the top floor and leave the mountain. And from there he was beamed up to the newest ship in Earth's fleet of X303's, the Pegasus, where he was greeted by the Captain, Col. James Packston.

"Welcome aboard Prince Vegeta." Packston said.

"Alright then, where's the room with the Transportation rings?"

"Right this way." Packston took him to the room where he was to wait until they were able to transport him via Transportation rings into the Mothership where he would capture his father. Praksis, he corrected in his mind. That thing possessing him will do whatever it could to try and convince him otherwise.

It was five minuets later that Praksis' troops had arrived. "Finally I was getting antsy. Time for me to do my part." he said as the ship got into position to use the rings. When they got into position he was was sent into the ship.


"Alright guys, get ready." Goku said as as the Al'kesh and Tel'tak came into sight.

"Goten, let's fuse." said Trunks.

"Right." Goten said as they got into position.

"Fusion Ha!" At that moment they were fused together and became Gotenks.

"TA-DA!" he proclaimed in triumph. "Alright, let's see what you Jaffa got."

"Don't get too cocky Gotenks. They could shoot us down with a zat' easy."

"Right." They then went out and forced them out of their ships and they fought hand to hand.

"These guys are pushovers." Yamcha said as he punched one into a mountain.

"Yeah, tell me about it." Krillin said as he dodged a zat' blast.

"Kamehameha!" Goku shouted sending the blast at the Jaffa in front of him. It was powerful enough to keep them out until the fight was over.

"So you are the one with the appearance of my god Lanthar." He heard someone say behind him.

"My father was his host, yes. But you've been played. My father has been freed from his Goa'uld, and is now with the Tok'ra, Cor'ban of Malkshur." Goku said to the Jaffa, he had a golden crest on his forehead meaning he is Praksis' First Prime.

"You lie!"

"Am I? Look the Goa'uld are not gods, turn away from this, and live a long happy life with your friends and family." he pleaded.

"I want to do that saiyan, trust me I do. But if I turn away, I will die along with my family. I can not risk that!" He then charged at the saiyan warrior, only to be defeated by Goku by one hit to the gut. He caught the man in the air as he was about to fall.

"Just rest, this'll be over soon. And when it ends, you can live in peace with your family." He then placed him down and got back to beating up the Jaffa.


"That didn't take long." Vegeta said as he beaten the guards on the ship that had opposed him. As he was about to turn the corner he was jumped by a figure. He was going to brake out of his grip with a powerful aura, when Bardock whispered in his ear.

"Prince Vegeta stop it's me." he said releasing him. He then took a knee in respect. "Forgive me for my actions Prince Vegeta, but there are still many Jaffa on this ship, and if one of them catch us speaking out in the open, then we loose the element of surprise."

"Look, I already know your 'Grand master plan'. Let's just get this over with."

"Alright, when Cor'ban says that he believes that we're under attack, that's when you make your move."

"Alright, let's do this." They head to the door, and Vegeta waits outside to listen in for his cue.

"Brother, why are we not making progress on taking this planet?" Praksis asked.

"I'm afraid that I did not foresee this. This is bad." he replied.

"How bad is it?"

"We are up against ki users. I think they may be from our host's universe."

"This can't get worse can it?" Praksis asked frustration clear in his voice.

"I'm afraid so brother. I believe that our ship may be under attack."

"He's got that right!" Vegeta shouted as he went in for the attack only to be stop by Cor'ban's zat'nik'tel. He howled in pain as electricity coursed through his body, and passed out.

"Is that..." Praksis began only to be given an answer by his brother.

"Yes, Prince Vegeta of the Saiyan race. He fell right into our trap. I'm sorry for not informing you of this brother, but I had to sell it." he said in apology.

"And sell it you did. You did well brother. We can now use him to stop this resistance, and take the entire galaxy!"

"There's just one problem with that brother."

"What's the problem?"

"Your reign has ended before it could even begin." he said pointing a 'Zat' at him.

"Lanthar, you betray me?" he asked in surprise.

Bardock smiled as control was given back to him. "You know, you should've taken those lessons your brother offered you all those years ago. That way you would've known that Lanthar's been dead for years. We set you up, and now you're done for."

"Why you little-" without another word Vegeta shot him with his zat' gun and Praksis howled in pain.

"Put them on quickly." Bardock said as he removed the kara kesh from King Vegeta's hand.

"You don't have to tell me twice." he replied putting them on his father's wrists.

"S-son...i-is that you?" Vegeta looked at his father in shock, he had complete control of his body for the time being.

"Don't worry father, we'll get you out of this hell. I promise." he said in reassurance. His father smiled as he finally held his son for the first time in so long. Then the king felt that he was beginning to struggle for control, and he pulled himself from his embrace. "I know father." he said, pulling out his radio, "This is Vegeta, I have them. Beam us to the ship now!" A light enveloped the trio, and they were taken off the Ha'tak vessel, and onto the Earth ship.

"Get him into the stasis pod." one of the men ordered.

"Hurry, I can't hold him back any longer." Vegeta had no choice except to knock him out. Otherwise they would have an even bigger struggle on their hands, and he didn't want to see his father suffer anymore than he had to.


"Kakarot, we have Praksis. Let them have it." Vegeta told him on the radio.

"Understood." Goku replied as he then gathered energy and connected his mind with all the Jaffa they we're fighting. "Jaffa KREE! Praksis is defeated. And Lanthar is dead. Leave this planet in peace and you will live. You can all live free now!"

There was silence throughout the battleground when the First Prime flew up to him after recovering from Goku's attack. "YOU LIE!"

"Am I now? I guess I'll have to show you." He then took his arm rather firmly and took him using the Instant Transmition to the Pegasus, and showed him the stasis pod.

"It cannot be."

"Oh but it is."


"That would be because of me." Vegeta said, causing the First Prime to have a panic attack. He couldn't believe that his god was defeated by a lookalike.

"They are not gods, please they'll listen to you. You're in charge of those Jaffa out there. You are their First Prime, their leader. Only you can get them to stop now." Goku said trying to reason with him.

"How do I know this isn't a test?" the First Prime asked.

"You have to trust us." Goku said. The First Prime took a deep breath and he lowered his head in defeat. Goku smiled and put his hand on his shoulder while Vegeta disarmed him.

"You made the right choice." Vegeta told him.

"Hey, we'd be grateful if you could call off the Jaffa." Jack said because he had been standing there the whole time the exchange was going on.


After the invasion force left and went home, the Pegasus went to the Tok'ra planet and it was finally time. Time to remove Praksis from the body of King Vegeta.

"I can't believe it. It's finally happening." Vegeta said under his breath.

"Yeah, and it's happening after all these years." Bardock said right next to him. He was going to leave right after that to transfer Cor'ban to his next host.

"You have a lot more patience than me on this." he told him. "Plus for a minuet there on the ship, I thought you we're going to actually betraying me."

"Making it all the more convincing. And don't worry, it won't take long since Praksis' a young Goa'uld. The crimes he's committed isn't long."

"That's true." Daniel said to get in on the conversation. "And the sooner we finish this the sooner we can end this chapter on the Goa'uld."

"Hey, when my father recovers from this ordeal, party at my place." the prince said casually.

"Sounds good to me Vegeta." Goku said. Then they began to say what Praksis did in song, as they always do in the ritual. And when that ended Praksis was released and and forced to take the walk up to the thing that would forcefully remove him from his host.

After a short while, Praksis made his was out of the stasis pod, and began to walk his final steps. As he walked to the thing that would be his death, he locked eyes with Bardock, and stared at him with disgust. "I should've known something was going on from the moment you walked through the Stargate that day."

"And now you're here because of careful planing, and your foolishness."

"I was planing on making you a god Vegeta." he said looking at his host's son.

"And have a parasite taking over my mind? I don't think so. You took my father from me. That will cost you your life." the prince said with venom in his voice.

"And what about you son of Bardock? Do you have anything to say?"

"I have nothing to say to you except this. If you try to run, I'll catch you, and you'll end up regretting it." Goku said in a low but powerful tone of voice.

He kept walking after that, and was about to be strapped to the platform when he busted out and began to run away. Only to be stopped not by Goku, but Trunks.

"Sorry to steal your thunder Goku, but I couldn't stand there while that thing was trying to runaway in my grandfather's body." the lavender haired boy said as he scowled at Praksis.

"Yeah, so stop trying to run like a chicken and accept your fate like a warrior." Goten added.

"I agree with your brat." Vegeta whispered to his friend/rival.

Praksis knowing that he could not run, wished he had made sure that he his brother still lived within Bardock. As he stood up, he wished he had taken Lanthar's advice on learning how to sense ki. That way he would've never made that mistake. 'How can one little choice make that big of a difference?' he mentally lamented.

He took a long hard look at his life, as he was strapped down unable to brake them do to the ki restraints on his wrists. Where did he go wrong in all this? He and his brother had always been there for each other since the beginning. He should've never let him go that day when he wasn't seen by anyone for days. It was all his fault. 'I will join you soon brother.' he said hoping his thoughts would reach him the the afterlife.

"Begin the extraction process." said one of the Tok'ra as the needle began to move to his forehead. Praksis was still unable to brake free and even if he could, he would get caught again. A thin purple beam hit his head and the needle went in. Praksis screaming for a few seconds and changed to the voice of King Vegeta as he was finally from the Goa'uld free for good.

"Sure glad it's not me." Goku whispered as he witnessed the needle removing itself from his head and the king passing out shortly after.

Then Cor'ban walked up to the canister and removed it from the needle. "Behold! The last of the Goa'uld!" he threw it down revealing Praksis. And there it died never to cause suffering to anyone again.

"Let's just hope that they never have another one like this again." Vegeta said as he watched his father being removed from the platform.

"Don't worry Vegeta, he's the last one." Bardock said walking up to him.

"And how do you know?"

"He's the last adult Go'uld. The remainder are all Primta, and they'll be dead once they are near full maturity."

"Are there any more Tok'ra queens?" Bulma asked.

"I don't think so Bulma." Chi-Chi said, "Goku saw one die in his dreams once. Apparently it happened years ago."

"Yeah, it stinks that we never got to meet her." Bardock said.

"At least her children were able to finish what she started." Goku added.

"Look, as much as I'd love to talk with you guys all day. But I got Cor'ban's next host waiting for us to show up."

"Alright dad, but take this with you." he pulled out a small green bean, "It's a senzu bean. It'll fix the tare that Cor'ban will make in your thought when he leaves."

"Thanks Kakarot. I'll see you later." He said taking off to have Cor'ban removed from within him.

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