Acknowledgements for I'll Find You When The Sun Goes Black

Katie, for that year you spent with me reading every single Frerard fic on this site. We used to print out chapters and bring them to our GCSE lessons. I know for sure this story wouldnt have existed without you. And also for being the person standing next to me as we saw My Chemical Romance live for the first and second time. Most of all, for that moment when you kissed me just as Gerard sang The Only Hope For Me Is You.
Justin, for sitting next to me in his guest bedroom as I typed the very first chapter of this story three years ago. And for being the OTHER person standing next to me seeing My Chem live.
H, for letting me steal his name and part of our personal story.
Gee, for giving me enough rage and hate to create the misery chapters.
Dez and Cal, for making it better.
Emily, for being my Frankie for at least a tiny portion of time (before turning into a stoner faggot whore, but we don't talk about that)
Kaitlan, for letting me cry on her for nearly an hour after I accidentally deleted ten thousand unpublished words of this story.
Cas, for being the best beta any girl could ask for.
Zia, for proving to me that real love is still possible after all, and giving me enough hope to write a happy ending.

Finally, the MCRmy. For being there for me when nobody else was.

~Hana Belladonna