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It is mostly Sakura p.o.v, but when it changes it will say who's p.o.v it is.

"cookies " flashback "banana" talking "shannaro" inner sakura

Chapter one:
My name is Sakura Haruno, and for the longest time I can remember.. I could see and hear ghosts. I guess it started when I was about 4, but I never really understood because I thought they were just like everyone else. But when I was 8, we were walking to the market and Mom told me to wait outside with the new puppy, a border collie (A/N I've always wanted one but I have a miniature poodle instead..) named Luna, because we couldn't take her into the market, I saw an old lady so I went over to talk to her. She was very nice but I was getting looked at strangly by people passing by. When my mom came out and saw me talking to her, she came over and took my hand and said that we were leaving and didn't even look back. When we got home she explained to me what she was and why people were looking at me funny. I remember that day clearly.


We just got back from the market and she had me sit down on the couch in the living room while she was in the kitchen getting something. She came in with a bowl of strawberries, which were my favorite, and put them in front of me and sat down beside me.

She looked at me with a smile on her face and asked, "Alright Sakura dear, do you remember that old lady you were talking to?"

I nodded my head because I was munching on a strawberry.

She continued, "Well.. umm.. how should I put this.. Well she was a spirit."

I stared up at her with a confused look. I was so confused. What were spirits? I opened my mouth and asked, "What are spirits?"

"Well people who have died but haven'e gone to heaven. The have unfinished business that they want to finish in death."

I looked at her and kind of understood what she was saying, "But why can I see them and does this mean you can see them too? And what does that make us?"

"Yes I can see them too. And the reason we can see them is because we are special. We have a gift that not many have, ours is more specail, and we are what people call us as spirit seer's, okay?"

"Okay I understand now. But how do I know when poeple are ghosts."

"You just do. You will learn to tell when you get older. Also there is something I want to show you but promise not to say anything to anyone?"

I nodded my head and she stood up and put her back to me and pulled her shirt down so I could see these wings on her back. She pulled her shirt back up and sat back down. Then she looked at me and instructed me to stand up and put my back to her. So I did and she touch my upper back and I felt a sting on my back and winced. I sat down and started to tremble because it hurt. She rubbed my back comfortly until I calmed down.

"What diud you do mommy? It hurt."

"I know but you are strong. You have the same mark as me now."

I got up and ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror and it was true I did have it. She came in and put her hand on my shoulder.

"Because of this marking, we are different. This is something only some seer's have. There are two types of seer's, the spirit seer's and the elite seer's (A/N I know not much of a difference in the name). Only elite seer's have these marknings. That is how you can tell us apart. Now let's go back downstairs so we can sit and I can explain more things to you."

When we got downstairs and comfy on the couch again she continued, "But not all spirits are good. There are bad ones called shadows. The difference between them is that spirits are a replica of the person. Shadows are just dark figures in place of that spirit. Not just seer's can see them too. There are people out there that are demons, like your friend Naruto. Do you remember the discussion we had with his family about him being a demon? " - when I nodded she continued - "Well demons and people who have the ability to do things not everyone can do, like your friend Choji, can see them too, but they cannot help them like seer's can. There are also bad poeple who can see them, usualy demons and people with high abilities who go bad, are called shaodw followers because they follow in the path of the shadow. There is someone who controls the shadows and shadow followers and his name is Orochimaru, and his hench man Kabuto. Stay away from them. "

"Okay I understand. And I promise I will stay away from him, but what does this marking do that makes us so specail?"

"It holds a power that only we can control. We can call onto the help of the spirits whom we have helped, and those who are willing to help us. I will teach you how to use it when you get older. Now go clean up. I'll put dinner on."


I never learned how to use that power because a year later, when I was nine, my mom got killed in a fire. My house burned down and my friend Ino Yamanaka and her parents took me in. Ino wasn't normal either. She could read minds along with her father. My friends were different too. By the time I was 12 I found out that all my friends were different. I already knew about Ino and Naruto, he was a fox demon as I later found out, but not about the others. They decided to tell me one day. It was so strange because I wasn't expecting it, all my friends not being normal, totally unexpected. So in the end I find out I'm friends with demons and people with high abilities who can also see ghosts, yeah that just made my day.. and I was 12 for kami sake. So shikamaru was a shadow demon, when I found out I screamed and smacked him with a book because I thought he was bad.. not good, but found out he and his clan are good.. Ooh I had some apologizing to do. Who knew you could get a concussion for getting hit in the head with a book? Certainly not me. Anyway, Lee, the boy that was and still is madly inlove with me has inhuman speed, Choji has the ability to make any parts of his body bigger than normal (A/N don't think nasty), Shino can summon bugs and make them do what he wants, Sai has the ability to make his art work come to life whenever he wanted, Neji and his cousin Hinata, also one of my best friends, are light demons and can see farther than the normal eye, Kiba is a dog demon and his pet dog Akamaru is his friend and helps him fight, Tenten is a weapon mistress, Temari is a wind wielder, Gaara is a sand wielder and Konkuro is a puppet master. I also found out my all time major crush is a fire demon. I found out from Naruto because we all know Sasuke wouldn't tell me and his gardian, because his family was murdered by his brother Itachi, Kakashi was a half fire demon. Oh my life just rocks.. Hint sarcasm.

As I was walking down the street, I noticed a familiar blond and orange blob and I noticed it was naruto. Geez, he wears too much orange.. kind of reminds me of a pumpkin. Then I was tackled to the ground by my best friend Ino and she instantly yelled in my face, "Hey forhead! Whatcha doing?"

I glared at her and she got off. As I stood up, I dusted myself off and started walking again. Of course Ino followed. "Forhead, you gonna answer me?"

"Hmm after you tackled me to the ground and almost made me go deaf, I don't know if I want to tell you anymore..."

"Hmph fine. Don't tell me event though I'm your best friend."

"Okay fine. I'll tell you. I'm leaving the village."

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