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Chapter four


"No shit idiot." She said, now frowning and before he could say anything, a gust of wind came in and threw him out the window. She looked at me and smiled and nodded her head in appretiation.


Then we all sat down to eat and Doragon came walking in the front dorr, glaring at me and proceeded to sit down and eat.

Man was I going to get used to this, and the best part is, I was the one to get Bri-chan smiling after a long time, and got her to open up.

For the next couple of weeks, it was quite hectic. Me with my training and everyone else doing their own thing.

"We should do something." Everyone looked at him as if to continue. Everyone was sitting at the table eating breakfast, before he continued he took a bite out of his breakfast, which was suprisingly not ramen. Then again Aya did pound him into the ground the first morning he was here and wanted ramen for breakfast and she deemed it unheathly. "I mean we should all do something together because we haven't acually done something together since we came here a week ago."

"I agree with him. We should do an outing." Tenten agreed.

"Ooh I know. We could go SHOPPING!" Ino screamed, nearly making everyone deaf.

"Or we could go to the beach."Hinata stuttered. (A/N i can't type her stuttering so just bare with me.)

"That's a great idea Hinata-chan!" Naruto yelled proceeding to hug the poor Hyuuga girl while Neji glared at him for touching his cousin. Said girl could give Sasuke's precious tomatoes a run for their money.

"But what about my training?"I asked.

"What about it? You need a break anyway." Kiba answered.

"Yeah forhead. Kiba's right, you need a break and I think you can live without training for a day or two. Like seriously, you're starting to sound like Sasuke with all this training. We don't need another Sasuke." Ino said a matter of factly.

I huffed and crossed my arms but didn't say anything.

So for the rest of the day, we spent it planning our day out, well everyone else did, Bri-chan and I spent our day training. When Aya came to get us when it was time for dinner she looked at me and smile but said nothing, which creeped me out because she had something planned that involved me. Then she turned and walked back to the house followed by Bri-chan. I shivered but reluctanly followed her and Bri-chan inside. The rest of the night went by in a blur, it could have been because I was so tired.

In the morning I wasn't woken up by anyone to go to training so I ran downstairs and when I rounded the corner, I almost collided with Bri-chan.

"Oh my kami. I'm so sorry, no one woke me up and I was going to come to the training grounds right away." I rambled.

"No need. There's no training today." Bri-chan said.

"Why?"I asked, confused.

"Because today is friday and tomorrow is saturday."She responded, confusing me even more.

"I think she hit her head or something. She isn't making sense." Inner said.

"Don't be rude." I retorted.

"But I'm not. I'm stating a fact. I think she hit her head because well since when does she care what day it is?"

"I don't know now shut up." I told Inner.

"Are you listening to me?"Bri-chan asked, waving her hand in front of my face.

"Oh yeah, sorry. So what if today is Friday and tomorrow is Saturday, why can't we train?" I asked.

"Because tomorrow we go to the beach-" she got interupted by Doragon who popped up out of no where and said, "Nah admit it shrimp, you're tired. That's why you aren't making sense."

She whipped her head around and kicked him in the gut, causing him to fall down the stairs (A/N yes! they were by the stairs)

"Shut up. I AM NOT TIRED!"She yelled. Then stormed off to her room.

"Okay then." I said to myself, then walked down the stairs to go to the kitchen to get some breakfast. When I got there, I couldn't see anyone at the table, acually I couldn't see anyone in sight. I shrugged and got a piece of toast and walked back to Aya's room to get dressed.

Everyone didn't get back from where ever they went near dinner time. Bri-chan was in her room, I think, and I was sitting on the bed I was sharing with Ino, reading a book. I decided to go down stairs and see where everyone was gone to the whole day. When I got into the kitchen I noticed Bri-chan at the stove cooking, by the looks of it, ramen. Well I guess I was wrong about where she was.

"SHE CAN COOK?" Inner yelled.

"I guess so. But I've never seen her cook the whole time we were here."

"We've only been here a week, dumbass."

I rolled my eyes but didn't respond to her. Bri-chan looked at all of us and glared. "Shoes off at the door."

Everyone went and took their shoes off at the door, when they came back with no shoes on she smirked and turned back to the stove. Everyone sat down at the table and started talking.

"So, I can't wait for tomorrow." Ino said.

"Neither can I. I got a new surf board that I wanna try out." Kiba said.

"Yeah. Oh we should rent a boat and a shack too." Naruto said exitedly.

"Already done. Are you going to be making the food for tomorrow?" Aya said, looking at bri-chan.

"I guess so. But you and Hinata will be helping me." Bri-chan said, pointing to Aya, then Hinata.

"Okay." Hinata and Aya said in unison.

Then Bri-chan came in with bowls and put a bowl of ramen in front of everyone.

"That's cheating." Doragon said.

"How so?" Bri-chan questioned.

"Because you are using your power to carry the bowls in here." He responded.

"No it's not. Unless you wanna get up and help carry the bowls in here and besides, it's easier this way so no one has to get up." She shot back. "Now shut up and eat."

After everyone was done eating, Aya went and did the dishes and for the rest of the evening, Bri-chan, Aya and Hinata cooked the food for the beach. In the morning, everyone was running around, trying to get ready. Just as I was about to change into my red one piece, Aya and Ino burst through the bathroom door and ripped the bathing suit right out if my hands.

"What the-" I was cut off by Aya. "Don't wear that. Sheesh. Wear this!"

She thrust a pink bundle of fabric into my hands and ran out, Ino hot on her trail. I looked at it and the fisr thing that came to mind was 'what the hell is this?' I sweatdropped at the amount... er... lack of fabric. I decided I was no way in hell going to wear that thing and starting looking franticly for my one piece, then I realized that Aya took it with her. Damn her! I glared at the little piece of fabric in my hand and contemplated whether or not I should burn it. I decided against it because that would mean having to deal with the wrath of Aya and most likely Ino, which I didn't want to have to deal with. After about fifteen minutes of fighting with the damn bikini, I had it on and I hated it. It's not like I'm self concious about my body or anything, acually I know I have a body that made the boys drool and every girls dream, but that's why I don't want to wear this thing. I don't want people staring at me because it's just creepy. I slumped my shoulders and walked out of the bathroom, dragging my feet. When I got into the living room, everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at me.

"Holy crap Sakura-chan. Who knew you were hiding that underneath your baggy clothes." Said Naruto, who was practically drooling.

I walked up to him and punched him in the head, yelling, "Shut up, Baka. And stop drooling!"

"He's right though. We look good." Inner said, winking.

I rolled my eyes. "Shut up Inner. You're just as bad as Naruto."

"No I'm not!" She yelled.

"Yes you are. Now please shut up."

She pouted but complied.

"Forhead, stop spacing out and listen to me. I said you look good." Ino said, waving her hand in front of my face, which I slapped away.

Then she threw a red sundress at me for me to put on. Thank kami for that.

"Alright everyone. The beach is only a ten minute walk from here so you guys can walk there. I will be driving to the beach with the food, with Doragon and Hinata because we don't think any of you want to carry all this, with all your stuff to. Oh and boys, put the surf boards in the car. We'll take them too."

I could hear mosly everyone complaining until Bri-chan glared at them and said, "Shut up, or you won't be coming along. I'll make sure you stay here and do nothing."

That got everyone to shut up. After the surf boards and food, which consisted of Onigiri, Takikomi, Gohan, Udon, Pork and Chicken Ramen, Kushikatsu, Teriyaki, Nikujaga, Kakigori, Kompeito, Mizuame, Pocky, bottled water and green tea. After everything was in the car, we started walking to the beach. Then I got to thinking, 'Why was Hinata with them?'

"Because obviously Bri-chan likes her the best." Inner said.

I snorted, "Whatever Inner. She probably wants her to help because there is a lot of food and besides Hinatat did help cook all the food so it just makes sense that she helps take the food there."

"Riight." Inner said, rolling her eyes.

"Well Hinata is a good cook so there would be no reason for her not to help cook everything."

"I didn't even mention anything about that. But now that we think about it, I'm just wondering how Bri-chan found out about it."

"Maybe because she offered to help cook the food." I said, a matter of factly.

"Whatever you say."

"Fine. I'll just ask Hinata when we all meet up at the shack." With that said, the conversation ended.

The walk to the beach was loud. Naruto, Kiba, Lee and Choji were yelling about something, which caused Ino to punch them all in the head and yell something about too much noise and lod mouths, tch, she's one to talk. When we finally gpt to the shack, Bri-chan, Hinata and Doragon had everything unpacked and put away. I walked around the shack and noticed that it was furnished with a stove, sink, refrigerator, counters, cupboards and tables to eat at. It even had a bathroom with a toilet, sink and shower. When I got back to the kitchen area where everyone was, I got thinking about how we were going to eat the food because I didn't see any dishes when they put everything in the car.

"Umm guys-" I was cut off by Aya, for the second time today. "Don't worry. We own this shack and everything in here is ours. There is dishes and stuff here so that's why we didn't have to pack any dishes. We come here often anyway, so don't worry about anything."

"Oh, okay. I get it now. Wow you guys own a shack." I said, slightly amused.

"Yeah. We own a boat too." Doragon said, poking his head into the shack.

"How can you afford all of this?" I asked.

"The money our parents left us and anyway, our parents owned everything when we were just babies so when they died everything went to us, including tuition money for us." Aya said.

I just nodded my head because I had no idea what to say.

"So what do we do now?" I asked.

"Swimming of course!" Both Naruto and Kiba yelled in unison, while pumping a fist in the enthusiasticly. Then they turned to glare at each other. "I said that!" They both continued to glare at each other. "Don't copy me!" Then they both pointed at each other. "Shut up!" Then they both turned their backs to each other and crossed their arms, all the while pouting like children.

I just laughed and walked over to them and put a hand on their shoulder. "Do whatever."

"Yes!" They both yelled in unison again, and glared at each other again, but proceeded to grab their surf boards and run out of the shack.

"I thought they said... Nevermind... Don't wanna know..." I said, shaking my head.

Somehow Ino persuaded me to get out of the sundress and go outside. I looked around and noticed that not only was there a lot of people here today but everyone looked to be having fun. I also noticed Ino was wearing a purple bikini, Tenten was wearing a brown bikini woth white pok-a-dots on it, Hinata was wearing a white bikini with yellow booty shorts, Aya was wearing a yellow bikini with black smiley faces on it and Bri-chan was wearing a black bikini top with a neon blue and pink paint splatter design on it and neone green swimming shorts that went to her knees. I saw that Shikimaru was, per usual, sleeping under a beach umbrella near the shack, wearing forest green swim trunks with black thin stripes. By Shikamaru was Gaara, who was wearing red swimming trunks, Temari, who was wearing a light brown bikini with black shorts and Konkuro, who was wearing dark blue swim trunks, talking about kami knows what. I looked at the water and saw that Naruto was surfing with Kiba and from what I could see, Naruto was wearing orange swim trunks and Kiba was wearing white swim trunks. I looked over to my right and saw that Kakashi, who was wearing grey swim trunks, and Doragon, who was wearing red swim trunks, talking to a man in green swim trunks. It looked like he had a bowl cut hair.

Oh kami no... That's when I heard someone in the distance yell, "Gai-sensei!"

He turned to see his star pupil, and mini me. "Oh Lee!"

"Oh Gai-sensei!"

"Oh Lee!"

Whe they got to each other, they had anime tears streaming down their face, and embraced in a.. uhh.. manly hug... It was a disturbing sight. Lee was wearing green swim trunks just like Gai.

"What a discusting thing to see." Bri-chan said.

"Dude, he's like that guy's mini me." Aya commented.

"Are they always like this?" Bri-chan asked.

"Unfortunatly yes." I said, frowning.

She muttered great under her breath before walking up to Doragon and tapped him on the shoulder. "Oi dumb shit, is that the Gai man Kakashi-san called yesturday?"

"Yes." He relpied, with an unreadable expression on his face.

She looked at me and waved me over. "What can he do?" She asked, pointing to the green clad man.

"The same thing as Lee. That's the man who taught Lee everything he knows." I responded.

"Ah, okay." Then she turned to Doragon. "He sleeps in your room." Then she walked back into the shack.

"Hey, uh, where's Choji, Neji, Sai and Shino?" I asked Doragon.

"Neji offered to go get the boat, Choji went to the store complaining because we didn't pack any potato chips, Sai is on the cliff working on his art and Shino is somewhere looking for new kinds of bugs."

"Ah okay." I said, nodding my head. Then Doragon went into the shack.

"Hey, come on Forhead. Neji has the boat." Ino yelled to me.

I looked over and saw that Neji was here with the boat, and he was wearing White swim trunks, and almost everyone was on the baot, minus Shino, Sai, Doragon, Bri-chan, and Choji. I heard someone come out of the shack and turned to see Doragon walking out, with Bri-chan thrown over his shoulder, who was yelling for him to put her down and punching his back.

"Come on. Don't keep them waiting." He said, before walking up to the boat and throwning Bri-cha onto it. I huffed but complied. We were about to leave when we seen Choji running, trying to get to us before we took off. He was wearing bergundy swun trunks. When he got on, Neji drove the boat around the water until we were no where near the shore and stopped the boat. Naruto, Kiba, Lee, Konkuro, Aya, Temari, Hinata,Tenten and Ino jumped off. Bri-chan pushed Doragon into the water and started laughing because he screamed like a little girl. Then Kakashi went up behind her and pushed her in, but she grabbed him at the last minute and both of them went in. I was laughing so I didn't notice Naruto and Kiba swim near to where I was and grabbed my ankles. I looked down and screamed when they pulled me in. When I resurfaced, I couldn't help but laugh because this was the most fun I've had in so long. Everyone was laughing with me. I pouted when I saw that Gaara hasn't jumped in yet, I could understand Neji not jumping in because he has to operate the boat, but Gaara had no excuse. Gaara noticed my pout and rolled his eyes but jumped in.

"Canon ball" The Gai jumped in, doing a canon ball, also suceeding in splashing almost everyone.

I noticed something out of the corner of my eye and I turned my head in time to see Sai flying our way on one of his drawn birds and Shino was sitting on the same bird, but trying to put some distance between them. Sai was wearing black swim trunks and Shino was wearing grey swim trunks with white stripes and his black glasses he always wore. When they got near us, Sai dispelled the bird and both of them fell in the water. Some how though, Shino's glasses stayed on. Does he glue them to his face or something. I had to stiffle a giggle when I imagined Shino glueing them to his face.

For the next couple of hours we played in the water, splashing each other and surfing and laughing. It was amazing, I never thought I would be this happy. After almost everyone got hungry, we went back and had lunch, then the guys, minus Shikamaru, Neji and Kakashi went back into the water. I was kind of suprised Sai, Shino and Gaara went back in, but at least they were having fun. The girls were laying on towels sunbathing and I was sitting under a beach umbrella looking out at everyone. By the time everyone was back for dinner, Naruto, Kiba, Konkuro and Lee were red as lobsters. Gaara was only pink and everyone else looked like they got a nice tan. I laughed when I seen the four boys because of the redness of their skin. After everyone ate, we went back into the water, most of us were hyper, minus Shino, Sai, Neji, Bri-chan, Kakashi, Gai, Shikamaru and Gaara.

"Hey guys. Do you want to play beach volleyball? I've got a ball." I said.

Almost everyone nodded their head. So in the end the teams were Ino, Hinata, Naruto, Konkuro, Lee and I against Tenten, Temari, Kiba, Choji, Doragon and Aya and we were winning by 2. I was about to serve when I noticed someone with black hair and black swim trunks walking by the shore out of the corner of my eye. I whipped my head around so fast I swore I was going to get whip lash.

"What's wrong Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked.

"I swore I just saw Sasuke." I repsonded.

"What? Where?" Naruto asked, walking over to me.

"Over there." I pointed to the direction that I saw him.

Both of us stared at the group that was over there. There was a man with black hair and black swim trunks, he was the same man I noticed not to long ago. I couldn't see his face though but he had three people with him. I could see that the only woman with them had an unusual hairstyle. Short, pointy and unkept on the right side and long, pin-straight and combed on the left side. From the looks of it, she had red eyes that matched her hair. She was wearing a lavender bikini that was barely covering the girl. There was a tall, spikey orange haired man, who was wearing black swim trunks. I couldn't get a clear discription of him because he too, had his back to us. Then there was the last man. He had white hair with a blueish tint to it and when I seen his smile, I could see pointed teeth. He also had purple eyes. He was wearing purple swim trunks.

"No way. I think that is Sasuke." Ino all but yelled.

"Who's Sasuke?" Aya asked.

"A guy that left Konoha 3 years ago because he wanted to get stronger. No one knows why he wants to get stronger though, but I think it has something to do with avenging his family. Stupid avenging jerk." Ino explained.

"Ah. Wait, the black haired guy right?" Aya asked.

"Yeah." I said.

"I've seen him around a couple of times. He's a fire demon." Bri-chan said, walking over to us.

"Do you know the people with him?" I asked.

"Yeah I do. The tall man's name is Juugo. I don't know his last name though. He's a demon, but the kind is unknown. He can talk to animals and get them to do what he wants. He also has the ability to morf his body into this grotesque monster type thing. Also he is 18. The white haired boy's name is Suigetsu Hozuki. He's a water demon, he can morf his body into water and control water and he's 16. The female's name is Karin. She's an unusual one because she has the ability to heal if someone bites her and she can sense spirits, just like us but she isn't that strong. She's 16 as well." Bri-chan said.

"Wow, how do you know all that?" Kiba asked, impressed. By the looks of it everyone else was too.

"I did some research on them because I didn't like the look of them. Get this, they work for Orochimaru, the shadow lord." Bri-chan said.

"Holy crap, what a jerk. Leaves us and goes to some old guy. What a man." Ino said, rolling her eyes.

We all just stared at the four until the orange haired man, Juugo, pointed to us and the other three looked at us. Sasuke and I locked eye contact for a minute or two before he turned away and strode off motioning for the other three to follow. The red head, Karin, glared at me then latched onto Sasuke's arm and strode off with them. I felt a hand on my shoulder, and I looked up to see Naruto looking down at me with concern filled eyes. I just smiled and walked to the shack.

"I think we should get back. You have training tomorrow." Bri-chan stated.

I groaned, but complied. After everything was packed. Doragon and Bri-chan drove back to the house. Hinata said she was going to walk. That's when I remembered what I wanted to ask her.

I pulled her aside and asked, "Hey, how did Bri-chan know about your cooking?"

"I heard her tell Doragon she was going to be cooking the food for today, so I offered to help." Hinata stuttered.

"Oh okay." I said.

"Haha told you she offered to help." I said, laughing at Inner, who was pouting in a corner.

"Shut up will ya." She shot back.

I laughed at Inner and ran to catch up to everyone, Hinata right beside me. When we got back to the house I saw that the car was in the drive way so I knew that Doragon and Bri-chan were back. When we got into the house, took off our shoes, and walked into the living room, Doragon looked up from the t.v and put his finger to his lips and looked in the direction of one of the couches. I looked over and saw that Bri-chan was curled up and fast asleep on it. We all nodded our heads and quietly walked upstairs and went into the room we were staying in. After I got changed into my red pajamas I walked over to the bed I was sharing with Ino and curled up under the covers and fell asleep.

Sorry 'bout the long chap. I was just too lazy to put it into two parts. Also if I made any mistakes, please feel free to pm me and tell me. That would be greatly appreciated.

-hides in a corner using Tobi as a shield- DON'T EAT ME!

oh and here are the definitions of the foods that I used in this chap.

Onigiri- Rice balls.

Takikomi gohan- Rice topped with vegetables and chicken or seafood, then baked in an individual sized pot.

Udon- Thick white wheat noodles served with various toppings. Usually in a hot soy-dashi broth ot sometimes in a japanese curry soup.

Ramen- Thin light yellow noodles served in hot chicken or pork broth with various toppings.

Kushikatsu- Skewered meat, vegetables or seafood, breaded and deep fried.

Teriyaki- Grilled, broiled or pan-fried meat, fish, chicken or vegetables glazed with a sweetened soy sauce.

Nikujaga- Beef and potato stew, flavoured with soy sauce.

Kakigori- Shaved ice with syup topping.

Kompeito- Crystal sugar candy.

Mizuame- Sticky liquid suar candy.