Hello~! Um, so this is probably gonna be a bunch of one-shots about Gray & Lucy..

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"Damn, why won't this stupid song get out of my head?" Gray asked aloud while heading towards Fairy Tail.

He was beyond pissed, a very annoying but catchy song has been in his head for days and it just won't go away. He's singing it, he's humming it, hell he's even had a dream about this idiotic song! So this morning he decided to go to the guild to try and get this haunting song out of his head. Little did he know by the end of the day, he'd end up loving the crazy song.

Lucy, our favourite Celestial Spirit mage, is currently sitting down by herself at a table inside the guild. It was breakfast time and she was starving. So she signalled Mirajane over so she could order something to eat.

"Hey Mira, could you please get me some waffles? I'm starving." Lucy said, practically begging the beautiful Fairy Tail waitress, Mirajane.

"Sure thing Lucy." Mirajane replied with a giggle before leaving to go make the requested food.

Right about now a certain pissed off Ice mage entered the guild.

'BANG!' – The guild doors were slammed open revealing a not-so-happy Gray. Everyone in the guild stared at source of commotion. Some gulped and shivered at the sight of his furious expression, some payed no mind to it, and some - Lucy and Mirajane – looked concerned.

Mirajane approached Gray with a bright smile. "Hello Gray, want something to eat?" She asked trying to calm him down.

"Hi, pancakes please." He replied before walking towards a random table. He cursed as he remembered he just ordered pancakes, which just so happened to have something to do with the stupid song he wanted to forget.

He sat down in his seat – at the table Lucy was currently occupying – and slammed his head repeatedly on the table. Concerned and a little freaked out, Lucy decides to do the smart thing and ask him what's wrong.

"Are you ok, Gray?" She asks, concern filling her voice. Gray looks up and glares at the person who interrupted his 'head banging'. Lucy yelps after seeing Gray glaring at her. His eye's soften once he realises it was Lucy who interrupted him.

"Oh sorry, I'm fine, don't worry about it." Gray replies with a fake smile.

'Right, sure you are.' Lucy thinks, she was just about to reply when Mirajane comes over with their meals.

"Here you go! Waffle's for Lucy" She says while placing the plate of waffles in front of Lucy. "And pancake's for Gray." She smiles and places down Gray's plate of pancakes. She then trots of back to the bar to serve other guild members.

Gray stares at Lucy's plate of food. 'Oh joy, another thing to remind me of this horrid song.' He thinks miserably.

Lucy see's him staring and asks, "Do you like waffles?"

"Yeah we like waffles." He replies without thinking. 'Damn this song! Now I'm saying the lyrics without even knowing' He thinks with a groan.

Lucy smirks at what he says. Now knowing what he was pissed about earlier. Gray looks at Lucy, who's smirking at him knowingly. He then chuckles as he comes up with an extremely childish thing.

"Do you like pancakes?" He asks loudly with a smile. People of the guild are now looking over at their table in amusement and suspicion.

"Yeah we like pancakes!" Lucy says back equally loud.

"Do you like French toast?" They exclaim at the same time. The two mage's are now standing on their chairs doing childish dances with big bright smiles and eyes full of excitement.

"Yeah we like French toast!" They yelled while hi-fiving each other and laughing.

"Do-Do-Do-Do can't wait to get a mouthful!" They sang while moving to the middle of the guild flood, linking arms and skipping around.

"Waffles!" Lucy shouted at Gray.

"Waffles!" Gray shouted back at her.

"Waffles!" They shouted in sync.

"Waffles!" They shouted one last time before laughing hysterically at their childish antics.

The whole guild stared at the two mages, looking extremely baffled. Getting over their puzzlement they all started clapping, whistling and shouting out for an encore. The two mages looked at each other before getting up from their current location – the floor – linking hands and bowing enthusiastically. Everyone cracked up laughing at the two mage's performance before settling down and going back to what they were doing before the amusing outburst.

Lucy and Gray went back to their table still holding hands. They looked at each other before laughing at little and sitting back down to eat their pancakes and waffles.

"Thanks Luce, you sure do know how to make everything better." Gray said with a sincere smile.

Lucy gave Gray her brightest smile. "No problem." She replied with a giggle.

"So you like pancakes, huh?" He asked her after a comfortable silence between the two. Lucy looked up at Gray, giggled at him then smiled while nodding her head.

Gray smirked at her. "Open wide." He said directing his fork towards Lucy's mouth. She opened her mouth and gobbled down the pancakes given to her. Gray chuckled watching the girl enthusiastically eating the pancakes. They continued the process of feeding each other some of their meals like a cute little couple. 'I guess that stupid song wasn't so bad after all.' Gray thought with a smile while being fed by Lucy.

Mirajane watched the couple from the bar. She had recorded their whole song and dance routine and even them feeding each other on her video camera. "This will be good for a later event." She said to herself with an wicked smile gracing her lips.

Well that was the first story... I hope you liked it, It's kinda random, I was listening to the song while reading a GraLu story and decided to write one about the couple and the song.

Oh in case you didn't know the song is, 'Do you like waffles?' by Parry Gripp. Though I'm pretty sure everyone know's the song :)

As I said above, this can either be classed as friendship or romance - I mean I feed my friends food all the time, but you can make it whatever you want!

Ah, well with that said, I hope to write another one-shot or shot story again, I'll hopefully be adding more if I can get my lazy ass into action -_- sigh

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