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Sam's POV

How could he do such a thing? Treat me like… like, like trash! Let me tell you, I will get payback. And it's going be bad. Let me replay what happened two days ago…

"Carly, I don't see why I have to wear this!" I complained, grimacing at the dress that Carly picked out. It was a purple dress, and it was covering my feet. It was strapless, the top part was a darker purple than the bottom, and the very top of it had sparkles.

"I like it." she defended, "Besides, you'll only wear it for a night." She shrugged, and went back over to the racks. Why would I only want to wear it for one night? That's just messed up…

"This okay?" Carly came out of the racks, with a pink strapless dress, it was kinda like mine, but the top a lighter pink than the bottom, and that part was also covering her feet.

"Meh, it's alright, I would go for something shorter for you." I said.

"Yeah, you're right. Come help me pick?" I nodded, and followed her, almost tripping over the stupid dress. When I got over there, it was like a freaking closet of pink dresses. One caught my eye, and I picked it up off the rack.

"Carls, this one?" I held it up, and her eyes went wide, and she squealed, "Yes! I'll go and try it on now…" She snatched it out of my hand, and went in the dressing rooms.

After about ten minutes, she came out with the dress on. It was a fuchsia, (pink?) was a little above her knees, and had sparkles on it, (not much, but still sparkles.)

"Let's go and pay for these, then go and see how Freddie and Gibby are holding up…" I nodded, and followed her to the cash register.