Hermione has left the Wizarding World behind after finished her final year in Hogwarts, staying in the muggle world without the intention of returning back to where she once belonged. Receiving a mysterious letter from a mysterious unknown person who claimed himself as Vongola 9th has thrown her into an adventure she never image. She must build back her confident and trust toward others and along the way of achieving it she learn to trust and believe, work together with others and also to fall in love with someone she didn't expect she would be.

Chapter 1


Hermione sat in the kitchen in her parents' house, thinking about the offer she just received earlier. It's been a year since she's staying in the muggle world after she finished her final year in Hogwarts and two years since the end of the wizarding war. A full year of staying with her parents after she had modified back her parents' memory and she is not planning on return to the wizarding world anytime soon, despite she has been missing her three best friends, The-Boy-Who-Lived Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and his sister Ginny Weasley.

Her parents understand the reason of why their beloved daughter done to them and even though they were a bit angry at first, but their love for her conceal the anger in their heart as they knew that Hermione have to act such in order to save them from the evil that lurk the wizarding world, and now it is all over and the wizarding world is now save from the evil Voldermort and his Death Eaters.

The young brunette take a deep breath as she still holds on the mysterious letter she had received earlier that day. The letter in her hand was somehow sent by an unknown person who she had no idea of, and the letter was sent from Italy. At first, she thought that the letter was send by any witch or wizard who lived there but then she brushed the thought of it as the letter was sent by mail post, not using an owl. Looking at the letter, she re-read it all over again, trying to understand of the meaning of it. Taking a deep breath, Hermione tries to think with all the common sense but yet still couldn't figure it, as if the sender was trying to play with her. But then, the letter was no joke as it is an official letter with letter head, but not some sort of government agencies.

Dear Miss Granger,

We are here officially to request you to join us and become part of our member. We are impressed with your past performance and achievement and would like you to become part of us.

Your talents should not be wasted and we would appreciate it if you accept our offer. Please reply this letter with your answer.

But please do not inform others about this offer as this is a secret between you and our organization. We would appreciate it if you keep it silent and any further information will be passes only between us.

We will be waiting for your answer. Have a good day.

Yours truly,

Vongola 9th

Hermione, being curious as she always did, still wondering of the letter, who is this Vongola 9th and what kind of business that they wants with her, and the talents that they mentioned in the letter, what talent that she possessed that has interested them? Did they know that she is in fact a witch, did her achievement during her life in the wizarding world has slipped past to the muggle world and some people had discovered about it and wish to used it for themselves. But then, somehow, the 19-years old brunette did not feel threaten when she received the letter, instead she feels calm and at ease when she first opened it.

"Maybe I should give it a try, who knows what it might bring to me," her thought playing in her mind as her curiosity got her better.

Using her sense and courage without thinking much of a problem she grabs a piece of paper and write the reply, showing that she is somehow interested in what-so-ever it is about even though she herself find it unbelievable. But then she realised that this can be her gateway to leave from here or even better to escape from the wizarding world since it brings too much pain than happiness in her life.

Two weeks later…

Somewhere on the other part of the world (Alright, it's in Japan)

Laying peacefully on the rooftop of a triple-storey building with the wind blowing softly and calm, a blue-haired young man, with a smile stuck in his face, is taking a short nap when suddenly…

"Damn you turf head, what the hell you think you're doing?" yelled a silver haired young man with bombs in his hands, ready to strike. Not far, Tsuna gasp and become speechless, sweat badly watching them while Gokudera and Ryohei are ready to strike at each other, while Yamamoto who was standing next to him, laughing heartily at his friends' ethics.

Tsuna gasp at Yamamoto and sweat drop as thought are playing in his mind "Yamamoto, this is no laughing matter."

"What do you mean what I'm doing, you octopus head, I'm training here if you are that blind," Ryohei shout back at Gokudera who is any minute now going to throw the bombs in his hands.

"Then why the hell are you aiming your punch at me…," Gokudera was far from pissed already as Tsuna and Yamamoto looked at them, didn't dear to interfere the two angry men in front of them.

"That's your bloody fault. Who asked you to throw your bloody bombs at me," Ryohei's not giving up, his veins twitching in his head as the same goes to Gokudera.

"It's not my fault you turf head, you should see your surrounding before entering, I was doing my practice here so how the hell I know that you are standing there," Gokudera yelled, standing to his point and does not plan of giving up the argument between them.

Tsuna begins to panic, he does not know what to do to stop them from arguing, and the 19-years old young boss knows what are their abilities and sometimes he himself afraid of it because all of them have become stronger. Without his Dying Will flame, Tsuna is nothing but hopeless, he can confront his enemies but when it comes to his friends he find it quite difficult, but yet he find it to be quite amusing.

Gokudera and Ryohei are about to launch themselves to one another when Yamamoto decided to step forward. "Ma ma, please stop arguing, you guys keep distracting people around do you know that?" said the young swordsman as he tries to stop them from arguing. Reluctant, both Gokudera and Ryohei give up but yet still did not want to face each other. Tsuna was relieved when they have decided to stop when suddenly he was knocked from behind and fell to the ground. Turning around, he saw Reborn looked at him with frown in his face. "No-Good Tsuna, you are useless as always. When will you ever learn to control your men," mock the tiny hitman.

"Reborn…will you stop doing that," said Tsuna as he tries to get up. "Hmm…still the same," mock the Arcobaleno hitman again as he held a letter in his hand and look up as the three young Vongola Guardians walks toward them.

"Reborn, is that a letter in your hand, who is it for?" asked Yamamoto as he bend down a little to have a good look on the letter. That has create the attention from all of them, includes Mukuro whose nap was disturbed when Gokudera and Ryohei decided to engage in the argument earlier. Curiosity got him better as he decided to join the crowd below and jump down from the rooftop and land gracefully next to Tsuna, startle him pretty much.

"Kufufufufu, another mission?" questioned Mukuro as he sway his trident, which almost hit Gokudera's head. "Damn it, what is your problem?" yelled Gokudera.

"Kufufufufu….that's for disturbing my nap earlier," Mukuro smirk as he pay no attention to him, earning himself a deadly glare from the young Smokin' Bomb.

After the Inheritance Ceremony Arc about five years ago, Mukuro somehow managed to survives even with the serious injuries his body had received. He was hospitalized for months before recovered and agree to stay with the Vongola as long as they do not trouble or even to spy on him. Giving his own apartment to stay, he adopts Chrome as his own sister and let Chikusa and Ken to stay with him as well. The Vongola had wrote to the Vendicare not to capture and throw him at the Vendicare Prison again as he had done so much to save the Vongola. He is free to do anything as long as he join any mission with the family when he is summon, in which includes Chrome.

"Who sent the letter, Reborn…?" asked Tsuna as he too lean forward a bit next to Yamamoto. Reborn was still in silent as he looks at the five young men standing around him, looking eager when he heard footsteps coming towards them. Running towards them are 10-years old Lambo and I-pin, Chrome along with Chikusa and Ken, and right behind who walk calmly was Hibari Kyoya with Hibird on top of his head.

"What is it that urgent Reborn-san, that you wish to see as all?" asked Chikusa calmly as all of them gathered around the Arcobaleno hitman and greet each other, apart from Kyoya who simply ignores them. Reborn smirk as he held out the letter. Everyone keep silence and each of them is pounding waiting for Reborn to read out the letter. Another mission, all of them think of the same idea. "Seems like it," spoke the tiny hitman as if he can read their mind, "Though this one is a bit different from the rest of our previous missions," Reborn told them as he looks at the letter in his hand."

"Heeee…so what is written in the letter?" asked Tsuna, quite impatient when Reborn decides to play riddle with them. Reborn only smirk as he detected the impatient in Tsuna's attitude. "Why don't you read it yourself?" said Reborn as he passes the letter towards them. Gokudera is about to snatch it when Mukuro managed to cut in and take the letter from Reborn and begins to read.

"Damn you, who said you had the right to read the letter," shouted the silver-haired bomber as Mukuro simply ignored him. "Ma ma, it doesn't matter who read the letter, right Tsuna?" said Yamamoto as he pat Gokudera's shoulder, tries to calm him down. Gokudera turns to Yamamoto and glared at him. "Yamamoto's right, any of you can read the letter, if it is regarding a mission," said Tsuna calmly and smile at Gokudera, which makes him blush because he knew that Tsuna was right.

"Oya oya, this mission is very different, who is this person that we need to train?" asked Mukuro after reading the letter, in which makes all of them, except for Reborn, to turn to him, shock and some even smirk, as if Mukuro was playing with them.

"Train who?" asked the shocked Tsuna, as he looked at Reborn who decides to jump and sit on Yamamoto's shoulder.

"Don't know, but we will find out pretty soon and for that we need to go to Italy, because Vongola 9th insist that we will train and work with this person in Italy. We will leave to Italy in three days and none of you will stay behind," told Reborn as they look at each other.

"What about Bianchi, Kyoko, Haru and Fuuta?" asked Lambo. The youngest guardian is no longer having the afro hair and he begins to wear proper clothes and looked after himself better than before and his naughty attitude has also changed becoming a bit mature yet his playful attitude still linger within him.

"Bianchi will be joining us, but Kyoko, Haru and Fuuta have to stay behind," Reborn speak as all of them nodded their head, except for Lambo and I-pin who looked a bit sad because Kyoko, Haru and Fuuta are unable to join them.

"So who is this Italian that we need to train and work with?" Yamamoto begins to wonder as he thought of the unknown person. "So, when are we going to meet this person?" asked the young swordsman again.

"Don't know, but I don't think that this person is an Italian, besides Dino and his men are on their way to pick this person," answered Reborn as he begins to stroke Leon on its head as the green chameleon whirling around his hand.

Meanwhile, in London

Hermione has already packed all the stuffs that she needs to bring along with her. She did not regret of her decision of joining and working together with this mysterious people who had wrote to her, she needs to get away from here and this one rare opportunity will help her to do so. She never hates the Wizarding World but she bear to much painful memories there. Even though she had three best friends and few good friends, but she was often picked as a victims of constants insults and humiliation from others even for no reasons. Even her friends and best friends often come to defends her, they never stop, and sometimes it became much worst that it break her heart badly.

The 5 ft 6 brunette, who has changed quite drastically over the year, plans to move on from all the pain she had bear and hopefully this new journey will help her to get through it. Thinking back when she made up her mind and agrees to accept the offers from the person who claimed himself as the Vongola 9th was pretty shocking for her at first, as if she decides to jump into a sea without knowing whether there's a shark or not in the water. But then, if she refuses, she might miss a gateway that can drag her away from her misery, or even gives her the chance of having a new life.

Her parents was worried at first when she decided to accept the offers, thinking of what she might face in the future and especially she is away from England. Hermione, being stubborn, persuaded her parents to believes in her decision and let her faces the challenges and adventures on the outside world. Reluctantly at first they took their time to accept her decision but then they knew that Hermione was a strong girl and she able to look after herself more than anything else and slowly they accept and support her decision and she convinced them that she will never let them down. Her parents are always supportive and trust her and that what makes her even stronger and more confidence in her life.

After finished her final year at Hogwarts, she decided to stay best friends with Harry, Ron and Ginny, along with Neville, Luna, and Lavender. They are the people who understand her the most and often there when she needs someone during Hogwarts, especially when she was in depressing situations. She never angry or snap at them and often offer to help them with studies or giving advices and they are her best friends who cries or laughs together with her and there are few others who can get along with her and she respected them as well.

She was the brain behind all of their adventures and during the war with the evil Voldermort and his Death Eaters she do whatever she could to ensure the safety of her friends. Besides them, Mr and Mrs Weasley are the two adults she sees as her surrogate parents when she is away from home. She can tag along with Ron and Ginny's elder brothers, except for the twins whose constantly picked on her and insulted and humiliated her for no reasons. Both Ron and Ginny tried to stop them many times but never succeed. They are the most popular men in Hogwarts and in which the students see them as their famous star and believes in them even though they had humiliated her in public.

The gorgeous brunette never understands of why the twins often picked on her while she did nothing for them. When she first chosen as a Prefect, she did tries to stop them from having their experiments on the first year but they never did listens, instead they embarrassed her and call her names and such. After couple of times, she decided to ignored them and let them doing whatever they want because their attitudes are making her sick, but that never stop them from insulting her. The twins, Fred and George, along with their best friends, Lee Jordan, Angelina Johnson, Alicia Spinnet and Katie Bell, often humiliated Hermione wherever they saw her, sometimes for no reason, well, all of them except Katie Bell who felt sympathy for her because of her friends' attitudes. Sometimes when she sees her alone she will have a talk and encourage her to stay strong and simply ignored them. She even gives her advices to help her on how to stick herself together and to have a strong heart. Harry, Ron and Ginny knows that Katie often helped Hermione when she's depressed and they are very thankful of her for that. The twins and the gang never found out about Katie helping her behind them and Hermione and Katie, included Harry, Ginny, Ron, Luna, Neville and Lavender, keep it shut among them.

After finished their final year at Hogwarts, Harry and Ron decided to join the Auror while Ginny and Lavender decided to train as a mediwitch at St. Mungo while Neville applied for a position at Hogwarts as a professor and Luna begins to work at Quibbler Magazine as a journalist, while Hermione decided to returns to the muggle work and began her search for her parents. Her main enemy, Draco Malfoy, who has changed sides during the war, decided to join Harry and Ron as an Auror, and he, unlike the twins, began to show some respect and friendship towards Hermione and asked for her apologies for his past attitudes. And Hermione, whose hatred never conquers her heart, forgave him.

Sitting in the sofa in the living room, Hermione was still thinking of her past life when suddenly someone rings the doorbell. Hermione looks at her watch and realized that it is still early for her parents to return home from work. She get up from the chair towards the front door and opened only to see someone she never knew or met, a handsome blond with tattoo on his neck, wearing a dark brown long khakis pant and a light brown jacket covering a white t-shirt, smiling at her, and several men in black suits, standing in front of the porch at her parents' home.

Hermione, being a strong young woman, did not squeak or blush as she looks at them, but she did admit in her mind that the man in front of her is quite dashing and very handsome, indeed.

"Yes?" asked her as the man in front of her just standing still, and she somehow catches him blushing, pretty bad.