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Chapter 13: Of Flan, MM and the Confession

Mukuro groan, he's been lying in the sickbed for week now, and he had not seen Hermione for weeks already. The doctor won't allow him to leave the hospital until he is fully recovered from his injury. Chrome, Dino and Ryohei had been on his side for the past week when they are free or taking some time off from their mission, mostly Chrome and Dino since the both of them knew about Mukuro and Hermione's relation.

Chrome flinches when she hear Mukuro groan, know that the mismatched-eyes illusionist is now dead boring and hope to move around instead of lying down in sickbed for the past week. Dino had left the room as he and Ryohei still needs to attend a meeting with their ally and tries to settle any dispute that had happen among them.

"Mukuro-nii, are you okay, do you need anything?" Chrome ask in a low voice, didn't want to startle the illusionist.

"Huh…no, I'm fine Chrome, I just need to leave this sickbed, that's all," Mukuro speak in a hush voice. Chrome only nod her head and stare outside the window.

Mukuro stare at the ceiling of the bedroom, he haven't here from Hermione for weeks now but knew that she is on a mission with Yamamoto somewhere in Europe, though that he is glad that she is entrusted with her own mission but still there's a jealousy since she goes with Yamamoto instead. He had told them not to tell her about his injury because he knew that this can jeopardizes her mission and maybe her life as well if she find out about him being injured during his mission.

He cannot deny to himself any longer that in fact he is in love with her and he still remember the first kiss that they have shared and he is hoping that it will happen again. Kissing her was the best thing that had ever happened to him and having her for himself as it is what he's been hoping and wanting for so long, but somehow due to missions and duties both of them couldn't find the time for themselves let alone to recite their romance together.

Chrome somehow could detect the silent in him, knowing that he is longing for one particular person and she couldn't help but to smile and accidently laugh though it is not loud enough but somehow Mukuro still can hear it.

"What's so funny about?" Mukuro asks as he glances at her. Chrome tries to cover her mouth but her smile is pretty visible that she can no longer contain it.

"I think that you're hoping that Hermione-san is here with you, am I right?" Chrome tries to guess as Mukuro tries not to blush, but somehow with her name mentioned Mukuro can't help but to think of her more and more.

"I wish that she is here, but I also know that she is currently on a mission so it is better if she didn't find out about my current condition," Mukuro responded back, his eyes still fixed on the ceiling above.

"You really care for her, are you?" Chrome tried to fished out some information from Mukuro regarding his relation with Hermione, she was really hoping that Mukuro and Hermione will end up together as a couple because she could see how happy Mukuro was when he with Hermione despite knowing that she is a witch with very high intelligent.

"Yes, I do," Mukuro responded back, a smile formed in his lip as Chrome can't help but to smile as well.

The main door of the private hospital burst open, shocking most of the people there as a red-haired young woman and a boy that are wearing an enormous frog hat standing there and the young woman looking frantic while the boy is standing calm as he could and even tries to get away from the young woman. Her action scares most of the people as she walks towards the reception counter, she looks like she is going to explode there.

"Mukuro-sama, tell me where's Mukuro-sama's room?" she speak loudly, scaring the young nurse who is sitting at the reception counter.

"Roomm…no. 215, third floor….on…the left side," the young nurse response tremblingly as the red-haired left the counter in hurry while the boy with enormous frog hat says thank you to her as he follows the red-haired.

Mukuro is looking at the view outside the window from his sick bed while Chrome sits on a chair next to his bed, reading a magazine she had bought earlier when the door burst open, shocking both of them. Standing on the door and looking frantic is the red-haired young woman and a boy with the enormous frog hat. Mukuro groans, wondering of what they are doing here.

"Mukuro-sama, tell me are you okay Mukuro-sama?" the red-haired asked in frantic, her sudden action shocked Chrome as she looked at her with eyes wide open.

"MM, Flan, it is a surprise to see both of you here," Chrome greeted them, that had stopped MM and she glared at the indigo-haired illusionist.

"You…you are supposed to look after Mukuro-sama, not letting him get hurt like this," MM spoke sternly to Chrome as the young woman flinched, she narrowed her eyes and gritted her teeth, and how she wished that she could just slap her in the face. Flan who is standing behind them shook his head and tried to ignore them, especially the mad MM.

"MM, don't you dare to say that again, are you looking for trouble here?" Mukuro spoke in a quiet yet scary and deadly voice that can scares their enemy easily. He looked calm yet they knew that he is in fact quite angry at the moment. Flan backed up a bit, leaving MM to dealt with Mukuro's anger towards their sudden present there, besides it is MM's fault by right. Both of them are currently on a mission when they heard that Mukuro had been injured during his mission. Well, by right Flan was having a mission for the Varia while stumbled upon MM who was doing nothing and busy chasing rich men for their money at that moment and meeting her was a big mistake he had ever make.

MM was one of Mukuro's follower but she is unlike Chrome, Ken, Chikusa and Flan, she is slightly a bit weak than the rest of them since Mukuro and herself had been released from the Vendicare Prison long time ago and after Mukuro had agreed to stayed and worked with the Vongola and at the same time he adopted Chrome as his own sister, MM was very furious and jealous that Mukuro had gave most of his attention to her but at the same time she decided to stick to Mukuro and sometimes doing her own work so that she could earn her own money. Ken had called her money face once and that's really pissed her off that she almost got his head ripped off but Mukuro had stopped and warned them. Ken who is loyal to Mukuro, despites his stupidity, sticks with him while MM is free to do whatever she wanted to.

MM had often warned Chrome, telling her that Mukuro was hers and no one else, but the girl brushed her off and ignored her, knowing that Mukuro is her big brother, not lover.

"Flan, aren't you supposed to be on a mission?" Mukuro spoke as Flan snapped from his daydream, by right he tried to ignore listening to MM's rambling and then begin to have his own daydream as he looked around the room. He wanted to leave early but he haven't seen Mukuro for months now, so he had no idea of what had happened for the past few months but he had heard that the Vongola had recruited a new member but never had the chance of meeting that person since he often on a mission or going elsewhere when the Varia had a meeting or such at the Vongola Headquarters. And definitely had no idea that Mukuro already had his eyes fixed on one person he had wanted to see the most.

"Well, supposedly yes but I've met this old lady here by accident and then we had found out about you being injured so she insisted to see you and dragged me along."

MM winced as Flan had called her old lady especially in front of the illusionist that she had tried to impress for a long time. She turned to him with her deadly glare but Flan just simply ignored her and pretends that she is not there as he kept on teasing her.

"Flan you bastard, how dare you to call me an old lady, I'm still young here you green-haired weirdo," MM snapped at him but he simply ignored her. Chrome rolled her eyes to hear MM talking non-stop about her beauty and such while Mukuro looked at them as he caress his temple, those two, apart from Ken, really know how to give him headache.

"Well old lady, if you called me green-haired weirdo, then you will called Master Mukuro the same thing right, because we had the same talents here," Flan spoke nonchalantly, making MM to flinched and that had stopped her as she looked at Mukuro who glanced at them emotionlessly.

"How did you found out that we were here?" Chrome suddenly spoke as she needed to stop all this nonsense before bad thing happen.

"Oh, we heard from Ken and Chikusa that you got hurt because that news was told to that Vongola 10th and he told them about your condition, so Ken told me but I don't know about this old lady here," Flan responded to her while MM glared at him angrily for calling her that again. She then fidgeted when Mukuro glared at her, warned her trouble will happen upon her if she tries to creates havoc here in the hospital.

"I…I had…my own sources," MM responded as Mukuro, Chrome and Flan stares at her, Chrome and Flan may pissed her off but Mukuro is so damn scary that she cannot disobeyed him even though she was free to do whatever she wanted to.

"Hmmm, well then, I'm fine now so can I have my good rest here?" Mukuro spoke coolly as Flan glance at him.

"Well then Master Mukuro, I think that I really must go, I still got a mission to finish, have a nice day," Flan spoke as he nodded his head at both Mukuro and Chrome and left the room. MM was furious that Flan simply ignored her. She then suddenly felt cold, knowing that Mukuro was currently glared dagger at her for disturbing his peaceful rest.

"Well, me too…should get going, take care Mukuro-sama," MM fidgeting as she hurried left the room, there's no way she wanted to face the wrath of Mukuro at the moment.

"Those two really know how to give me a headache, now I really need my peaceful rest," Mukuro spoke moments after MM had left the two of them alone. Chrome looked at him and smile.

"Yes, Mukuro-nii, you really need your rest if you want to get better, I don't think you want Hermione-san to see you in this condition, right?" Chrome spoke as Mukuro glanced at her, he then smile at the mentioned of Hermione's name and Chrome was right, he definitely did not want Hermione to see him in such condition.

Taking a short nap, Mukuro begins to think about the one witch he really missed the most. And he can't wait to see her again after all this is over.

Few days later

No one is more relieved than Mukuro as today he is allowed to leave the hospital. He is getting slightly better than before and able to move his arm easily without feeling any pain though Chrome had reminded him not to do anything heavy that could cause the wound to reopen again.

It is also the time for them to go back to the Vongola Headquarters as the meeting with their ally had gone pretty well and managed to clear the air of confusion between them as Dino and Ryohei had to make sure that everything gone smoothly without any trouble.

"Sorry for not able to be with you guys," Mukuro apologized to Dino as the handsome blonde looked at him and slightly smiled. He knew that Mukuro had acted very brave though he had been injured himself, but then he knew that he should be proud of him and Chrome for their fast action that helped to catch the robbers.

"Don't worry, but then you had figure it out yourself how are you going to explain about that to Hermione, you know that how worried she will be if she had find out about it," said Dino which got Mukuro's attention. Mukuro knew that Hermione still had no idea about his injury for the others had promised not to inform her about this. And he did not want her to expect for some answers from the others about his injury so it is safe is he tell her himself.

"I think I will explain about this to her myself, it is better off that way," Mukuro answered with confident as he smiled at them.

"Well then, if that what you say then it is better be," said Ryohei who had been listening to them since, he too know how close the relationships between the illusionist and the witch and knew that there's a love feeling between those two.

"Of course I will," promised the Vongola's Mist Guardian as they are now approaching the private airport as they private plane is waiting for them.


Hermione and Yamamoto had just returned to the Vongola Headquarters a couple of days ago as their mission had gone pretty well despites being travelled to a lot of place to get their clue and work with Enrique and so far they had managed to get some of the data back for their investigation. And since they had arrived in the Vongola Headquarters, Hermione took only a day to rest and then she straight away begins to work on her collected data and all the encrypted notes with Gokudera to get more information out of the clue data and important notes that she had been working on with Yamamoto and Enrique.

Since she is now hooking up with her work, she did not aware that Mukuro and the rest of the team that had gone to northern Italy will be returning today. As Hermione is busy with her work in the library with Gokudera to search for any possible clue that the Vongola had, they could hear someone opens the door and then someone walking inside the library. Hermione and Gokudera turn their attention to the newcomer and surprise to see Tsuna smiling at them.

"Hi, sorry to disturb you two but just want to inform that Dino and the rest of the team who went to the northern Italy had just return, so we are going to have some celebration later on," said Tsuna as he grinned at them, especially to Hermione. It took her by surprise to see him smiling at her, but then she remember that one of the men who went to northern Italy is Mukuro, and she haven't seen him for weeks, and now she can't wait to see him again and deep in her heart she admitted how much she really missed him. Even though she can't wait to see him again but she must act professionally because she is no longer a young girl but she is now a young woman who is now working with one of the famous mafia organization in the world. Though Hermione tried to act coolly about it, she still can't hide her slightly redden face and she is shaken with happiness and she is not aware that Tsuna and Gokudera are currently watching her and tried not to smile as they did not want to embarrass her.

"Okay, thank you for informing us, we will join you later," Hermione said to Tsuna as Gokudera nodded his head agreed with her since they still had some work to be done at the moment.

"Okay, I will inform the others, just don't be late okay," said Tsuna as both Hermione and Gokudera nodded their head and then the Vongola Decimo left the library.

About an hour later Hermione and Gokudera joins the small party that Tsuna and Vongola 9th had held for the return of their fellow Guardians, and although she is quite tired but she is happy to see them come home safely, but somehow she did not see Mukuro as he is not among them. She is surprise but knowing that Mukuro did not like to hang much with them she bet that he is somewhere else as she start to look for him. As she is about to leave the party in order to search for Mukuro, Chrome approaches her.

"Hermione-san, are you looking for Mukuro-nii?" asked the young illusionist.

"Yes, I couldn't find him inside and I bet that he is somewhere outside. Do you know where he is?" asked Hermione with a gleam in her eyes.

"Yeah, he is out there somewhere, well…," Chrome said as she's about to tell Hermione about Mukuro's injury but stopped herself as she remembered that Mukuro had told them about that earlier.

"Yes…?" Hermione asked, wondering what the young illusionist wants to tell her about.

"I think that Mukuro-nii is out there waiting for you, have a great time," said Chrome sheepishly, she really wanted to tell Hermione about Mukuro's injury but since she had promised him, there's nothing she can do about it and leave it to Mukuro to settle all these by himself. She then wished Hermione a good day as she left to join the party while Hermione looked at her weirdly before she exit from the room and eventually from the building to search for Mukuro and the first place in her mind is the beautiful lake not far from the Vongola Headquarters, the only place that she would go if she need peace in her mind.


Hermione reaches the lake and admire the scenery before her eyes, this place had never changed much except that more flowers had grown and it is getting more beautiful from time to time. She then continues to search for Mukuro, wondering where the illusionist is at the moment. As she walks from almost every part of the forest near the lake, she almost gives up when she sees a figure leaning against a tree not far from the lake, a figure with flawless long, blue hair, and Hermione recognizes that figure immediately. A smile forms in her face, she walks slowly approaching the one man she missed the most since the past few weeks. The one man she begins to have feeling for, a strong feeling and it is more than just a crush, the one man she begins to fall in love with, and it is a true feeling of love.

As Hermione approaches Mukuro, she could see him leaning and closing his eyes, as if he is now asleep peacefully as Hermione could feel warm in her face. She knew that Mukuro is a handsome man, but she never see him this handsome before, he looks so peaceful and calm.

"I know that you will find me here, you know how much I missed you," said Mukuro all of the sudden without opening his eyes to look at her as a smile forms in his face.

"And you know how much I missed you too, I always thinking of you and wondering what you are up to at that moment," responded Hermione as she took a sit next to Mukuro as the blue-haired, mismatched eyes illusionist opened his eyes and looked at her.

"Really, I'm glad that you missed me too," replied Mukuro as his hand touched her beautiful face, her skin still soft and delicate as Hermione leans to his touch, she really missed this so much. As Hermione fell into his touch, Mukuro can't help as he leans closer to her and the next thing Hermione know is that Mukuro's lips touches hers, he kissed her again months after their first (and second kiss) together. Hermione kisses him back and as her hand touches his shoulder, she accidently touches his slightly injured shoulder as Mukuro winces slightly in pain. And this shocks Hermione as she pulls away from their kiss.

"Mukuro, what's happen?" said Hermione as she began to panic while Mukuro tries to calm her down, luckily that he is used to injures due to the fights and his injured shoulder is getting lot better than before.

"Hermione…Hermione, I'm okay, don't worry," spoke Mukuro as Hermione tried to inspected his injured shoulder.

"Okay? I don't think so Mukuro, what had happen to you? Tell me, please," Hermione asked again, she is worried yet determined to find out about what had happen to Mukuro.

"Alright, I...kind of got shot, while on my mission, but please Hermione, don't worry about it, I'm fine, it is just a small injury, I'm doing okay, I promise," replied Mukuro as he noticed that there's a slight tears in Hermione's eyes. Hermione blinked her eyes in order to stop the tears from falling but fail as some managed to steal their ways down to her cheeks.

Mukuro wipes the tears away as he pulls Hermione closer to him and wraps his arm around her shoulder. Hermione leans much closer to Mukuro as she wraps her arms around his waist and leans her head on his shoulder.

"Hermione, I don't want you to worry about me, I promise that I will be fine, okay?" said Mukuro as Hermione nodded her head slowly. Mukuro smiled as he kissed her forehead and pulled her closer to him, filling the gap between them.

"Hermione, I want to tell you something, something that is really important, will you hear me out?" Mukuro spoke as Hermione slowly pulled herself from him and looked directly at him. Her heart beating fast as she wonders what Mukuro wants to tell her about.

Mukuro find himself to be quite clueless for a moment, he had never had such problem before, but then he guesses that because of the young woman in front of him right now.

"I don't know about you, but I want to tell you that I'm in love with you, heck I really do love you," said Mukuro as he looked at the shocked Hermione as her eyes began to redden again. Suddenly he felt scared, what if Hermione rejects his love and never want to see him again.

"Really, I love you too, really I do," responded Hermione as she hugged him tightly, forgetting about his injured shoulder, but Mukuro didn't mind at all. He finally got the girl he's been waiting for since the first time he saw her.

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