Summary: AU. Dark!Tsuna. The Mafia world was hatred. Tsuna knew. He already knew it, the day mafia knocked on his door, when he stared into the pitch black eyes of his new tutor. He knew it too well, when the baby introduced himself as Reborn.

Warning: OOCness, a not-so-perfect Mafia, blood (gore later on?), swearing, etc. Dark, twisted Tsuna and co. And different timeline and canon modifications. Definite darkness.

*No OCs will ever take any important parts. Actually, there wouldn't be any except the ones in this chapter. I hate them to death, so there won't be any.

No official pairings. Interpret their relationships as you like.

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Unrelenting Fate

by Taira-keimei

Chapter 0: Normal

He was alone.

Why? Where was everyone else?

Only footsteps echoed, floor cracking underneath his steps. He wasn't used to this calmness; it didn't suit the place. Every time he came to visit, it had always been a noisy place. He would hear joyful sounds. He would hear the men's brawls. He would hear Onii-chan boasting about things he didn't know, with his guardian reprimanding him. He would hear Onii-chan laughing, while Onee-chan chasing him through the halls. He would hear fireworks, party poppers, wind chimes and other things.

Not complete silence.

Should it be considered peaceful? Even if the sun is shining so brightly outside, even if the sky is a beautiful shade of blue, he felt an emptiness that was way too lugubrious for his liking. His now worrying heart completely ignored the rest of his surrounding, ignored the crimson glow that leaked around in the darkness. His throat knotted. His voice died down before it even escaped his mouth. His steps became hesitant. But they still brought him towards the place he was waiting for.


He peeked through the door of his Onii-chan's room.

However, nothing greeted him back. There was no sound.

The room was a mess as usual, he noted. It somehow comforted him, to see the piles and piles of all kinds of items lying around. He paced towards the giant window, heart racing calming down.

Until he stepped on something wet and warm.

And then, he made the mistake of looking down.

He abruptly sat up. His hands clenched around the sheets, making wrinkles everywhere. It took him a while to calm down, to notice his surroundings again.

"Huff… huff…" he panted.

Caramel eyes blinked once, blinked twice to adjust to the faint sunlight poking through the curtains of the small room. Birds could be heard, chirping from the outside. He was on a small metal bed, all drenched with his own sweat. He calmed down when he laid his eyes on his tidy, clean room. Yes, his room was clean: nothing on the clean floor, his desk without a single useless tool lying around. Clean, except for the huge pile of random stuff piled up in the left corner, with failing test papers poking out from underneath; while dirty laundry piled in the opposite corner.

'That dream again…' he mindlessly thought.

He sighed in relief and looked up at his alarm clock. 5:27. It was still too early to get up, but he didn't want to dream about it again. Instead, he just let his mind wander again.

His mother, quite used to his son's early awakenings sometimes, didn't question him about it. He ate breakfast before waving a goodbye to his mom and hurried to school.

He ran as quickly as he could to get inside the class just before the evil bell rang.

He managed to make it safely towards the school. He was only a foot away that the bell rang, surprising him so much that he face planted on the floor. A bunch of snickers could be heard from the class, but he was more worried about the teacher than his classmates. Luckily for him, it seemed like the teacher was late. He mentally sighed in relief because he had evaded the clutch of death once again. (Or in this case, the death's fangs; because his school's personal shinigami wears a disciplinary committee band and a pair of tonfas). He panted while letting out a sigh of relief and scuffed towards his seat.

Today was an ordinary day for a most ordinary boy named Sawada Tsunayoshi, 14. Just like almost every single day of the past five years.

He slid himself on his chair and took out and placed his text book. He though he heard a snicker or two directed at him, but brushed it off because Nezu-sensei came in and started his math class. Math class was about some algebra and other stuff, the boy didn't even bother to listen at all. Instead, he simply allowed himself to drift into the comforts of dreamland and ignored everything else.

- 27dark27 - 27 - 27dark27 -

"Onee-chan, why do you hate Onii-chan?" Curious caramel eyes stared at two older figures, one male, one female, in front of him. The two stopped their one sided conversation to look at the little brown haired boy that spoke to them.

"Haha! What are you saying, Tsuna-chan? She doesn't hate-" The older male teen dodged a few flying dangerous objects. "-me at all! Am I right?" He turned to the girl who was sitting on the opposite side and flashed a wide grin. Tsuna couldn't read her face because her bangs covered her eyes. But it wasn't heard to know what she was thinking as she was holding the rest of the objects that she was about to use on Onii-chan.

Tsuna sweatdropped as he watched this daily antics repeated again. Had it been like when he first met them, he would have been scared to death, but now, he knew those sharp objects nee-chan threw weren't directed at himself, but at his Onii-chan.

He could also hear his Onii-chan's guardian shouting something in the background.

Looking at this, he couldn't help but to smile. It made him feel warm inside. It was a different kind of warmth than that of his gentle mother. Somehow, it made him glad that he was, somehow, also part of their little group.

He was woken up by the bell signalling lunch. He yawned. His sweet memories made him smile weakly. He pulled out his bento and looked around. It seems that his usual friends weren't here today. Oh well, at least he'll get to eat his lunch today. Normally, his friends would ask him to kindly share all of his lunch with them, for the sake of friendship, of course.

Yes, that was the life of someone as ordinary as him. He wasn't sure if that was the right word for it, after all. Maybe standing out for being the lamest person in class and being called names like "Dame-Tsuna" was a normal thing. Maybe being a looser was too. And also getting bullied by his own 'friends' for being weak and stupid was as normal as anyone could be. Yes, he was normal. As normal as one can get.

The brunet opened his lunch box and was just about to pop a piece of the deliciously made meal inside his mouth, when three voices cracked up from behind.

Today was a normal day after all. He looked up and his eyes met purple ones. The one in front of him was a largely built boy with short black hair. The others were simply packing up and eager to go home. 'Inoue Chikage, the leader of his little gang of three,' he thought. 'Actually, make that four, since I'm technically part of their little gang.'

It had been about three month since they became 'friends'. Inoue's gang weren't the best choice of good friends. They were rumored to have done some really, really nasty things, but somehow, have gotten away with it.

"Yo! Dame-Tsuna! Eating without us again? How rude. You are ignoring us, even though friends should eat together."

"Haha… I'm sorry! It wasn't my intention! I just got a bit too hungry and-"

"No worries, right guys? Let's just have some fun eating on the roof!" Inoue laughed, while his two lackeys grinned evilly.

Tsuna only gave them a weak smile, like normal. He knew what came next of course.

As soon as Tsuna was dragged on to the roof, he was rudely pinned to the wall by one of the lackeys, Murase Noriyori, a skinny and tall guy with a weird face (in Tsuna's opinion). Meanwhile, Inoue and the other guy named Suzuki Seiki was merrily enjoying Tsuna's lunch.

"Now, now, let's have some fun." Murase smirked, his face only a few inches away front Tsuna.

"Wha-? Please! I said I didn't mean to! Really!" Tsuna panicked. He pleaded his bully with beautiful caramel eyes widening in fear. This only seemed to please Murase even more, as Inoue and Suzuki laughed behind.

"Hey! Nori! Try something new today!" Inoue yelled at Murase.

"Like what?"

"You know!"

"Oh! You mean like those times! " the tall and skinny guy laughed, finally understanding what they meant. "…But this is at school! And he can trace us! What if..."

"Don't worry. We'll take of it after. It's not like we haven't done this before."

"Yeah, I guess you're right!" He grabbed Tsuna's writs with one hand, while fumbling through Tsuna's shirt with the other. Tsuna "hiiiiied" at the touch, this was something new! His attacker was annoyed by the loud shriek and moved one hand to muffle his mouth, but was bitten by Tsuna, who was now clearly panicking.

Tsuna tried to flee away, but were quickly caught and pinned down by the other two.

"Che, not even capable of doing that, huh, 'Nori?" Inoue sneered at his lackey. "Fine, let me do it then." He changed positions with the Murase. He grinned widely, punched Tsuna's face hard enough to draw blood. "Let us play, Dame-Tsuna."

Tsuna closed his eyes. He wasn't that stupid, he can guess what comes next. The smaller teen bowed his head, which the others took as submission. Tsuna stopped pleading, as if accepting his fate. After all, this was a normal occurrence between friends, right? The brunet's bangs were shadowing his face, making his expression unreadable.

The young teen felt hands roaming all on him. It felt disgusting, but he let it be. His hair was being pulled by a pair of hands, while another pair was pinning his legs so he won't move. He felt something wet kissing his neck, moving up and down.

'Please don't…'

Heavy breath could be heard from the mass above him, moving closer and closer to his mouth. The stinking breath was getting closer and closer, making Tsuna want to shrink away. It closed in when-

"For crowding and doing indecent acts in public, I'll bite you to death."

That single sentence and the impact that came a split second after made Tsuna open his eyes again. The mass above him suddenly disappeared from view. Seemingly confused, he sat up and looked around. The brunet noticed how his three friends were now sprawled across the roof, all injured and unconscious. He sighed in relief and dusted himself, before standing up. Only to meet with the cold icy blue eyes of a certain prefect.

"Hi-Hibari-san…" the small teen shuttered. He looked like a helpless victim here. He acted exactly like how the other students of Namimori would if they faced the most feared man (teen) in Namimori. Right before him, with bloody tonfas in both hands, were the head prefect of Nami-middle, Hibari Kyoya. He was two years older than Tsuna. His dark raven hair swayed in the wind, bangs sometimes shadowing his cold blue eyes. And fluttering in the wind was the famous disciplinary committee's red and yellow arm band.

"Hn. It's illegal to crowd, herbivore," the older teen declared, readying his tonfas.

"I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry for crowding! Please don't beat me!" the younger teen muttered, raising his hands to protect himself from the upcoming blow. It never came.

"Why do you let those herbivores crowd near you?"

The brunet stopped trembling. His hands dropped to each side of his body. His bangs once again covered his face. The prefect noticed the change between the behavior. The one before had been what all herbivores do: plead for their pathetic lives. However, now, there's just an unreadable atmosphere akin to cold resignation.

Hibari watched as the herbivore picked up his already eaten lunch (eaten by his 'friends') and slowly walk towards the exit.

"Thank you for letting them have more time to change their ways, Hibari-san." Tsuna smiled genuinely, before exiting.

And the door of the roof closed, leaving one musing prefect and three unconscious bodies.

As Tsuna descended towards his classroom, he noticed the happy chatters from around. One corner sat the school's baseball star, laughing with his friends. On the other, giggling with other girls was the school's idol. He couldn't help himself from envying them. He sat down and took out from the inner of his bag a brown small notebook. He flipped the pages and found the ones he had been looking for. On each page (he was looking at three of them) was one name of his friends. And right beside, there was a bunch of neatly aligned X's.

'Sigh, I guess I'm the only one who have true knowledge of how far their antics goes…' The X's almost filled the whole page for each of them. He took out a pencil and added one more X to each of the names. 'That's one more X for what happened at lunch. I think I'll have to wait till I return home for some kind of food,' he pouted, as his stomach grumbled because he hasn't ate anything yet.

- 27dark27 - 27 - 27dark27 -

"Don't forget the project due for next week. Class is dismissed."

The room was instantly been filled with chatters of the dozens of student merrily packing up. Most of them started grouping with friends and discussing clubs and whatever thing they were planning to do for the weekends. Not Tsuna, though. Not Tsuna. He was alone, as always, with not a single person glancing to see him. He silently closed his book, gathered his school work and everything he would need for the weekend.

Sawada Tsunayoshi sighed as another day finished. Like always, nothing had been a surprise anymore, he would just follow everything and everything would be fine. As he was silently lost in his thoughts, he gladly packed his things. And in that same void that had affect on no one other than himself, he stood up and prepared himself to slip away unnoticed. But he knew exactly what would come next, even if he hoped that maybe, by some unknown luck, he might be able to escape-

"Yo! Dame Tsuna! You're up for cleaning again!"

Tsuna cringed from the sound and stopped. There was no escaping at the daily routine after all. He turned at the expected voice to see three of his friends grinning at him. The leader was holding an unwanted broom in his hand.

"That's right, No-Good! For failing everything, you can at least do that one simple task right!" Inoue continued, shoving the broom in Tsuna's hands.

"Ye-yes!" Tsuna answered hastily. The three classmates just cheered and then walked away, leaving him and the broom alone.

"Haha! Don't worry, Dame Tsuna! We'll pay you back and replace you… someday! After all, that's what friends are for, right?" And like a signal all three of them burst into laughter as they disappeared from view.

'At least they aren't mad with me anymore about what happened last week. I don't want to be beaten up again if I could.'

It had been a week since Hibari Kyoya, the school's prefect, had caught the three of them bullying Tsuna and punished them for crowding. Naturally, Tsuna was blamed for the incident and got severely beaten by said bullies after that. Luckily, the incident seemed to be forgotten and everything turned back to normal.

He sighed as he stared at the cleaning utensil in his hand, which glared back, as if daring him to let go. The contest lasted for a few seconds, before it finally ended with the same old victor as it always did. Once again having lost the glaring contest, the brunet just resigned himself for the class cleaning duty. It was his job, cleaning had become a custom. No, it wasn't the teacher who made him do it. He got assigned to the task as often as everyone else does. For a second, there had been a wry smile that flashed on his face, that bitter one full of loath and hatred for life; but everything vanished as quickly as it came and Tsuna became Dame again. It was not like this was an unusual part of his life anyway. Because of his reputation, he had been made the sacrifice that would take care of these duties.

His three classmates, his friends, were just a few of the whole bunch who would shove it in his face everyday. It wasn't bad at all, not really. He had long gotten used to it.

As custom, he temporarily put the broom away and plunged his hand in his messy school bag. He promptly took out the brown note book and flipped the pages, placing another X near the ones he had just scribbled a few hours ago. Then he tucked back to the bag where it belonged.

After a whole half an hour, he managed to finish his job, and was glad to finally be able to escape the dull place. He slipped his school bag on his shoulder and locked up the door. He fled quickly to prevent from running into any member of the Disciplinary Committee that would be just glad to show him the way out.

He was glad that another normal day was over.

- 27dark27 - 27 - 27dark27 -

Sadly, if only things stayed so simple.

Walking home that day, Sawada Tsunayoshi just happened to get near a so familiar park. It was now pretty much deserted, and no one else lived in the neighborhood. The past songs of laughter that he used to sing with his Onii-chan rang inside his head. He couldn't help but to let a tear fall. Time never seemed to last long enough and this park was the proof of the destruction of time.

The sun was setting in the background, dying the sky in a beautiful shade of crimson. A few strings of cloud roamed freely. The lights were casting long shadows on the ground.

Tsuna absentmindly glanced towards the deserted park. That's when he noticed three familiar silhouettes. His heart stopped for a split second. 'Onii-chan? Onee-chan? Guardian-san? Did you come back?' He quickly ran towards the shadows. He leaped to joy. They were finally coming back to him! They were back! They-

The three shadows turned.

"Well, well, if it isn't Dame-Tsuna," Inoue said.

Tsuna's shoulder sagged. It was only his classmates, not the ones he was expecting. 'That's right. Onii-chan and Onee-chan are gone. They are all gone and can never come back. Don't delude yourself, Sawada Tsunayoshi. You can't see them again.'

"Whatcha doing here, Dame-Tsuna? Isn't it too late for you to be out here?" Murase mocked. A few second later, Tsuna found himself pinned to the playground floor once again.

"So, what do we do, boss?" Suzuki Seiki, the other lackey asked to their leader.

"Well, he still hasn't paid us back for what that bastard Hibari did to us, right?"

"No, boss," both grinned.

"Then, let us teach a lesson to our dear friend," Inoue replied. He turned towards Tsuna.

Said brown haired teen didn't say anything as he they punched him. He didn't say anything as they destroyed his books, his homework. He didn't say anything as he encased their humiliations and name-calling. 'Please, don't do it.' That was the only thing that rang through Tsuna's mind. However, he stayed silent and let his classmates do what they want. After all, it was normal, right?

"Hey, what's this?" asked Murase as he took out one single small brown note book from Tsuna's bag. "It's weird! Look at all these X's! And what are these names?"

"Let me see!" Inoue tore the book away from his subordinate's hand. He flipped through the pages, then stopping when his gaze landed on three familiar names. "Well, well, well. Looks like someone was bearing a grudge against us."

He rubbed the booklet in Tsuna's face. On the page was the name Inoue Chikage, followed by hundreds and hundreds, thousands of little X marked in red. The page was almost full, except for a small spot in the bottom. He ripped off the three pages and tossed the note book to the side. He let the page drop to the ground and stepped on it. He then walked towards Tsuna.

Still grinning widely, he grabbed Tsuna by his messy hair. "That's not nice, Dame-Tsuna. I thought we were friends."

His smiled dropped and he banged Tsuna's head on the floor. "BUT I GUESS WE ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR DAME-TSUNA, HUH? YOU PIECE OF TRASH! LEARN YOUR PLACE! "

Blood was now dripping on the floor, tainting the sand around Tsuna.

"Che! You're like all those other week toys we played with before. Stupid, lame. Losers' like you only waste space. Just like those old geezers we took care of yesterday. Well, at least that one won't be wasting anything ever again anymore."


Inoue Chikage didn't notice that the page he tore started to glow. Under his name, glowing in a crimson shade, the last X were written by a string of fire, finally completing the Xs on the page.

"…ank… Hi…san…"

"Huh? What's that? What did you say, Dame-Tsuna?"

Something wasn't feeling right for the trio, all of the sudden. He felt like this wasn't like what would normally happen. His doubts were confirmed when he heard their victim reply back, for the first time.

"You should thank Hibari-san…" Tsuna muttered in a calm and steady voice. This surprised Inoue as the brunet would always hesitate when talking to Inoue and his gang. But this time, it was both calming cold and warm. This sent down a chill down the bully's spine. Tsuna's classmates backed up from said brunet, who slowly stood up.

"He… gave you more time… But I guess, in the end… What is meant to happen will happen."

Tsuna finally raised his head, revealing two serene sunset eyes. Tsuna paced towards the now speechless trio. He bent down and picked the three sheets of paper, pointing them the trace of every single one of their sins.

"All those sins that you committed… Bullying was just one small thing. All those lives you ruined other than mine… How you steal away other's happiness…"

I originally only wanted you to repent. I wanted to be forgiving…"

He flashed a genuine and innocent smile.

"…But I guess, this is the end."

- 27dark27 - 27 - 27dark27 -

The sky was a beautiful shade of crimson, the sun slowly fading into the line of horizon. Slowly, the beautiful orange were swallowed by the darkness of the night, leaving only a faint light behind.

'This was the park we once played in, Onii-chan.'

A small brown haired teen stood in the middle of the deserted park. His orange eyes stared into the fire before him, where once three other human beings, if you could call them that, stood. He knew that once the fire died down, nothing would remain of it, not even dust. Fire, after all, was the one who purify everything.

He stayed there for a while, then brought to his hands three sheets of paper. He looked at the three crossed down names.

Inoue Chikage

Murase Noriyori

Suzuki Seiki

Tsuna's gaze followed the page, as it landed into the fire and was embraced by the flames. Tsuna threw one last glance at the dancing flames, knowing it will burn out soon with nothing to fuel it, before walking away. As his footsteps faded, the fire licked X's that completely filled the sheet of paper, before forever erasing their existence, erasing the names.

Yes, Sawada Tsunayoshi was normal.

- 27dark27 - 27 - 27dark27 -

The next day, three people in class I-A were reported missing. Rumors ran through the school that they were punished for the bad things they secretly did behind the school's back by a certain prefect. Of course, said-prefect only narrowed his eyes and bit everyone he caught spreading the rumors to death, claiming it was illegal to 'crowd and spread rumors'. The talk soon hushed down due to fear. And eventually, things were forgotten.

Only the I-A class was reminded that there had been three other people there once. Three people that were 'friends' to Dame-Tsuna. Not many people truly missed them, but it did made the others uneasy with Tsuna, just for a short while. Later when other mean classmates asked sarcastically if Tsuna missed Inoue's gang, he just laughed it off uneasily.

He just smiled his normal smile, like there had been nothing wrong, like as if the news hasn't bothered him that much. People who expected something more just shrugged at the ordinary response. As expected of Dame-Tsuna. After all, what else can go wrong when everything is so normal?

But they were wrong.

Sawada Tsunayoshi wasn't normal.

- 27dark27 - 27 - 27dark27 -

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